Pink Daisy - Organic Cotton Velour Stay Dry Cloth Feminine Pads

Item #11-PD-100 Pink Daisy Cloth Feminine Pads 
Pink Daisy Cloth Feminine Pads
  • Powerdry fabric is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Stay Dry or Organic Cotton option
  • Breathable laminated polyester backing prevents leakage
  • Absorbent and comfortable
  • Foldable and snap closed for discreet storage
  • Made in the USA
  • Small pads for light days  8" long x 3" wide
  • Medium pads for regular/heavy days  10.5" long x 3.5" wide
  • Large pads for overnight and heavy flow  13" long x 3.5" wide
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      Pink Daisy Feminine Pads $27.99 3 packs

CLOTH FEMININE PADS - Pink Daisy features a premium line of reusable cloth feminine hygiene products. They’re reusable, comfortable and luxurious. Whether you’re a pre-teen that just started your period, blissfully pregnant, a nursing mom, or someone that just needs a little incontinence support, we’ve got something for you.

CLOTH MENSTRUAL PADS - Everything we offer has been conscientiously designed by a woman. We specifically hand-pick fabrics with your utmost comfort and safety in mind. Enjoy the comfort & softness of organic cotton during your time of the month. Hidden layers of microfiber terry layers provides maximum absorbency. Breathable laminated polyester backing prevents leakage.

Wash your Pink Daisy pads prior to first use. Snap pads around your underwear so the tag side faces down.
Change pad every 2-6 hours or as needed. When you are away from home, place the used pads in a Mini Bag until you return home. Then wash per care instructions. Avoid washing the pads in public facilities. Pink Daisy pads are meant for personal use only, and should not be shared with others.

For one cycle, we recommend between
6-12 small/medium pads and
1-3 large pads, depending on how heavy your flow is and how long your periods normally last.

Waterproof layer: 100% polyester laminate
Hidden layer: 100% polyester
Velour top layer: 90% organic cotton, 10% polyester backing
Made in the USA

Wash your Pink Daisy pads prior to first use.
General wash & care: Rinse or soak in cold water. Hand or machine wash cold or warm cycle. Line dry or tumble dry.
Do not use fabric softener. It will coat the pads and make them water repellent and reduce their absorbency. Be aware that if you use dryer sheets in your dryer for other laundry this can coat your dryer and transfer to your pads.
Do not use bleach. This will cause the fabric's fibers to break down. It will also cause the waterproof layer of the pad to de-laminate.
Stains. Should staining occur, try laying your pads out in the sun, or use an oxygen-based bleach.





Jungle Jam





Item # 11-PD-103 Pink Daisy Bamboo Nursing Pads
Pink Daisy Bamboo Nursing Pads
  • Bamboo velour lined pads provide maximum comfort
  • Hidden bamboo fleece layer provides maximum absorbency
  • Approximately 5” in diameter provides great coverage
  • Conforms nicely to the breast
  • Very discreet under clothing
  • Breathability helps in prevention and healing of sore nipples.
  • Outer layers: 70% bamboo viscose, 20% organic cotton, 10% polyester backing
  • Inner layer: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% organic cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in 3-pair packs.

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