May 2009

My Precious Kid Celebrates 8 Years

Hillsboro, OR (25, May, 2008) – My Precious Kid, LLC (, a retail provider of child safety products and baby gear, proudly announces its 8th year in business.

Kay Green, owner of My Precious Kid, established the business in 2001 as a home-based business producing children’s ID cards when her four children needed homeschool IDs. Upon adopting the motto, “Your child’s identification card speaks for your child when you can’t,” Kay set out to produce child ID products for a myriad of uses, including identification of car seats, booster seats, luggage, diaper bags, and other items.

As time progressed, Kay continued to research and incorporate additional child safety products to the mix to enhance the safety of children and teach parents how to keep their children safe. “It has been exciting to see our consistent growth over the last eight years,” exclaims Kay. “And, we love to hear stories about a child that was kept safe as a result of using our products – that makes it all worth while.”

In June 2008, Kay moved her ‘home-grown’ business to a retail storefront in Hillsboro, opening her business to both walk-in and mail-order customers. She employees two full-time and one part-time employee that help her manage the processing of 30 to 60 orders a day from a product line boasting more than 100 diverse items related to child safety and safe baby gear.

In addition to managing her business, Kay spends a great deal of time coaching, mentoring, and working with other business women nationwide to achieve success. She is one of the most admired women in online business networking communities. In fact, Kay was voted by her peers as the Most Influential Woman 2009, a coveted award presented to 1 of 20 contenders. This was no surprise to the women who know her. Polly Schlafhauser, owner of Families With Purpose, shares, “Kay Green is one of the hardest working, generous, and thoughtful business women I know. She has helped me tremendously in my business, never once asking for anything in return. She truly wants other women and mothers like her to succeed. Her selfless attitude is not only reflected in how she helps other entrepreneurs but also in the excellent customer service she provides.”

Kay is mother to four children, ages 9 through 26, and Nana to three beautiful grandchildren, Madison, age 2 and newborn twin boys Micah and Mason. As a life-long advocate for children, she has dedicated her career to keeping them safe. Celebrating eight years in business is, in deed, a milestone for Kay. She attributes her success to her faith in God and her desire to make a difference.

About My Precious Kid, LLC:
My Precious Kid, LLC,, is dedicated to helping parents keep their children safe by offering over 100 child safety and baby gear products. The company is founded on Christian values of truth, honesty, integrity, human worth, and the value of all children. My Precious Kid, LLC is committed to family success and safety.

Kay Green, Owner
My Precious Kid, LLC
503.693.2806 (Office)
503.318.7532 (Mobile)

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October 2006 Garnishes Three Awards & The Today Show

October 21, 2006 --  is featured on the "Today Show" and won the "2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award" created by family/health columnist and author, Jodie Lynn, for two safety products and stands right up there with several major family fun players, like and many others.

The Child Safety Kit and the Child Safety Kit PLUS, placed in two categories with the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award and garnished an additional one for the site itself, .

"This is amazing news and we are thrilled beyond words to be a 2006 Adding Wisdom Award winner, just like The best sites and products really are found on ," says Kay Green, CEO/founder of .

Green says, " is committed to helping families keep their kids happy and safe while still being kids. Winning such an amazing award for our products and site gives a huge boost. We are greatly honored to receive this award."

Jodie Lynn, author of the best-selling book, Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) - Having, Doing and Surviving It All, and CEO,  says, "I have worked with Kay of My Precious Kid in previous years and know firsthand that she truly is a Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer). I have enjoyed getting to know her and the importance of her safety endeavors for kids. Her passion is heartfelt and she is most deserving."

Good news travels fast
On October 17, 2006, the "Today Show" Natalie Morales shares different products to make a mom's life easier and two products found on  was featured. Please see  for additional details. products the Table Topper to Go and the Reward Chore Chart were featured on the "Today Show" in this segment.

"I am ecstatic to have two useful products that were featured on the Today Show. In fact, so far, orders for our Table Topper To Go Disposable Baby Feeding Kits and the Reward Chore Chart, have been overwhelming, as well as tons of orders for many other products," says Green.

Please see  for information on all available products.

About Kay Green:
Kay Green is the CEO/Founder of  and wife of 27 years and mom to four kids. She and her family live in Hillsboro, OR.

About Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award:
Established in 1998, by Jodie Lynn, this award honors products of outstanding quality that support family values and includes websites. Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award™ is the only award program to ever be honored by See  for more details.

My Precious Kid is an Oregon based sole proprietor company founded by Kay Green. Green originally created ID card products, filling a need for ID Cards for home school students and adopted kids. The company now carries more than 90 child safety & baby gear products in 2006. Contact Kay Green at 503-693-2832 for additional information.


July 2005 Scores as Disney wins too!

It's no small potatoes! won the "2005 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award" created by Jodie Lynn and stands right up there with one of the major family fun players, has created a Wearable ID Safety Pack to keep kids safer at amusement parks and other outings.

"This is amazing news and we are thrilled beyond words to be an "Adding Wisdom Award" winner, just like The best sites and products really are found on ," says Kay Green, CEO/founder of .

" is committed to helping families keep their kids happy and safe while still being kids. Winning such a comparable award for our Wearable ID Product gives a huge boost to the company. We are honored to receive this award," says Green.

Jodie Lynn, family columnist, CEO of  and author, Mommy-CEO says "I have worked with Kay of My Precious Kid in previous years and have enjoyed getting to know her and the importance of her ID items for kids. Her passion for this heartfelt endeavor is incredible. In fact, when a little girl was separated from her mom in one of the largest malls in America last year, she was quickly reunited when the security guard found one of Kay's ID bracelets on the 4-year-old. Need I say more?" was founded by Kay Green in 2001 when she needed an ID card for her newly adopted daughter and for her home schooled children. Kay's own experience with her own special needs child, makes her mindful of the unique needs for these incredible children. In the last 4 years Kay has created 16 products at the request of families concerned with keeping their children safe. In the last two years she has added 34 products from the best child safe products on the market such as a Child Locator, Shopping Cart Covers, Taggies, Allergy Labels, and ID Bracelets. Kay Green and her husband, along with their 4 children, live in rural Oregon. offers free safety consultations to parents who want to know the best safety products for their children. Let Kay help you find the right safety solution for your special child. Contact Kay at 503-693-2832


February 2005

An Ounce of Prevention
Making shopping during cold and flu season less risky

Every flu season brings with it a host of complications, especially in the very young and those with compromised immune systems. The recent shortage in flu vaccine across the country has made this flu season particularly scary for some parents. My Precious Kid, an Oregon based company specializing in child safety products, partly in response to parent fears.

“You can’t avoid going grocery shopping even in the midst of a flu epidemic; the shopping cart covers provide an extra dimension of security. They can’t stop your child from getting the flu, but it can decrease the likelihood,” says Green, founder of My Precious Kid.

My Precious Kid has been providing safety education and products to the community for nearly five years. Since it’s inception in 2001, Green has established an education program for parents and caregivers as well as for independent sales representative.

“Education is one vital key in prevention of illness and injury to children. Our mission statement clearly defines education as our top priority. Products like the shopping cart covers, hand sanitation gels and frequent hand washing all reduce the spread of both viral and bacterial infections,” says Green.

To find out more about the prevention of disease or other child safety issues, contact Kay Green to arrange an interview at 503-693-2832 or via email at


January 2005

A dream comes true
In the State that loves Dreamers

In 2001, My Precious Kid was born out of a bit of Oregon ingenuity and a whole lot of determination. Kay Green began by designing one simple product. The Original My Precious Kid ID Card was created for her own child and has become the cornerstone of this home business success story.

Green now oversees operations for the production and distribution of 35 safety products, 15 of which are produced, quite literally, in-house. The remaining products have been personally chosen by Green to promote the My Precious Kid vision of providing high quality safety products at affordable prices.

“The business really is a dream come true. The hard work is immensely rewarding to know that my products help reassure parents across the country while still remaining home with my daughter. This has given me the whole package,” explains Green.

My Precious Kid has expanded it’s product line with three new product launches in the past 12 months. Expansion will continue throughout 2005 with planned additions to the staff at My Precious Kid, which until now has been a primarily one-woman show.

“When I saw a product I feature on The View, I knew that I’d achieved what I wanted in helping to increase awareness for child safety,” says Green, referring to ABC’s daytime magazine show which featured the Who's Shoes Velcro® Brand hook/loop ID Shoe Tag on January 6th of this year.

Safety awareness and education have been, and continue to be a top priority for Green. She spreads her wisdom through her comprehensive sales representative training program, making public presentations on safety issues and as the author of several articles on business and child safety.

To find out more about the My Precious Kid or child safety issues, contact Kay Green to arrange an interview at 503-693-2832


Child Safety - A Priority!

Kay Green understands the importance of child safety. Every mother's worst nightmare is being separated from her child and the finder not knowing where the child lives or whom to contact. Even worse is the possibility of being in a terrible auto accident and left unconscious and unable to fill others in on your children's needs.

My Precious Kid® ( will inspire mothers to take a time out for their children's safety. In just a few simple clicks of the mouse, moms can special-order ID cards and finger print kits that will ultimately add to the safety of their children.

When Kay Green of Banks, Oregon began home schooling her children, field trips began to pose a problem. In order to get student discounts; her children needed student ID's. Since the children were home schooled, student ID's didn't exist. To solve the problem, and have peace of mind when they went out in public, Kay developed her own ID's. Over time, she began to see the importance of these ID's for all home schooled children and thus began her business venture. In time, Kay expanded the ID concept to include products that would ultimately protect our children.

Kay's ID cards can include the most recent photo of your child, fingerprint, allergy information, medication requirements, and contact information for you, your spouse, and the doctor! The car seat card can protect in a car accident by providing valuable information fast. You complete them in the privacy of your home.

Her personal relationship with her children seemed to have inspired her to start this business, but it's the satisfaction of helping other parents keep their children safe that keeps her going. Since that initial product, she has developed ID tags for car seats, strollers, adoptive children, and overnight bags.

Christine of Creative Kids at Home says, "… Most of the attractions we visit (museums, science center, art galleries) want a student ID for discount admission rates. The admission clerk often has no idea what to charge for children who don't attend a traditional school. A home-school ID Card solves the problem nicely."

My Precious Kid® ID cards "… are an excellent way to enhance the protection for your child," says Angela Parker. "As a new mom, safety is a number one priority and I know it is for other mothers also."

Kay Green describes her product as "mom-essential." Just as essential is her Adoption and Homeschool Resource Center ( which offers tons of links to parents who homeschool and/or adopt children. Which just so happens to offer a wonderful book about home schooling, written by Kay Green herself.

While the ID Kits are reasonably priced at $10, Kay agrees that you can't put a price on your child's safety.

Kay also wants to help other moms be stay at home, work at home moms. That is why she sells her products wholesale and offers an affiliate program.

Contact Information: Kay Green 503-693-2832

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National Missing Kids Day is MAY 25th!
Please Review these safety Tips with your Children!

Safety Tips for Parents

The FBI estimates that at least 2300 children are reported missing every day. Parents need to begin educating their children about safety issues at a young age, starting around 3-4 years old. Save this page and review the tips with your child.

Approach the subject of safety in a non-threatening way. It is important that you don't make your child fearful of dangerous situations or people, but cautious and able to recognize when something is not right.

Encourage your child to trust his or her intuition, and to be able to talk to you when something is bothering them. They should know not to keep secrets from you. Open communication is very important. Really LISTEN to your child.

Let your child know that their body belongs to them. No one has the right to touch them inappropriately. If someone is touching them or making them feel uncomfortable in any way, they should let you know immediately, even if it is a family member.

Inform your child of the rules pertaining to strangers. Namely, that a stranger looks just like any other person, not like a monster or creature. A stranger is someone that your child does not know nor does his or her friends and family.

Strangers will use different ways to lure a child. The most common lures are: pretending to look for a lost dog, having candy/money for the child if they go to their car with them, telling the child that they'll hurt family members if they do not comply, and asking for directions. Let your child know that adults DO NOT ask children for help nor do they threaten them. If they do encounter any of these situations they should immediately scream, "NO," and run as quickly as they can in the opposite direction and try to find a trusted adult. They should never approach an unknown car or get into a car with an adult that they do not know. If someone tries to grab them the child should scream, "THIS IS NOT MY PARENT!" to attract attention.

Share an easily-remembered secret CODE WORD. Tell your child that if anyone approaches them and says that they are a family friend and that they need to take them somewhere (sometimes they say that a parent is hurt and in the hospital or there's a family emergency), your child must ask for the code word. If the person really is a friend, they will know it. If they don't know it then your child should run away as quickly as possible.

Never label your child's clothing, backpack, or other personal items with their name. An abductor could use this information to try to gain trust in your child.

Give your child instructions on what to do if they get separated from you in a mall, supermarket, or other public place. Tell them to go to a check-out counter, information desk, or to approach a security officer or mother with children and let them know that they are lost and looking for their parent(s). Make sure that your child has Safe Shoes Child ID™ labels in his or her shoes, and that your child knows his or her full name, address, phone number, and the place where you work or can be contacted, as well as how to dial 911, make collect calls, and dial the operator on a pay phone.

Know where your child is at all times, and keep a list of their friends, addresses, and phone numbers.

Keep a record of your child's personal and medical information on-hand in case of emergency. Make sure they are fingerprinted and that you have a recent photo of available at all times. Our My Precious Kid ID Kit™ keeps all the vital information that you need to provide authorities immediately accessible. Remember to update your records every 6-12 months because of your child's growth.

Try not to panic if your child is missing. First check everywhere in the house, then check with the neighbors and your child's friends. If you still cannot locate them, immediately call the police. THERE IS NO WAITING PERIOD REQUIRED TO REPORT A MISSING CHILD TO THE POLICE.

Give them a description of your child's clothing, along with you’re My Precious Kid® ID Kit®. Let them know when you last saw your child. Request that your child's name be entered into the National Crime Information Center Missing Person File (NCIC), which enables any law enforcement agency in the U.S. to identify them. Call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST to have your child entered into their database. Post signs around your neighborhood and town with your child's photo and vital information. Be persistent in your search efforts and keep hope alive that your child will be found and returned home safely.

This Information Provided by Your Local My Precious Kid ® Owner and Creator Kay Green at Please contact Kay at 503-693-2832 or for further info, interviews or questions. Please let us know if you use this piece.


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