STOVE GUARD - Prince Lionheart Stove Guard

Item # 04-609 Stove Guard by Prince Lionheart
Stove Guard No longer available

STOVE GUARD - Protect your child from scalds and burns! Adjustable Cooker Guard puts a barrier between your child's fingers and cooker hazards - hot saucepans and open flames. Heat resistant, poly-carbonate plastic adjusts to fit cookers 61cm to 91cm wide. Specially formulated adhesive tape secures Cooker Guard to your range and removes easily when no longer needed. Mounts on front or top of cooker.

CHILD SAFETY - Protect your little ones. Make sure their little fingers can not reach your stove burners. Safety products are not a substitute for parental supervision.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: The stove guard is staying in place and doing exactly what it's meant to do, keep my son from grabbing the pots off of the stove. The adhesive seems strong so far.

STOVE GUARD TIP: Tips: be sure to clean the area before applying the adhesive. I also pushed on the adhesive for a couple minutes after putting it on. Also: install the clips with the adhesive first, then let it sit overnight before putting the stove guard on. Basically, follow the directions and you shouldn't have any problems. We have had ours up for over a year now.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: I am glad I bought this product. I do not have to worry about my toddler being in the kitchen when I have a hot stove. I rated average on the durability because I have not used it much so far. Its expandable and easy to put on and take off if you need too. You do have to cook somewhat to the side when it is up but it can be done. GREAT for little curious fingers.

* Protects against scalds and burns caused by stovetop hazards
* Made of heat-resistant polycarbonate plastic
* Adjusts to fit stoves 24" to 36" wide
* Mounts on front or top of stove
* Removes easily when not in use
* Includes specially formulated adhesive tape
* Product in Inches 36.0 x 0.06 x 6.19
* Puts a barrier in front of the burners so little fingers can't get close
* Fits stove between 24-36 inches wide
* Installs easily for better kitchen baby safety
* The Prince Lionheart Stove Guard Safety Item is easy to clean
* Made of heat resistant plastic


Item # 04-628 Dream Baby Microwave & Oven Lock
Dream Baby Microwave Oven Lock
  • Helps prevent children from accessing appliances
  • Heat resistance, can be used for many type of appliances
  • Latch is 5" long, and 1" wide
  • Strong heat resistance adhesive
  Add to Cart Dream Baby Microwave & Oven Lock $4.99

Item #04-203 Kidco Magnetic Cabinet Locks (4)
Magnetic Lock This cabinet lock is a magnetic lock that keeps cabinets and
drawers locked tight and guards against pinched fingers!
This magnetic works on almost all styles of cabinets and drawers
 ( up to 1 inch thick), even those where you can't use a standard latch! 
Set of 4 Locks - NO KEY. Key must be bought separately
  Add to Cart  Magnetic Cabinet Locks (4)  $29.99

Item #04-307 Kidco Outlet Covers
Outlet Cover • Works on both Standard and Decora style outlets
• Automatically covers outlet when plug is removed
• Prevents injury from inserting objects into outlet
• Product Dimension: 4.5" x 2.5"
Quantity: Color:
Outlet Cover 3 pack  $9.99 / Singles $ $4.99


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