OUTLET COVERS - Safe Plate Electrical Outlet Covers
Child Proof your home!

Item #04-307 Kidco Outlet Covers
Outlet Cover • Works on both Standard and Decora style outlets
• Automatically covers outlet when plug is removed
• Prevents injury from inserting objects into outlet
• Product Dimension: 4.5" x 2.5"
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Outlet Cover 3 pack  $9.99 / Singles $ $4.99

OUTLET COVERS -  Electrical Outlet Covers are an attractive and convenient way to help protect children from potentially dangerous electrical outlets. There is no safer outlet protector.  Childproof your home today with this great product. Outlet covers protects instantly and automatically, sliding into position the moment you remove a plug from the outlet. Thermal seal insulation helps make your home more energy-efficient.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: I think I have tried almost every outlet safety product on the market and I love this one! No broken fingernails or misplaced plug-in protectors (which hurt pretty badly if you step on one in the middle of the night!)These outlet protectors are super easy to install, don't look hideous, are easy to use, AND they increase the energy efficiency of your home. There is a similar type of product that you rotate the plug like a key, rather than sliding it to the side, but they are much higher profile (stick out from the wall more). I have had these covers in my home for more than a year and have yet to have one break. I definitely recommend these to anyone with a child or one on the way!

ELECTRICAL OUTLET COVERS - The instant you remove an outlet plug,  slides automatically across the open outlet, leaving no room for adventurous fingers to explore. Child proof all the outlets in your home today! The outlet is accessed by sliding the spring-loaded cover. Installs in seconds with a screwdriver.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: These are great - I only wish I had purchased more. Of course, they protect baby by covering the electrical outlet; however, the great thing about these is that when dad needs to use the outlet, he just slides the cover to the side - no plastic plug to wrestle out and then leave on the floor, where it does no good. When dad removes his electrical cord, the spring-loaded cover slides right back into place, automatically - fantastic! Now mom doesn't have to follow dad around the house to make sure he replaces the plastic covers he takes out of the outlets.

CHILDPROOF ELECTRICAL OUTLETS - Child Safety Outlet Cover is the ultimate in safety for outlets. This outlet cover is a practical way to help protect your children from dangerous electrical shock. Convenient to use, nothing to unplug or plug back in, this plate fits over the outlet like a standard outlet plate. Whenever you unplug an appliance, a shield automatically slides into position to block open sockets so little fingers can't get to them. Child proof your home today! Fits standard outlets.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: This is by far the best outlet cover I've found. It requires significant force and two hands to reveal an outlet and plug something in, which is exactly as intended. Just slide the covers over a third of an inch and plug it in. Unplug and the cover snaps into place immediately. Far superior to the rotating ones, or those terrible outlet plugs.

Seals off electrical outlets from curious children
Nothing to plug in or to lose, screws on like a regular outlet cover
Shields automatically slide into position when appliance is unplugged
Thermal seal insulation helps make your home more energy-efficient
Easy installation

CHILD PROOFING - Keep children safe from electrical outlets with Automatic Outlet Covers by Kidco! Our outlet cover  is an attractive and convenient way to help protect children from potentially dangerous electrical outlets. Our electrical outlet covers protect instantly and automatically, sliding into position the moment you remove a plug from the outlet.


Item #04-620 Kidco Outlet Plug Covers
Outlet Plug Covers 
  • Prevent Unplugged Cords
  • Block Access to Sockets
  • Fits standard and decora style outlets
  • Large cover hides and shortens cords
  • Perfect for home office use
  Add to Cart  Outlet Plug Covers  $6.99 SALE $4.00
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Item #04-201 Parent Units TV Strap - Made in the USA!
TV Strap Secure your TV safety to the wall or secure stand.
Use 1 package (2 straps) for items up to 50 lbs.
Use 2 packages (4 straps) for items up to 100 lbs
Bonding Time: Four hours for adhesive to set before adding strap.
Recommended for TV, VCR, Computers and stereo equipment. Anti-Slip Safety Straps keeps these items from falling on your child! Safety Straps secure appliances from moving, slipping or sliding. Must be used on secure stand or wall unit.
Dimension: 2 black buckles (2" x 2") 5" black locking strap (5/8")
  Add to Cart  TV Strap  $22.99

Item #04-302 Parent Units Window Guardian Stopper - Made in the USA!
Window Wedge The purpose is to reduce risk by stopping windows from opening too far when affixed properly to windows.
We recommend two Super Stoppers on each window.  Super Stopper Window Wedge combines 2.75 inch flexible
suction cup with a unique shaped wedge (1.25 inch x 2 inch) to provide added safety against accidents.
No tools, screws or adhesive required! Product Dimension: 2" x 2" x 2"
  Add to Cart  Window Guardian Stopper  $9.99
Item # 04-202 Mommy's Helper  Furniture Brackets
Furniture Brackets * Strap furniture securely to the wall
* Industry award winning product
* Detachable strap for easy moving of furniture for cleaning
* Accommodates up to 4 pieces of furniture. (8 Safety Brackets total)
* Easy-release system for moving and re-attaching furniture
* Excellent in areas where earth tremors occur
  Add to Cart  Furniture Brackets  $5.99

Item #04-405 Dream Baby Home Safety Kit - No tools needed
Home Safety Kit - No tools needed 35 piece Home Safety Kit
1 Appliance latch
1 Angle Lock
1 Secure a lock
1 fish door stopper
4 corner protectors
1 adhesive double lock
24 outlet plug covers
1 mini-multi-purpose latch
No tools or screws needed!
  Add to Cart  Home Safety Kit - No tools needed $19.99
Item # 04-105 Wireless Door/Window Alarms by GE - 2 pack
Door Alarm GE Indoor Magnetic Door/Window Alarm
120 db Alarm Sounds When Magnetic Contact Is Broken
On/Off/Chime Switch On the Side For Easy Control
Low Battery Test Button And Light
Requires 4 Lr44 Batteries (Included)
Alarm stops when door is shut
The distance between the sensor and alarm must be no more than 1/2" apart
1 year warranty / Size: 2.5" x 2" / SET OF TWO
TWO: One alarm for the front door.  One alarm for the back door.
  Add to Cart  Wireless Door/Window Alarm - Set of 2 - $19.99

Item # 04-102 Wireless Key Pad Alarm by GE / Jasco
Key Pad Alarm 
  • Loud 120 dB alarm sounds when magnetic contact is broken
  • 4-digit keypad code activates and deactivates alarm
  • Set your own personal 4-digit code
  • "Away" setting has 45-second exit delay and 30-second entry delay 
  • "Home" setting has no delay in alarm mode
  • When alarm sounds, you must enter code to turn it off
  • Use chime mode to know when door is opened by visitors
  • Low battery indicator light - Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Easy to install - SIZE: 4.5" x 2.5"
  • The alarm and small sensor must be placed within 1/2" of each other
  • Attaches to door with foam tape or screws.
  Add to Cart  GE Key Pad Alarm $21.99


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