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Instructions / Form / Labels

VIAL OF LIFE puts vital medical information immediately in the hands of emergency professionals during an emergency situation in your home.

1. Fill out the  VIAL Of  LIFE form. Fill it out for each member of your family and print them out.

2. Put this information and a current PHOTO ID CARD inside an empty pill container and attach to the top shelf of your refrigerator. Use a rubber band or tape to secure it to the bottom of the shelf.

3. Cut out the emblem below and attach one to the bottle and one to your refrigerator door. You can also place one in your lower right window pane of your home front.

4. Tell paramedics you have it and make sure they get it in an emergency.

5. Do the same thing for your glove box of your car.

Print the FORM HERE  or HERE

Print the LOGO HERE 
(print them on magnet sheets or sticker sheets if possible)

Get your PHOTO ID cards HERE

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