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Snuggingo Infant Positioner

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SNUGGINGO Infant Support - a totally unique infant car seat positioner designed by an NICU nurse. CRASH TESTED for your safety. She taught parents about infant positioning in her job. It cradles your baby and positions her to breathe right while sitting or laying comfortably.  The simple construction makes the Snuggin Go easy to use and so versatile that it works in most any infant carrier, convertible car seat, car seat bed, stroller, high chair, swing, or anything your baby can sit or lay in.

PRESCRIBED BY PHYSICIANS: Snuggin Go is being prescribed by physicians to pass car seat tests in neonatal intensive care units, physical therapists are using it to correct flat head spots & torticolis, and parents can trust their child is comfortable & breathing right when using seating products.

SIDS RISK - SIDS and other baby dangers occur in car seats where infants airway is restricted by their head falling forward. Every year infants die while in their car seats. Their head slumps over constricting their airway. The SnugginGo keeps your babies air way open. The SnugginGo positions your baby safely. The Snuggingo may help prevent SIDS by keeping your child in a safer position.

INFANT CAR SEAT SUPPORT - The Snuggin Go gives support where it is needed.  Constructed of memory foam which displaces with just four pounds of pressure, the shoulder bar crosses behind baby’s shoulder blades and gently pushes the chest forward, opening the airway.  The base bar cradles baby’s bottom, reducing slouching, and the side bars support the shoulders to prevent rolling.  The shoulder bar adjusts up and down for a custom fit (see us and care below) so baby sits comfortably and breathing right.

* It improves breathing through correct positioning, also leading to less spit up.
* Grow with your baby
* Cover is removable and washable
* Makes long car rides comfortable
* Made from memory foam
* Provides support where needed for pre-term and term babies increasing safety
* Works with most car seat or convertible car seats
* Added support in just about any baby seating -- strollers, high chairs, swings, infant bike seats
* Extends the life of your products by allowing you to use them earlier Made in the USA

Why Choose SNUGGINGO?: Properly positioned infants are more comfortable and can breath easier. This leads to a decrease in abdominal pressure. This causes less spitting up and is beneficial for:

* Colicky infants
* Infants with gastric acid reflux
* Preterm and term infants
* Reduces risk of SIDS
* Infants with airway problems- keeps baby’s airway in a neutral position
* Infants with scoliosis- helps position the spine (this minimizes respiratory issues that can be caused by extreme spinal curvature)
* Cradles baby’s head, reducing the risk of flat spots (plagiocephaly)

SNUGGINGO Design: The Snuggin Go is a simple design that is easy to use. It is easily transferred from car seat to stroller to bouncy chair. Designed by an NICU nurse!

* Frame: memory foam adjustable shoulder bar, two side bars, and a base bar.
* Shoulder Bar: glides easily up and down allowing proper positioning for any sized infant. The shoulder bar sits directly behind the infant's shoulders just under the shoulder straps of the car seat.
* Side Bars: prevent infant's head from moving from side to side.
* Base Bar: Prevents slouching if a gap exists between the infant's bottom and the center seat strap. The Base bar also detaches when extra support is no longer needed.


Is Snuggin Go right for my baby?

1. The Snuggin Go is designed for babies weighing 4 pounds or greater from birth to 1 year of age. The unique design prevents infants from slouching and accommodates the size of baby’s head and prevents it from falling forward or to the side maintaining proper airway position.

2. How do I install my SnugginGo? The SnugginGo is easy to install in car seats, high chairs, strollers, bouncy chairs and many other things. It can also be laid flat for use on a changing table to prevent baby from rolling.

3. Will a Snuggin Go fit my car seat? The Snuggin Go is one-size-fits-all, and is universal to the majority of infant and convertible car seats available.

4. Is SnugginGo washable? The whole SnugginGo is machine washable. Use the delicate cycle and air-dry.

5. Does the “shoulder bar” go behind the shoulder blades? The shoulder bar rests behind the shoulders, right across the shoulder blades. The top of the shoulder bar should lie at the base of the neck so that the shoulders and shoulder blades rest directly on it. This maintains position, neither flexed forward or extended back; positions that could cause breathing problems for baby.

7. Is the “base bar” removable? How about the “shoulder bar?” The base bar is removable. This bar should be used for smaller infants where a gap exists between he infants’ bottom and the center car seat strap. The base can usually be removed when baby weighs approximately 10-12 pounds.

The shoulder bar is removable. When baby is between 4-6 months old and has developed good head control this bar can be removed. We don’t recommend this however, since even as baby grows the bar helps maintain position, especially when baby falls asleep.

8. Does the SnugginGo interfere with my car seat’s straps? The Snuggin Go does not interfere with the car seats straps or their position. If the Snuggin Go is interfering with your car seat straps then it may be improperly installed, or should not be used with your particular car seat.

CRASH TESTED - About Safety: Parents use car seats to protect their infants in the event of a car accident. These seats are specifically designed for crash safety and to minimize impact. SnugginGo TM has been crash safety tested utilizing the government’s FMVSS 213 car safety standard as a reference. All child seats tested with SnugginGo TM performed within the normal requirements for injury specified by the FMVSS 213 test procedure. In addition, SnugginGo TM, when used properly can provide proper positioning for newborns so they are safe, comfortable, and breathing right for the whole trip.

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