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CLOTH DIAPERS - My Precious Kid has found the best in safe cloth diaper products for your little one. As a parent we want the best products to keep our little ones safe dry. These cloth diaper will save you money, and make parenting easier. Cloth diapers will save you money and help the environment. Keep 8000 diapers out of the landfill. Save $2000 over disposables forRate Us Please your baby's diaper season of life.Best Cloth Diapers Online

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How many diapers will you need? Multiply this by how often you will do laundry.
Newborn : 10-12 diaper per day
Infants : 8-10 diaper per day
Toddlers: 6-8 diaper per day

CLOTH DIAPERS - We are your full service cloth diaper retailer. We carry more brands than most other retailers. We can help you decide what you want in your stash. We are happy to give you one-on-one consultation by phone or in person at our Hillsboro, Oregon location. We are the largest Cloth Diaper & Baby Products Store in Oregon.

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