Home Business - Wholesale Sales Rep Program

Our sales rep program has ended and switched over to a WHOLESALE program. The wholesale program would allow you to buy the 90 products at wholesale and sell them at retail.

Sales could be made by:
Home Party
School Events
Vendor Fairs
Craft Shows
Online Sales
Booth Events

You would need to do business under your own business name and create your selling plan and niche. You would buy and stock the products you are selling to your customers.

Apply for the WHOLESALE program

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According to industry reports, home-based businesses are booming*.

· Women account for $2.3 trillion in annual sales.
· Women own 8 million businesses in the U.S.
· A woman opens a new business every minute.
· Personalized selling accounted for $26.7 billion in sales in 2001.
· More than 80% of independent consultants worked less than 30 hours per week.

* Based on research from Direct Selling Association and trend expert Faith Popcorn.

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