Wonder Bumpers - Safe Baby Crib Bumpers

- To have or not to have? For new moms the SIDS risk is a scary threat. So we make decisions we hope will help keep our babies safer. Many pediatricians advise against crib bumpers as they believe they are a SIDS risk. But I also hated the idea of my little one bumping her head on the hard rails of the crib. So as a mom how can I keep my child comfortable in her crib without risking her life? At last there is a great safe alternative. Revolutionizing the baby bedding industry, the Wonder Bumpers' innovative patent-pending design reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), protects your baby's head and body, and prevents escape artists from crawling out of their crib.

WONDER BUMPERS offer stylish alternative to traditional bumpers is here at last! Wonder Bumpers are soft, protective vertical bumpers that grow with your baby for long-lasting protection. They protect precious noggins, maintain better airflow, prevent escape artists from blasting off, give your baby a view of his world and are easy to use, easy to remove and easy to clean! Wonder Bumpers' sleek, vertical padding, which tightly wraps around each individual crib rail, finally provides a solution to the long-standing issues of traditional bumpers. Their shape reflects the vertical design of a crib and enhances the safety features already built into it. Parents can now rely on a crib bumper to truly protect their baby from the time she is born until she can sleep in a regular bed.

1. Simply count your crib rails
2. Select your color combinations
3. Order the right amount of rails
You can choose to have only 1 color showing, or alternated between 2 colors or even 3 colors by adding 2 packs of a third color combo.

Item #07-402 WONDER BUMPERS - 24 pack
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SAFE BABY CRIB BUMPERS - To provide parents with a safe alternative, Go Mama Go Designs created Wonder Bumpers.Wonder Bumpers Unlike pillow-like bumpers, Wonder Bumpers’ sleek, vertical flat-pads, tightly wrap around each individual crib rail. Wonder Bumpers’ shape smartly follows the vertical design of the crib rails, enhancing the safety features already built into it. Parents can now rely on a solution to truly protect their baby from the time he/she is born until he/she is ready to move into a regular bed.

DOCTOR APPROVAL: Family practitioner Carlos Prendes Jr., MD stands behind this award-winning design:
"Wonder Bumpers are a safe solution for parents who have taken the advice of their physicians regarding safety concerns with the conventional crib bumper. Wonder Bumpers can be utilized safely for the duration of the crib."

Baby Crib Bumpers Safety

* Reduces risk of SIDS
* Increases airflow
* Inhibits babies from escaping
* Never need to remove
* CPSIA certified safe

Wonder Bumpers Simplicity

* A cinch to put on
* No more ties
* Concealed downward pulling reversible zipper
* Easy to use, remove and clean
* Washable

Wonder Crib Bumpers Style

* Super-soft, stylish fabrics
* Reversible designs
* Gender-friendly solid colors
* Use on convertible cribs and toddler beds

MADE OF: 100% Cotton and Polyester Fabrics, foam insert, Lead-free zipper. These have CPSIA compliant certificate

No, Wonder Bumpers provide long-lasting protection that keeps your child safe for years to come. Their sleek design allows you to keep the bumpers on as long as your baby is sleeping in her crib. What a great investment!

Wonder Bumpers are soft and stretchable. One individual bumper is 5” in width and will fit on rails 2.5”. They will fit on both round and flat rails. Wonder Bumpers are also designed so you can zip 2 together for larger rails over 2.5”. Each bumper is 24” long, but can easily compress to accommodate shorter rails.

The Wonder Bumpers were designed with curious babies in mind. This is one of the reasons why Hook/Loop was not an option for adherence. The way the Wonder Bumpers are put on the crib inhibits babies from removing them. The zipper zips from top to bottom where the head of the zipper falls under the mattress and is inaccessible to your baby.

WONDER BUMPERS are available in sets of 2, 24 and 38. Count the rails on your crib! Cribs have anywhere from 30-60 rails depending on the model. Wonder Bumpers come in 2 options, one consisting of 24 bumpers, the other consisting of 38 bumpers. Some cribs will need a set of 38, other cribs will need 2 sets of 24. Mixing 2 sets of 24 give parents fun and fabulous mix and match options. In addition, we provide bumpers in sets of 2 to ensure you can make your crib a safe and soft place for your baby.



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