POTTY POWER DVD - Potty Training DVD

Item #05-109 Potty Power DVD
Potty Power DVD POTTY TRAINING DVD - Today the potty, tomorrow the world! Potty Power is an entertaining and dynamic potty training program that instructs and motivates toddlers to use the potty. Live action and 3-D animated characters guide viewers step by step through potty use and proper hygiene. Original, upbeat music videos and entertaining stories reinforce the lessons learned in the program.
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POTTY POWER DVD - Say goodbye to diapers! Host Jessica and her animated friend T.P. guide young viewers along the process of what it takes to become potty trained and have Potty Power. Fun songs, humorous stories, and lots more sustain a child's interest in potty training. The "Potty Power" DVD is a children's DVD from Consumervision. It's designed to make potty training easy and fun.

SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN - Customer Comment: We have an autistic 4-year-old, and we desperately needed him to be potty trained in order to get him into an inclusion setting. We were having trouble getting him to understand what he was supposed to do on the potty- he'd just sit there. This video really helped! The songs are catchy and simple, so he could understand and even sing them himself, and relate to what was happening. It also uses mostly older kids, which he liked, because he was interested in being a "big kid." We love it, even watching it 3 times a day.

POTTY TRAINING DVD - Today the potty, tomorrow the world! Potty Power is an entertaining and dynamic potty training program that instructs and motivates toddlers to use the potty. Live action and 3-D animated characters guide viewers step by step through potty use and proper hygiene. Original, upbeat music videos and entertaining stories reinforce the lessons learned in the program.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS - My three year old was having a very difficult time using the potty until we purchased this DVD. She was stubborn and would refuse to use the potty, then she would intentionally have "accidents" throughout the day and night. I was thoroughly frustrated and just about to "lose" it. From the moment we first watched this DVD, she turned a corner. This DVD really struck a chord with her. She wanted to be a big kid. She wanted to use the potty and she wanted to wear "big kid underwear". I was singing "Hallelujah" praises to this DVD. Since we purchased this DVD, she has only had 3 accidents in about 3 months. Although, we still have to remind her to use the potty, she is using the potty consistently.

POTTY TRAINING VIDEO - This potty training video is actually a program designed to introduce your child to potty training and then keep toddler interested in the process until he or she is trained. Potty Power is fun, entertaining and upbeat. That's why it works. Plenty of toddlers and a 3-D animated friend guide your child through the potty training process and teach kids what it takes to be potty trained. Toddlers become responsible for using the potty themselves because they have Potty Power!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS - I am a home daycare provider. I own 5 potty training Videos/DVD's This is simply the best Potty Training DVD out there. It is set up like a kids game show kind of like Blue's Clues. Potty Power gets the kids excited about using the potty. Potty Power has delightful songs and makes kids want watch. The problems I have with the other potty training videos/DVDs luckily Potty Power doesn't have. I am very delighted to say. I love the hosts of this DVD. She is very cute and sweet.


Item # 05-NU-100 Nuby Toilet Trainer Potty Seat
Nuby Toilet Trainer Potty Seat
  • Suitable for toilets with internal hole of approximately 10" front to back & 8 1/4" side to side.
  • To assist in securing the trainer seat push the seat to the back of the toilet.
  • Provides a safe and secure way for your child to potty train.
  • Lift lid, lift toilet ring, lay down potty seat, put down ring over seat
  • The toilets ring holds it in place


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Nuby Toilet Trainer Potty Seat   $7.99 each
Item #10-SU-710 Super Undies Hybrid Cloth Trainer
Super Undies Hybrid Cloth Trainer
  • Cloth Training Pants
  • Hybrid cover plus 3 inserts
  • Use multiple times before changing
  • Waterproof wet zone
  • Pull up and down by self
  • Snap off if necessary
  • Snaps in back
  • No built in absorbency, uses lay-in inserts
  • Looks like underwear in the front
  • Great nap option
  • Fits most toddlers 15-35 lbs
  • Optional Cotton Inserts: $13.99 for a 3 pack


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Super Undies Hybrid Cloth Trainer  $32.99
Item #10-BM-701 Bummis Pull-on Diaper Cover
Bummis Pull-on Diaper Cover
  • Very lightweight
  • For use with fitted diapers only
  • Use with a prefold insert secured with a Snappi or Pin
  • Roomy - this pant will cover even the bulkiest fitted diaper
  • No elastic in the bindings for an extra gentle fit.
  • Stretchy lycra bindings prevent leaks
  • Perfect over potty training pants
  • Small 8 - 18 lbs / 4 - 8 kg
  • Medium 16 - 26 lbs / 7 - 12 kg
  • Large 22 - 32 lbs / 10 - 15 kg
  • X-Large 30 - 40 lbs / 14 - 18 kg
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Bummis Pull-on Diaper Cover  $7.99
Item #05-403 Potty Training Sticker Kit
Potty Training Kit
  • 3 sets of Pottie Stickers (kites, fish, fireflies)
  • 3 Sticker Boards (sky, fish tank, night)
  • Portable potty training aid.
  • Includes computer CD
  • Printable charts and certificates
  • Potty training helps and suggestions

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Item #10-BB-700 Potty Training - Trainer Pants 
Potty Training - Trainer Pants
  • Small (22-30 lb)
  • Medium (25-35 lb)
  • Large (32-42 lb)
  • Fabric Content: Waist Band, Leg Bands & Outer layer: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Hidden soaker pad: 100% polyester, Inner lining: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Made in the USA
  • We find these run smaller than our other 2 brands.
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Potty Training - Trainer Pants $17.99 each

Item # 10-SU-501 Super Undies Waterproof Sheets - Twin
Super Undies Waterproof Sheets - Twin


  •  It's a twin mattress sized and fitted full layer of PUL
  • protect that mattress from liquid
  • box-sewn corners have elastic edges to keep it in place
  • slim design allows for multiple sheet layering
  • Try two of these with our Mattress topper for a complete bed protection package


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Item # 10-SU-500 Super Undies Mattress Topper
Super Undies Mattress Topper


  • These mattress toppers are amazing
  • They have a built in full layer of microfiber for absorption
  • A wonderfully soft Coolmax topside
  • It turns inside out for easy washing and fast drying time
  • It's backed by a layer of PUL to protect your mattress in case of a "heavy night"
  • It's wrap-around sides tuck neatly away under the mattress to secure it in place

  Add to Cart  Super Undies Mattress Topper $29.99
Item # 10-GS-700 Green Sprout Cloth Trainers - Potty Training Underwear
  • 90% cotton/10% polyester
  • Machine Wash
  • Pull-up design
  • Easy for toddler to pull up and down while learning to potty train
  • Naturally absorbent without superabsorbent gels or harsh chemicals
  • keep your baby clean and happy


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Green Sprout Cloth Trainers -  $13.99 per 2-pack
Item #06-207 Dry Seat - Car Seat Protection by Diono
Dry Seat

This car seat cover is known by many names but does the job. The DRY SEAT car seat protector will protect your infant car seat from those messy diaper blow outs. Waterproof  accident-proof barrier, while soft, absorbent layers wick moisture away from baby's skin. Worry proof. The Dry Seat's soft interior is stain-resistant and durable. Car Seat Accessories. Stroller Accessories

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Dry Seat - Car Seat Protection $9.99


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