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Item # 04-102 Wireless Key Pad Alarm by GE / Jasco
Key Pad Alarm 
  • Loud 120 dB alarm sounds when magnetic contact is broken
  • 4-digit keypad code activates and deactivates alarm
  • Set your own personal 4-digit code
  • "Away" setting has 45-second exit delay and 30-second entry delay 
  • "Home" setting has no delay in alarm mode
  • When alarm sounds, you must enter code to turn it off
  • Use chime mode to know when door is opened by visitors
  • Low battery indicator light - Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Easy to install - SIZE: 4.5" x 2.5"
  • The alarm and small sensor must be placed within 1/2" of each other
  • Attaches to door with foam tape or screws.
  Add to Cart  GE Key Pad Alarm $21.99

Item # 04-105 Wireless Door/Window Alarms by GE - 2 pack
Door Alarm GE Indoor Magnetic Door/Window Alarm
120 db Alarm Sounds When Magnetic Contact Is Broken
On/Off/Chime Switch On the Side For Easy Control
Low Battery Test Button And Light
Requires 4 Lr44 Batteries (Included)
Alarm stops when door is shut
The distance between the sensor and alarm must be no more than 1/2" apart
1 year warranty / Size: 2.5" x 2" / SET OF TWO
TWO: One alarm for the front door.  One alarm for the back door.
  Add to Cart  Wireless Door/Window Alarm - Set of 2 - $19.99

Item #04-201 Parent Units TV Strap - Made in the USA!
TV Strap Secure your TV safety to the wall or secure stand.
Use 1 package (2 straps) for items up to 50 lbs.
Use 2 packages (4 straps) for items up to 100 lbs
Bonding Time: Four hours for adhesive to set before adding strap.
Recommended for TV, VCR, Computers and stereo equipment. Anti-Slip Safety Straps keeps these items from falling on your child! Safety Straps secure appliances from moving, slipping or sliding. Must be used on secure stand or wall unit.
Dimension: 2 black buckles (2" x 2") 5" black locking strap (5/8")
  Add to Cart  TV Strap  $22.99

Item # 04-202 Mommy's Helper  Furniture Brackets
Furniture Brackets * Strap furniture securely to the wall
* Industry award winning product
* Detachable strap for easy moving of furniture for cleaning
* Accommodates up to 4 pieces of furniture. (8 Safety Brackets total)
* Easy-release system for moving and re-attaching furniture
* Excellent in areas where earth tremors occur
  Add to Cart  Furniture Brackets  $5.99

Item #04-203 Kidco Magnetic Cabinet Locks (4)
Magnetic Lock This cabinet lock is a magnetic lock that keeps cabinets and
drawers locked tight and guards against pinched fingers!
This magnetic works on almost all styles of cabinets and drawers
 ( up to 1 inch thick), even those where you can't use a standard latch! 
Set of 4 Locks - NO KEY. Key must be bought separately
  Add to Cart  Magnetic Cabinet Locks (4)  $29.99

Item #04-204 Kidco Magnetic Cabinet Key
Magnetic Key 1 Key - no locks
Goes with our Magnetic Locks.
Locks must be bought separately.
  Add to Cart  Magnetic Cabinet Key  $7.99

Item #04-302 Parent Units Window Guardian Stopper - Made in the USA!
Window Wedge The purpose is to reduce risk by stopping windows from opening too far when affixed properly to windows.
We recommend two Super Stoppers on each window.  Super Stopper Window Wedge combines 2.75 inch flexible
suction cup with a unique shaped wedge (1.25 inch x 2 inch) to provide added safety against accidents.
No tools, screws or adhesive required! Product Dimension: 2" x 2" x 2"
  Add to Cart  Window Guardian Stopper  $9.99
Item #04-307 Kidco Outlet Covers
Outlet Cover • Works on both Standard and Decora style outlets
• Automatically covers outlet when plug is removed
• Prevents injury from inserting objects into outlet
• Product Dimension: 4.5" x 2.5"
Quantity: Color:
Outlet Cover 3 pack  $9.99 / Singles $ $4.99

Item # 04-308 Parent Units Fridge Guard - Made in the USA
Fridge Guard
  • Easy to Use
  • 1 Hook, 1 Latch
  • Use on Standard Refrigerators
  • Double Doors require additional set.
  • Use on side or top
  • Place high up on refrigerator, out of reach of child
  • Strong durable plastic with high-bond adhesive
  • Not made to be pad locked
Quantity: Color:
Fridge Guard  $10.99
Item #04-405 Dream Baby Home Safety Kit - No tools needed
Home Safety Kit - No tools needed 35 piece Home Safety Kit
1 Appliance latch
1 Angle Lock
1 Secure a lock
1 fish door stopper
4 corner protectors
1 adhesive double lock
24 outlet plug covers
1 mini-multi-purpose latch
No tools or screws needed!
  Add to Cart  Home Safety Kit - No tools needed $19.99
Item # 04-501 Dream Baby Doorway BABY GATE
Safety Baby Gate
  • Doorway BABY GATE: White
  • 29.4" tall or 39.4" tall
  • Fits openings 28-32" without extensions
  • Fits up to 39" with two optional 3.5" extensions
  • Fits up to 53" if you purchase you option 10.5" extensions
  • Black available by request
  • Includes optional screw-in installation pieces
  • Option Y Banister Spindle Adapter available
Quantity: Color:
Safety Doorway BABY GATE $ 49.99
Extensions Available $14.99-25.99
Item # 04-503 Dream Baby Hallway BABY GATE
Safety Baby Gate
  • 29.4" tall or 39.4" tall
  • Fits openings 38-42.5" without extensions
  • Fits up to 53" with 2 optional 3.5 " extensions
  • Fits up to 63.5" if you purchase you option 10.5" extensions
  • Black Available by Request
  • Includes optional screw-in installation pieces
  • Option Y Banister Spindle Adapter available
Quantity: Color:
Safety Hallway BABY GATE $ 69.99
Extensions Available $14.99-$25.99
Item # 04-504 Dream Baby Gate Extension
Dream Baby 10.5 inch Gate Extension

The Dream Baby Gate Extension works with the Dream Baby Security or Hallway Gate to extend
the width of the Gate.

7" regular and tall
10.5" regular and tall

Black available by request.
Only use one extension per side of gate. Multiple extensions will not connect.

Quantity: Color:
Gate Extensions $20.99-$27.99

Item # 04-505 Dream Baby Banister Gate Adapter
Dream Baby Banister Gate Adapter
  • Works on any Dream Baby gate
  • Works on both wooden or metal banisters
  • Provides necessary parts for installation
  • Set of 2
  • Rubber lined
  • No tools required
  • Chrome
  Add to Cart  Dream Baby Banister Gate Adapter $9.99

Item # 04-518 Kidco Y Spindle - Safety Gate Accessory
Kidco Y Spindle - Safety Gate Accessory

On all Gateway® Models, the Y Spindle can be used on either side of the gate.
Simply swap out the included padded spindles for a Y spindle on as many corners as is needed.

  Add to Cart  Kidco Y Spindle - Safety Gate Accessory  $5.99
Item # 04-604 Kidco Sliding Cabinet Lock
Sliding Cabinet Lock No tools necessary for installation
Installs quickly and locks tightly
Use on cabinet knobs or handles
Slim, non-marring and durable lock
  Add to Cart  Sliding Cabinet Lock $ 4.99

Item # 04-605 Kidco Door Knob Cover - Set of 2
Door Knob Cover
  • Easy snap-together installation
  • Unique side pinch-grip design
  • Deter children from leaving rooms
  • Latch the door to deter entry
  • Set of 2
Quantity: Color:
Door Knob Cover $5.99
Item # 04-612 Mommy's Helper Appliance Lok Strap
Appliance Lok Strap
  • Locking strap for refrigerator or stove
  • Helps keep appliance doors safe from little hands!
  • Easy to install
  • Set of 2
  • White
  Add to Cart  Appliance Lok Strap $ 5.99
Item # 04-613 Mommy's Helper Safe Lok Drawer & Cabinet Lock
Safe Lok Drawer & Cabinet Lock
  • Allows cabinets and drawers to open only one inch
  • Prevents cabinets/drawers from reclosing on little fingers
  •  Disable feature
  •  Easy to install
  •  Set of 6
  Add to Cart  Safe Lok Drawer & Cabinet Lock $ 4.99
Item # 04-615 KIDCO Mesh Window Guard
KIDCO Mesh Window Guard
  • Deters your child from playing with/falling through an open window
  •  NO METAL BARS! - Great mesh design blends with window treatments
  •  Fits windows measuring 26" to 40" wide
  •  Versatile mounting for single or double hung and sliding windows
  •  Quick release hardware
  Add to Cart  KIDCO Mesh Window Guard $ 49.99

Item #04-620 Kidco Outlet Plug Covers
Outlet Plug Covers 
  • Prevent Unplugged Cords
  • Block Access to Sockets
  • Fits standard and decora style outlets
  • Large cover hides and shortens cords
  • Perfect for home office use
  Add to Cart  Outlet Plug Covers  $6.99 SALE $4.00
Limited to stock on hand. No other discounts apply.
All clearance sales final. No returns.

Item #04-621 Kidco Magnetic Cabinet Lock - Starter Set
  Starter Set includes 2 locks and 1 key.

This cabinet lock is a magnetic lock that keeps cabinets
and drawers locked tight and guards against pinched fingers!
This magnetic  lock works on almost all styles of cabinets and
drawers, even those where you can't use a standard latch! 
  Add to Cart  Magnetic Cabinet Locks - Starter Set  $21.99
Item #04-622 LockItDown Refrigerator Lock Kit 
LockItDown Refrigerator Lock Kit
  • Very Secure
  • Easy to Install
  • No drilling required
  • 2 Door Achors
  • Stainless Steel Cables
  • 30 MM Brass Padlock
  • 3M VHB Adhesive
  Add to Cart   LockItDown Refrigerator Lock Kit $29.99

Item #04-624 Kidco Anti-tip Furniture Straps
Anti-tip Furniture Strap
  • Screw one end of the strap to the furniture
  • Screw the other to a stud in the wall
  • Place about 6" below the furniture's top edge
  • Use at least two screws to secure each bracket; screws are provided
  • Use at least two straps for each piece of furniture.
  • For heavier pieces, install additional straps
  • Each strap measures 20"L x 2"W x ˝"H
  • Package contains 2 straps
  Add to Cart  Anti-tip Furniture Straps $4.99

Item # 04-628 Dream Baby Microwave & Oven Lock
Dream Baby Microwave Oven Lock
  • Helps prevent children from accessing appliances
  • Heat resistance, can be used for many type of appliances
  • Latch is 5" long, and 1" wide
  • Strong heat resistance adhesive
  Add to Cart Dream Baby Microwave & Oven Lock $4.99

Item # 04-629 Dream Baby Cable Cabinet Lock
Cable Cabinet Lock
  • Secures cabinet doors quickly & easily
  • Prevent children from opening cabinets
  • Clever combination locking system
  • No tools or hardware required for installation
  • Adjustable length up to 15.75"
  Add to Cart  Cable Cabinet Lock  $11.99
Item # 04-631 Dream Baby Angle Locks
Angle Locks
  • Locks in place automatically when drawer is shut
  • Extra-Value pack contains 2 or 4 Angle locks
  • Keeps children out of drawers and cabinets
  • Suitable for square corner drawers, cabinets, appliances and laundry rooms
  • Also suitable for refrigerators, freezers and laundry cabinets

Quantity: Color:
Angle Locks  $8.99 - 4 pack  SALE $5.00
Limited to stock on hand. No other discounts apply.
All clearance sales final. No returns.
Item # 04-632 Kidco Adjustable Locking Strap
Furniture Brackets
  • Adjustable Locking Strap
  • As seen on the Bob Vila TV show and Bob Vila.com
  • Easy, adhesive mount installation, no tools necessary
  • Flexible design allows strap extension up to 8 1/2"
  • Ideal for use on lazy susan's, glass doors, appliances and more
  • 1 lock consisting of 3 pieces
  • Able to extend up to 8.5"
  • Available in Charcoal
  Add to Cart  Adjustable Locking Strap $6.99 SALE $4.50
Limited to stock on hand. No other discounts apply.
All clearance sales final. No returns.

Item # 04-633 Patio Door Guardian Lock
Pation Door Guardian Lock
  • Deters prying and lifting of your Patio Slider
  • Childproofs your Patio sliding door
  • Installs easily in minutes with keeper plate
  • 3" ventilation opening without minimizing security
  • Child Proof Lock
  Add to Cart  Patio Sliding Door Guardian Lock $24.99

Item #04-635 Door Guardian - Child Proof Lock 
Door Guardian - Child Proof Lock
  • Available in brass finish
  • Easy to install
  • Child proof - requires double motion pull then swivel action
  • Prevent unwanted exits from the home
  • Easy to install
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Resists forced entry
  • 12x stronger than a deadbolt
  • Available white or brass or black
Quantity: Color:
Door Guardian - Child Proof Lock $29.99
Item # 04-636 Sliding Door Latch
Sliding Door Latch
  • Prevent children from accessing closets with sliding
  • Works on doors made of glass, mirror, or wood doors
  • For doors where drilling to install latches is impractical
  • To open the sliding door, simply press the lock wings flat and slide the door over it
  • Lock resets itself when you close the door
  • Installs with included adhesive tape
  • Each package includes two locks (approx. 4" long) and two tape strips
  Add to Cart  Sliding Door Latch $ 5.99

Item # 04-645 KidCo - Anti-tip TV Strap for Flat Screens - 2pk Black
Anti-tip TV Strap for Flat Screens
  • Prevents a flat screen TV from tipping over
  • Nylon straps help to secure TV to wall or furniture
  • Screw mount
  • Pack of 2
  • Color: Black


  Add to Cart  Anti-tip TV Strap for Flat Screens - 2pk  $12.99

Item # 04-646 Kidco Foam Edge Protector
Kidco Foam Edge Protector


  • Furniture safety
  • Protect your kids
  • For tables and other furniture
  • Part of the SecureStick line of adhesive mount home safety products
  • Soft, cushiony protection for hard, sharp edges
  • Grey
  • 10 foot roll


  Add to Cart  Kidco Foam Edge Protector $9.99 SALE $6.00
Limited to stock on hand. No other discounts apply.
All clearance sales final. No returns.

Item # 04-647 Window Wedge - Made in the USA
SAMPLE single


  • Durable ABS Plastic.
  • Easy Hook & Loop Installation
  • No Tools, No Screws, No Nails, No Damage.
  • Added Child Safety- Set Window Wedge to a safe opening. (No wider than 4 inches).
  • Added Home Security- Helps deter unlawful entry from outsiders.
  • Let fresh air in and sleep easier
  • Multiple window settings
  • Adjust Window Wedge on loop strip for desired opening
  • Made and Packaged in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  • Two Window Wedges per Package


  Add to Cart  Window Wedge $8.99
Item # 04-653 KidCo - Adhesive Toilet Lock
  • Fits flat-top toilet lids
  • Automatically resets when lid is lowered
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • To disengage the auto reset temporarily, just pull the lever to the side and lock.
  • To reactivate it, move the lever back.

  Add to Cart  KidCo - Adhesive Toilet Lock  $7.99

Item # 04-654 Cardinal Gates - Cord Safety Wrap
  • Keeps cords from window blinds & shades out of a child’s reach & pet’s paws
  • Easy to install--needs no hardware, no screws
  • Attach to any surface: glass, metal, wood, plastic
  • Compact, neutral design complements any decor

  Add to Cart  Cardinal Gates - Cord Safety Wrap   $9.99

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