Rhino Toys Oball

Rhino Toys featuring the fun, flexible, and very popular Oball series of toys. Easy to catch, throw, and bounce, and so flexible they spring back after being stomped on repeatedly. Helps infant begin to understand grasping and reaching. The child automatically grasps ball and brings it to the face. As infant gains control over reflexes, this becomes a tool for their understanding. It will be the favor toy for the infant and parent. Rhino Toys products have been designed to provide innovative, tactile and high performance fun.

These inventive toys are interactive, fun and engaging for the whole family! Rhino Toys™ was founded over 10 years ago when a toy inventor decided to bring his unique ideas to market. These ideas have been brought to life with the Oball™, SkyBlaster™, SkyO™ and Beebo™ product lines. With a portfolio of award winning toys for infants and big kids, Rhino Toys™ are captivating, entertaining, interactive and easy to use. Rhino Toys is a young toy manufacturing company based in Santa Cruz, CA

Item #12-304 Rhino Toys Oball Original
Oball Original
  • 32 finger holes make this ball easy for baby to grasp
  • Smooth, flexible patented design makes the Oball™ soft
  • captivating for little hands
  • Perfect for kids of all ages
  • 4.5" diameter
  • BPA Free, phthalate free and PVC free
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Oball Original $7.99
Item #12-309 Oball Rattle & Roll™

Baby’s First Car! It rolls, it rattles, it GOES! Baby will love the easy to grasp, teethable car that rattles and rolls. Each wheel features multiple beads that will captivate and stimulate baby!

  • Oball makes these cars super easy to grasp and roll
  • Teetheable, soft and flexible for little ones
  • Each wheel features fun rattle beads for
  • sound effects and visual stimulation
  • Age: 3 Months & Up
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Oball Rattle & Roll™ $9.99 each

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: When my firstborn was a few months old, I saw a tiny baby in his carseat playing with this ball. I decided instantly my child needed it. Why? Because that baby's little fingers were so easily manipulating, gripping, and getting the ball to his mouth (really all a baby wants). I didn't know such things were possible with such a tiny baby until that moment. My daughter loved this toy, and was only frustrated by the inability to actually eat it once it was to her mouth. Since then I have lost count of how many people I have gotten one of these. Every one of them has later come and thanked me for giving their babies such joy. It's AMAZING what a little baby is capable of when given the right tools/toys and this ball is a great start for any toy collection. I've had 2 more children and each one of them has gotten her own o-ball. It does not disappoint!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Honestly, I didn't think my daughter would care for this toy. It was given to her when she was 6 months and I just thought it was too simple. Boy was I wrong, she LOVED that thing. It was so easy for her to grasp. Soon she learned to roll it and then throw and now she loves to kick it (she's 17 months now). I highly recommend the O-ball!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: This is the perfect toy for little babies and toddlers from first day on. It is practically unbreakable, you can even put it in the dish washer without problem and the best thing is, that my little baby could grab and hold it even before he really was able to grab and hold anything else. I already bought a few of them (five) and the mothers of my baby class bought it, too, after I showed it to them one day. All kids love this thing for some reason. This one is a bigger size. I would say perfect for a 6 month old up. A smaller size would be perfect for the younger ones, in my opinion (Although the one year old of my friend plays with the smaller one, too, when they visit me). So, cant go wrong with buying this ball.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: A nice surprise. I was looking for a plain, old ball for my nine month old and couldn't find one for some reason. I came across this thing and thought it was close enough so I bought the red/yellow/green one. It turns out he loves the ball. It rolls, but he can also smoosh it and crawl while clutching it--he loves to grab it and fishes it out of his toy box over other toys. It's lightweight and pretty easy to clean. We are very happy with this product so far and would definitely recommend it to other parents.


Item # 12-GS-200 Green Sprouts Pond Friends Water Bath Toys by iplay
Green Sprouts Pond Friends Water Bath Toy
  • Bath water toys
  • EVA Material
  • Shapes float in water and stick to smooth surfaces
  • Fun for bath, pool, or water play
  • Formamide Free
  • Set of 10


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Green Sprouts Pond Friends Water Bath Toy   $10.99


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