Wubbanub Infant Pacifiers by Mary Meyers

Item # 09-800 WubbaNub Infant Pacifiers by Mary Meyers
WubbaNub Infant Pacifiers by Mary Meyers
  • WubbaubN in 6'' long approx
  • Made with ultra-soft microfiber fabric
  • Soothie brand pacifier attached to each WubbaNub
  • BPA, PVA and Phthalate Free
  • Mary Meyer products are all made to strict quality standards to meet or exceed us toy safety requirements


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WubbaNub Infant Pacifiers by Mary Meyers   $15.99

WubbaNub Infant Pacifiers by Mary Meyers - WubbaNub, the experts in safe, birthing center-approved pacifier toys, has licensed their patented design to Mary Meyer. All of our WubbaNub pacifier styles feature Soothie® pacifiers. Styles come in well designed, clear packaging that describes the toy’s features and safety.

Designed with bright colors and friendly features, jasmine giraffe is sure to become one of your babies cherished memories for a lifetime. Giving back to communities surrounding our Vermont headquarters is just one of the ways Mary Meyer has been making sustainable choices for years. Today, we know our footprint goes well beyond our employees and neighbors. The choices we make, from how we design our toys to how we package and ship them, impacts us all. We're setting a course for a sustainable future, one that innovates with new materials, minimizes waste, and recycles and maximizes use of recycled materials. Every day you will find the third generation of the Meyer family continuing their grandmother's commitment to make toys of extraordinary design with outstanding quality and value. The Meyer family makes toys that incorporate the quality and safety we require for our own children, all 17 of them. That's why all our toys meet or exceed every us toy safety requirement.

Buccaneer Octopus

Bubbles Frog

Confetti Puppy

Confetti Teddy

Cutesie Caterpillar

Ella Bella Elephant

Jasmine Giraffe

Levi Lion

Little Nuzzle Kitty

Little Squirt Duck

Little Wags Puppy

Maddie Monkey

Mango Monkey

Oatmeal Bunny

Okie Dokie Dinoi

CUSTOMER COMMENTS:  We have a few of these but for some reason my 3 month old little one just LOVES this one. I think the appendages and the tail are easier for her to grasp onto. I was so excited the first time she picked it up herself (last week!). She had a hard time with the big soothie paci when she was a newborn through about 1.5 nearly 2 months because she had a hard time holding it in her mouth, but as she has matured she doesn't have a hard time anymore.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS:  I love Wubbanubs! It has helped both of my kids keep track of their pacis when they sleep and therefore decreasing the amount of time I have to wake up to help them find the pacis. They wash well and last a long time! I gave it to them after 4 months old once they were able to really move their heads and roll.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS:  Our 6 month old loves her paci. WubbaNub is the only one this child will take! It is super easy for her to find at night when it is dark. It is the only one she will fall asleep with. I have tried many different kinds including the Smoothie by it's self and she wants nothing to do with any of them


Item #09-534 BooginHead PaciGrip - Pacifier Clip
BooginHead PaciGrip - Pacifier Clip
  • Washable, durable and non-toxic.
  • Strong clasp that won't pull off, but is gentle on clothes.
  • Available in matching SippiGrip patterns.
  • Also great for holding small toys!
  • Fashionable, functional and affordable
  • Pacifier Not Included.
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BooginHead PaciGrip $4.99
Item #09-524 Green Sprouts Sili Paw Teether
Green Sprouts Sili Paw Teether
  • Set of 2
  • Hypoallergenic textured surface helps first teeth break through
  • Soft and non-porous
  • Soothes tender gums
  • Size: 3 months +
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Green Sprouts Sili Paw Teether $9.99
Item #09-501 Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet
Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet Baltic Amber baby teething bracelets provide natural pain relief for babies, toddlers, and children. Wear two for more complete pain relief. Can be worn on the ankle also, though pain relief effect is best when worn close to the source of pain. Only natural 100% authentic Baltic amber is used to make our teething bracelets. Beads will vary in color, shape, and size since they are natural resins. Beads are small enough to not pose a choking hazard and each one is knotted individually for safety. Bracelets are approximately 5" long. Made in Lithuania where the Baltic Amber is collected.
Quantity: Size:
Baltic Amber Teething Jewelry - Bracelet
5" Bracelet $11.99


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