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GREETING CARDS - A greeting card business! That is what I found in Send Out Cards. I am so excited to have a found a networking marketing company that I can recommend to others. I have been a business owner for more than 10 years. And recently I also joined Send Out Cards as a marketing directory. I am very excited about the possibility and opportunities.

CUSTOMERS - As a customer you can have a free account and then send actual paper greeting cards for as low as 62 cents plus 45 cents postage. That is cheaper than than getting cards at Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree. And these are beautiful high quality cards, printed with your personal message, addressed, stamped and shipped within 24 hours. And for as low as 32 cents more you can add as many personal photos, templates or elements to your cards. You could even add a gift card or gift as well. This has sure made my family holiday and birthday card sending even easier.

BULK CARDS - You could even design a custom campaign card to be sent to many people at once. Like a Christmas card or party invitation. Create one card, import your contacts and then send out 200 cards with the click of a mouse. I am so excited to use this system for my Christmas cars this year. As a business owner I can also use these cards for Appreciation Market in order to thank my customers and build brand awareness and customer loyalty. They even have a way to import my custom signature or handwriting font!

BUSINESS - And they have an amazing business opportunity. You simply gather customers and make commission of what cards and gifts they purchase . And you help others to join the business and do the same. This multi-level marketing system can build a great income over time. I see it as a way for me to build a residual retirement income for the future as well.

I have also created a website where I share about business building at
and also a facebook page at

To see the free system as a customer, watch the video at
To see the business opportunity, watch the video at

If I can help answer you questions please call 503-825-8979 or email Once you join my team as a customer or rep I will also be here to help you learn this amazing system. And even better they have a lot of free training videos online as well.

So what are you waiting for? Let me help you send card or find the home business option to benefit your family!

NOTE: I am very careful what I recommend and put my name to. So you can be assured that this is a legitimate company that I have checked out and feel comfortable recommending to you.


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Kay has also joined Send Out Cards - A Greeting Card Business

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