RESCUE FACTS - Personal ID Strap

Item #03-600 Rescue Facts ID Strap
Rescue Facts ID Straps
  • Adult - fits adult seat belts or adult back pack
  • Adult - 6" x 2" folded
  • Child - Fit car seat strap or child's backpack
  • 4.25" x 1.5" folded
  • Helmet - Fits bike/motorcycle chin strap
  • 3.5" x 1.25" folded
  • Contains Medical Symbol
  • Hook & Loop Closure
  • Each contains a medical information form inside
  • Room for family contact information
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Rescue Facts ID Straps $9.99 each

RESCUE FACTS™ is The ONLY Personal ID wrap strap that provides first responders with crucial information at critical moments, where they will find it fast! This is the ID Band that can go with you to many locations.

Rescue Facts™ puts All your Crucial Information in one EASY-TO-FIND place! Give rescuers everything they need to know when you can't speak for yourself, including: Identification, contact info, medical history, consent-to-treat forms and more! The ID Band for adults, children & pets.

Place Rescue Facts ID Bands on:
1. Your seat belt
2. Your child's car seat strap
3. Bike helmets chin straps
4. Bike handle bars
5. Wheel chair tube
6. Refrigerator handle
7. Use on Canes or walkers
8. Many other uses
CUSTOMER COMMENTS: This product has provided peace of mind for me. My youngest son is 11years old and I have my cell phone and dog tags with my identification information on it, but nothing that I felt I could have with my son’s information that was easily identifiable. The Rescue Facts is a nice item that is easy to use and can be moved from car to car. The information paper holds a lot of information and is easy to write on. I love the fact that it is stand out red and easily seen. It wraps easily in place around the seat belt and can be adjusted and moved very easily. I also like that this product also comes in a helmet size for both my boys who like to bike and skateboard. On a side note, I brought the item in and left it on my coffee table, my mastiff mix dog got a hold of it and started to chew on it! The fabric has a few puncture marks on it, but other than that it is in great condition and did not rip/tear/shred. This is a great product that provides a great sense of protection for my kids.

Why do I need a Rescue Facts™ Emergency ID wrap?

Medical emergencies are stressful and chaotic. In such a crisis, the first responders need to learn as much about you as quickly as possible. Identifying the patient and piecing together his or her medical history can be time consuming, frustrating and dangerous. By compiling accurate information in one convenient and highly visible place, Rescue Facts™ gives first responders the information they need to provide the right treatment without delay.

What is Rescue Facts™? / How does Rescue Facts™ work?

Rescue Facts™ is a durable nylon wrap with the International Medical Information symbol displayed clearly on the front so that rescuers will immediately recognize what it contains. The wrap is secured to the seat belt or clothing item by hook & loop. This allows it to slide freely without damaging the item to which it is attached and to be removed as necessary. Inside the wrap is a pocket designed to hold the paper medical information insert that can be so critical in an emergency situation.

How is Rescue Facts™ different from a standard ID tag?

Medical bracelets and charms carry a very limited amount of information and can also be expensive. Rescue Facts™ holds all the vital information rescuers need including medical history, preferred hospital, consent to treat forms and contact information for loved ones. With Rescue Facts™, you can also easily update the information as necessary if your prescriptions, medical or contact information ever change.

Why is Rescue Facts™ so effective in an emergency?

Rescue Facts™ is highly effective for two reasons: information and visibility. Traffic accidents are chaotic scenes where purses, wallets, or other information can be hard to locate quickly. Positioned on the seatbelt, Rescue Facts™ puts all the information the first responders need and right where they will look first. And, in a household emergency, a Rescue Facts™ wrap on the refrigerator door handle is highly visible to firefighters or paramedics clearing the main rooms of the house.

Why is the notarized "Consent to Treat"/"Parental Consent" form so important?

If you or a loved one are ever involved in a severe accident, rescuers will only be able to provide basic medical treatment unless they have a Consent to Treat form signed by the adult victim or, if a child, by a parent or legal guardian. The form must also be notarized in order to grant first responders and medical professionals the legal right to treat the patient.

Can I use Rescue Facts™ on items other than seatbelts?

Absolutely! Rescue Facts™ can be applied to many items including backpacks, motorcycle or ATV helmets, canes or walkers, pet collars and even refrigerator door handles in case of a household emergency such as a fire. In addition, people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's can have a wrap attached to a trouser belt, purse or suspenders in case they ever walk away from caregivers.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your product. You see, I have pages of medication allergies and have always been afraid of what would happen if I was in a car accident and couldn’t tell them of my allergies. Rescue Facts has solved that problem. I wrapped your product around the handle of my purse so I have it with me at all times. I can tell you I feel safer and have peace of mind now. Thank you for what you do.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: We’ll be travelling with my profoundly handicapped daughter to Disneyland in Paris so the seat belt strap is just what we need to ensure rescue personnel can access details on her complex medical and caring needs (she is tube fed and must have her feed at specific times). Another important detail [that I can communicate with Rescue Facts] is that although she is non-verbal and comes from Denmark, she understands English perfectly.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Rescue Facts is a great tool to have for our family. Our three year old daughter has had three different heart surgeries. So, as you can imagine she has a lot of medical information if she was ever in an emergency situation. Rescue Facts helps us relay that information pronto. By briefly describing all her medical problems, doctor references and emergency contacts, Rescue Facts will be extremely valuable for any first response aids. Rescue Facts, however, isn’t just for people like our daughter. We believe it important that each member of the family have their own set. So, when we get in our car, our seat belts won’t be the only thing that will help guarantee prolonged life, Rescue Facts will continue to ensure that promise as well. Even for our pets! Thank you Rescue Facts!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: I have several of your products, I’m glad I have them. Last September 13, I was riding my bike on the Cape Cod Rail Trail in Massachusetts. I had an accident in which I suffered a head injury and had trans global amnesia. Thanks to a UPS truck driver, he called the fire department for aid. I was confused and wasn’t able to answer any questions. I had one of your products on my bike so the ER I was taken to had all of my medical info and was able to contact my daughter to let her know what happened.


Item # 03-302 Angel Guard - Seat Belt Cover - Made in the USA!
  • Set of 2
  • Clear in color
  • Simple, Safe, Effective
  • Deterrent not a lock, so remove it once your child conquers it.

    Fits most vehicle buckles 1996 and newer (with red button on top of buckle). These do not fit buses or vans with button in the middle of the buckle. Will not fit a Bentley or earlier Dodge Caravan. Please measure your buckle for fit before ordering.  Inside Measurement:1 1/4” x 2 3/8”
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Angel Guard - 2 Clear Seat Belt Covers $19.99

Item #02-102 Child ID Bracelet
Child ID Bracelet Child ID Bracelet 
Has Medical Symbol on the bracelet
Contains 2 ID Tabs inside
Use ultra-fine "sharpie" waterproof pen to write on tab
Fits 5" - 6" wrist
Latex Free
Product Dimension: 1" W x 10" L
Blue or Purple
Available in other colors and sizes
Quantity: Color:
Child ID Bracelet  $11.99
Select colors on SALE $7.00 Camo  Pink
Limited to stock on hand. No other discounts apply.
All clearance sales final. No returns.

Item # 02-301 Who's Shoes ID Shoe Tag
ID Shoe Tag

No longer available


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