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SAFE SWADDLE BLANKET - At last a safe swaddle blanket. This Snug&Tug swaddle blanket has a slot in the side that the tail feeds through. So even if you child learns to break their hands free the fabric can not go over their face like to many other swaddle blankets that simply wrap. Feel safe and secure when you swaddle your child.
Item #07-204/205/206 Swaddle Blanket - Snug & Tug

Swaddle Blanket Blue Dots
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SWADDLE - Have you discovered the miracle of swaddle blankets? Swaddling soothes newborns and reduces symptoms of colic by recreating the familiar, comforting snugness of the womb. Swaddling in a Snug N Tug Swaddle Blanket also reduces the incidence of the startle reflex, which can upset babies and increase the frequency of waking and crying. I teach all the moms in my new mommy group the miracle of swaddling their babies from birth. We find it really does help them sleep better. Have you tried to swaddle your baby? Swaddle every night for a week and you will be convinced. 

My TWIN grandsons Micah & MasonLARGE SWADDLE BLANKET - Have you looked for a larger swaddle blanket that will fit your baby? Most receiving blankets stop work after the first couple weeks. Other swaddle blankets only fit up to 3 months or 12 pounds. Now we have a large swaddle blanket by Snug N Tug that fits your baby up to 22 pounds or until they can roll over in the swaddle (whichever comes first). Does your 3-6 month old baby love to be swaddled? Now there is a swaddle blanket to fit your baby.

LARGE SIZE SWADDLE  - The babies on the left are my grandsons in our LARGE size swaddle blanket.  We wanted you to see the size of our large blanket. Do NOT swaddle babies at night once they can roll over in the swaddle. Swaddled babies must SLEEP ON THEIR BACK only.

SWADDLE BLANKET - REDUCE SIDS - Swaddling can reduce the risk of SIDS and help babies sleep through the night. New research shows that swaddling can help reduce the risk of SIDS by promoting better sleep when infants are on their backs. Try swaddling your baby in the Snug & Tug and see the difference.

I did my research and found this better version of the miracle blanket. Swaddling will change your life! J .

We cannot live without Snug & Tug. My little girl can not sleep without it. It is a truly a miracle product! I noticed the wonderful quality right off, it's very easy to use! We ordered the large size and we will get tons of use out of it because it is so big! C

Just wanted to let you know that we love the Large Swaddle blanket we just ordered from MyPreciousKid.com! It fits great and there is no way my kid is going to come unwrapped throughout the night! We are first time parents and all I can say is thank goodness for the internet to find these unique and so helpful items! A

HOW TO SWADDLE A BABY - Instructions on how to swaddle a baby in our swaddle blanket. Have you discovered swaddle blankets for your baby? Baby Sleep Safety Tip Article - free download this PDF sheet

DOUBLE SWADDLE TRICK - If your baby can break out of your swaddle, this method can help. The double swaddle was taught to me by another mother. Take a regular receiving blanket and fold it in half. Lay it under the baby, length wise, with the top at arm pit level. Now fold the long right section over the baby's arm and under his bottom. Now do the same with the long piece on the left. Now lift the baby and put his body and arms inside the pouch of the swaddle blanket and close it up like you normally would. My 6 month old grandsons could not break out of this swaddle and could not roll over in it. And they slept comfortably thru the night swaddled this way.


Item #07-209 Aden & Anais Bamboo Muslin Swaddle - SINGLES
Dapper Snappers Toddler Belt
  • Bamboo muslin swaddles made from rayon fiber
  • Breathable: helps reduce the risk of overheating
  • Generous size: 47" x 47" makes swaddling easy
  • Luxuriously Soft: gets softer with every wash
  • Versatile: works as a stroller or nursing cover, changing pad cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and more
Quantity: Color:
Aden & Anais Bamboo Muslin Swaddle $18.99 each


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