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"Kay sent us a sample of her products and I gave it to a family tester who has a 4-year-old.  She loved it and that is where I get all of the reviews for products that are plugged in my column, articles, website and parenting publications: from the families.  Kay has done a world of good in keeping children safe.  Kudos to her!" -- Jodie Lynn, internationally syndicated parenting/family expert of Parent to Parent, author of Mommy-CEO, revised edition and CEO of  

What Works:
Teach children what to do if they
get separated from parents

Q: During summer vacation, I am concerned with keeping my children safe. What do you suggest I do if they get lost?

A: As concerned parents, there are several things we can do to protect our children.

Have each child (ages 0-18) wear a physical ID at all times. The ID can be a shoe ID tag or sticker, or ID bracelet. These are available online at  , which contains child safety products priced from $8-$14.

Play the "What if ..." game with your children. If you ask my toddler, "What if Mommy gets lost?" (they never think they are lost) she will tell you, "Find another mommy, take off my shoe (or bracelet or scope) and ask the mommy to call you!"

Make a game of remembering what color each of you is wearing. If you are at a large event, wear matching T- shirts to help identify your group.

Have a plan: If we get separated, stay where you are, and Mommy will find you. If you are scared, ask another mommy to stay with you and call me.

Have a photo ID of each child in your wallet. In case of separation, you have a photo and description to help others looking for the child. Each adult with the group needs these.

Have multiple family contacts and telephone numbers in the glove box, in your purse, in backpacks, on shoe stickers, on strollers, etc. Add numbers for family members not traveling with you (grandma, sister, uncle, brother).

Every child and teen should carry an ID card with family contact numbers, cell phone numbers plus a medical release signature. Put it in their wallet, in their backpack and on their car seat and stroller.

Teach the child to drop to the ground and scream loudly, "He is not my daddy/mommy. HELP!" if someone tries to take them.

Kay Green, Banks, Ore.

A: My daughter has always told her children that if they get lost, look for a "mommy" with small children and ask her for help.
S. Whalley, Springbrook, Wis.

JODIE: I cannot stress enough how important it is to put Kay Green's plans in place even if you are going to a local park. She sent me her kit, and I gave it to a mother of a 4- year-old. The mom decided to use it as the family was leaving for a trip to one of the word's largest malls. It wasn't even 30 minutes after they were there that the little girl got lost in the massive crowd. She was simply going from her dad to her mom on the escalator and took hold of another mom's hand without looking up because the woman had on the same color of blouse. The startled woman saw a security guard on the level below and started back down. She took the little girl by the hand, talked to her in a kind voice before starting down and found the ID products. Upon greeting the security guard, she told him the story, and he immediately called the little girl's mom.

This story has a happy ending, but for many it does not. One other thing I'd like to point out: If you go somewhere with your children and there is a large crowd, think about doing the activity another day or time. /p>

Self-syndicated columnist Jodie Lynn's latest book is "Mommy-CEO," revised edition, Martin-Ola Press, $12.95.

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Parent to Parent Syndicated Columnist, Jodie Lynn, Interviews in new magazine for working moms

El Dorado Hills, CA (June 03, 2004) - Nationally syndicated family columnist, Jodie Lynn, is interviewed in a new working mom magazine, Today's Blue Suit Mom

Today's Blue Suit Mom is a brand new magazine designed and founded by Maria Bailey, President of BSM Media. The magazine is the first of its kind for working moms who work out of the home and out of the office. Today's Blue Suit Mom stays focused on everyday but successful moms who may be bypassed from other magazines due to lack of "Hollywood star" quality...(leading to many stories about everyone but everyday successful moms).

Today's Blue Suit Mom was looking for successful syndicated moms who were willing to tell it all in a no-holds-barred interview. They found two; one of them was internationally parenting/family columnist, Jodie Lynn, who writes a newspaper column called, Parent to Parent, is founder of, and supplies family content to various Internet sites through the world wide web, and on radio.

"It's a good article and it's one I talked about with a staff member at another top magazine," says Lynn. "But, I've learned that when one editor is excited about an interview and another isn't, it doesn't get pass the gate keeper. When Today's Blue Suit Mom called and asked for an interview about my syndication process, my new ebook, 'Syndication Secrets' and success in syndication, I jumped on it. Besides, I think it's about time a magazine comes out that features real moms making a go of the business world without a glitz and fame name associated to pave the way for the person."

That's just what the new magazine is all about. Featuring the everyday mom who has taken unprecedented leaps and bounds to successfully get the job done and come out with important lessons to share with other moms.

"There are moms everywhere who are doing a lot of good for society. I felt great about giving the interview and about having been selected as someone who is trying to make a difference in today's society," says the hardworking columnist and author of 'Mommy-CEO,' revised edition.

Achieving, aspiring, and inspiring others, Lynn seems to handle each new endeavor with a renewed spirit and love of her favorite saying: "Never give up on your ability to obtain your dreams, especially if you repeatedly get slapped down."

She has proven this time and time again in rebounding after coming to terms with 9-11-01 when the marketing for her paperback book, "Mommy-CEO," revised edition was canceled and her husband lost his job, not once, but twice, forcing them to sell their beautiful home and start over. As she continues to perform workshops and be interviewed and highlighted in various media outlets: print, TV, Internet and radio, she is an inspiration to us all.

Read a copy of the article in the summer issue of Today's Blue Suit Mom on website or sign up for your own copy at  .

Lynn lives in St. Louis, MO with her family and has been successfully self-syndicated for over one year. For a personal interview, email Jodie Lynn direct at or contact Anne Leedom at (916) 939 8246 or If you would like to pick up the Parent to Parent column, send an email to