Potty Training Kit  - Potty Stickers

Item #05-403 Potty Training Sticker Kit
Potty Training Kit
  • 3 sets of Pottie Stickers (kites, fish, fireflies)
  • 3 Sticker Boards (sky, fish tank, night)
  • Portable potty training aid.
  • Includes computer CD
  • Printable charts and certificates
  • Potty training helps and suggestions

  Add to Cart   Potty Training Combo Kit  $9.99


Item # 05-NU-100 Nuby Toilet Trainer Potty Seat
Nuby Toilet Trainer Potty Seat
  • Suitable for toilets with internal hole of approximately 10" front to back & 8 1/4" side to side.
  • To assist in securing the trainer seat push the seat to the back of the toilet.
  • Provides a safe and secure way for your child to potty train.
  • Lift lid, lift toilet ring, lay down potty seat, put down ring over seat
  • The toilets ring holds it in place


Quantity: Color:
Nuby Toilet Trainer Potty Seat   $7.99 each
Item # 04-653 KidCo - Adhesive Toilet Lock
  • Fits flat-top toilet lids
  • Automatically resets when lid is lowered
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • To disengage the auto reset temporarily, just pull the lever to the side and lock.
  • To reactivate it, move the lever back.

  Add to Cart  KidCo - Adhesive Toilet Lock  $7.99

Item #10-BB-700 Potty Training - Trainer Pants 
Potty Training - Trainer Pants
  • Small (22-30 lb)
  • Medium (25-35 lb)
  • Large (32-42 lb)
  • Fabric Content: Waist Band, Leg Bands & Outer layer: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Hidden soaker pad: 100% polyester, Inner lining: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Made in the USA
  • We find these run smaller than our other 2 brands.
Quantity: Color:
Potty Training - Trainer Pants $17.99 each

Item #10-SU-710 Super Undies Hybrid Cloth Trainer
Super Undies Hybrid Cloth Trainer
  • Cloth Training Pants
  • Hybrid cover plus 3 inserts
  • Use multiple times before changing
  • Waterproof wet zone
  • Pull up and down by self
  • Snap off if necessary
  • Snaps in back
  • No built in absorbency, uses lay-in inserts
  • Looks like underwear in the front
  • Great nap option
  • Fits most toddlers 15-35 lbs
  • Optional Cotton Inserts: $13.99 for a 3 pack


Quantity: Color:
Super Undies Hybrid Cloth Trainer  $32.99
Item # 10-SU-500 Super Undies Mattress Topper
Super Undies Mattress Topper


  • These mattress toppers are amazing
  • They have a built in full layer of microfiber for absorption
  • A wonderfully soft Coolmax topside
  • It turns inside out for easy washing and fast drying time
  • It's backed by a layer of PUL to protect your mattress in case of a "heavy night"
  • It's wrap-around sides tuck neatly away under the mattress to secure it in place

  Add to Cart  Super Undies Mattress Topper $29.99
Item #05-109 Potty Power DVD
Potty Power DVD POTTY TRAINING DVD - Today the potty, tomorrow the world! Potty Power is an entertaining and dynamic potty training program that instructs and motivates toddlers to use the potty. Live action and 3-D animated characters guide viewers step by step through potty use and proper hygiene. Original, upbeat music videos and entertaining stories reinforce the lessons learned in the program.
  Add to Cart  Potty Power DVD $11.99

Item #06-207 Dry Seat - Car Seat Protection by Diono
Dry Seat

This car seat cover is known by many names but does the job. The DRY SEAT car seat protector will protect your infant car seat from those messy diaper blow outs. Waterproof  accident-proof barrier, while soft, absorbent layers wick moisture away from baby's skin. Worry proof. The Dry Seat's soft interior is stain-resistant and durable. Car Seat Accessories. Stroller Accessories

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Dry Seat - Car Seat Protection $9.99


Get a free copy of our VIAL OF LIFE forms for your home too. These are perfect for people living alone, traveling alone, doing sports alone, or with medical or mental issues or Alzheimer patients. 

Join my online Potty Teaching 101 Class

Potty Training 101

By Kay Green, MyPreciousKid.com
Copyright 2003

I have had the wonderful privilege of potty training 4 children. The first in 1983 and the last one in February of 2002! All were completed by their 2nd birthday, even my son. So I often have people ask what my secret is.

First secret is get and read the book "Toilet Training in less than a day". We use the system over the course of a week with good success. You must get the wetting doll and have the child train the doll to succeed.

Second is wait until YOU are ready to do it and stay with it. Never start and stop!!! You must be ready to stay with it until complete. The biggest mistake people make is going back and forth between diapers and panties.

Third is to be sure you child can follow simple instructions: come, go, pick this up, put that down. From 18-22 months I work on this. Preparing them for following instructions and practicing taking their pants up and down.

Fourth is I start BEFORE their 2nd birthday, before the major struggles of the will occur. 20-24 months works best! Most all children can be trained in this age window unless medical or mental disabilities are present.

Fifth I put them into CLOTH training pants with plastic pants over the top and never go back to diapers or paper pull-ups. I deal with every accident immediately, calmly, firmly. Going back to diapers will set you back. Keep them in cloth panties until they get it. Some kids can do it in a day or so, some a couple weeks.

My philosophy is that you teach potty just like I teach them to eat with a spoon, to put on their clothes, to talk, to obey. We make it fun and enjoyable never stressful. You can wait until they can do it with no teaching at age 4 but then you have 2 extra years of diapers. Why? Teach them the system then go forward as they learn it daily. Yes there are accidents. There are messy days when teaching them to eat too. We do not leave them on a bottle until age 4 because they might make a mess? So why stay in diapers until age 4 to prevent the mess when they can get it at age

This system has not failed me yet. The book will tell you that any child not trained by age 3 (unless a physical medical problem) is a will issue not a skill issue. I have found that to be true.