My Buddy Tag: Child Safety Locator Device

Item # 02-BT-100 My Buddy Tag: Silicone Child Locator Device
My Buddy Tag: Silicone Child Locator Device
  • Child Locator
  • Silicone Bracelet plus buddy tag
  • Alerts you when your child is out of your proximity
  • Email with last seen location
  • Alerts you when submerged in water to help prevent accidental drowning
  • Panic Button feature allows your child to signal you
  • Free app compatible with iPhone 4s and newer; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note2, Note3 with Android 4.3 or newer


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My Buddy Tag: Silicone Child Locator Device $39.99

BuddyTag + Silicone Wristband - Each Silicone wristband comes with a non-disposable tag, in 5 fun colors and a coin screw latch. This wristband is comfortable and adjustable to fit most child’s wrist size. My Buddy Tag is waterproof, and it can be used for water safety alert to help prevent accidental drowning.

Item # 02-BT-101 My Buddy Tag: Velcro Child Locator Device
My Buddy Tag: Velcro Child Locator Device
  • Child Locator
  • Velcro Bracelet plus Buddy Tag
  • Alerts you when your child is out of your proximity
  • Email with last seen location
  • Alerts you when submerged in water to help prevent accidental drowning
  • Panic Button feature allows your child to signal you
  • Free app compatible with iPhone 4s and newer; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note2, Note3 with Android 4.3 or newer



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My Buddy Tag: Velcro Child Locator Device $39.99

BuddyTag + Velcro Wristband - Each Velcro Wristband comes with a non-disposable tag, ideal for older children and those that understand the importance of the peace of mind BuddyTag™ can bring. The BuddyTag™ can be removed from the wristband to be used by itself, and is interchangeable with other styles of My Buddy Tag™ wristbands. The device is waterproof, and it can be used to provide water safety alert to help prevent accidental drowning.

MyBuddyTag: Child Safety and Locating Device

Water Safety Feature - BuddyTag alerts you when it is submerged in water for more than 5 seconds, and helps prevent accidental drowning!
Proximity Alert System - BuddyTag alarms you when your child is out of your proximity.
Panic Button - Conveniently located on wristband. Alerts at the touch of a button. Perfect for private and public areas or threatening circumstances.
Kid Friendly - This unique product comes in stylish wristbands. Easy to wear even for your infant.
Personal ID - Child ID in BuddyTag wristband helps reunite your child with you if separated.
iPhone and Android Compatible - BuddyTag works with iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note2 & Note3 with Android version 4.3 or newer. The mobile app is FREE and there are no monthly fees.
Email with Last Seen Location - Emails you the time and map locations when your child was last seen by BuddyTag App. Perfect for parents with a nanny taking the kids out for activities!

What is BuddyTag?

So, what is BuddyTag exactly? Simply put, BuddyTag is a child safety device that helps parents in keeping their precious children safe. It has out-of-range alert to help prevent losing your child; water safety alert to help prevent accidental drowning; panic alarm for your child to alert you when in a threatening situation; personal ID to help reunite a lost child with the parents. BuddyTag uses Bluetooth, and it is NOT a GPS tracker.

How does BuddyTag work?

We created this video to show you how it works. Please click here to watch. The video does not show our latest feature, “Water Safety Alert”. Please see the question below for further explanation on water safety alert.

How long will my BuddyTag device last?

The battery inside BuddyTag should last for a year or more, but it de­pends on how you use it.

How does the latest Water Safety Alert feature work?

When BuddyTag is submerged in water about a foot deep or deeper, such as a pool, lake or ocean, the signal from BuddyTag will be attenuated. Our app on the phone will see the signal attenuation, and it will sound the out-of-range alarm. When you are near water, you will want to treat all out-of-range alert as possible water safety alert, and take prompt actions to make sure your children are safe and sound. Since BuddyTag uses Bluetooth signal strength for detection, our app can’t distinguish if it is out of range or if it is in water; therefore, please treat all alarms as possible water safety alert if you are near water.

Why did you choose Bluetooth Technology instead of GPS?

Bluetooth technology is more cost effective, there are no monthly fees and BuddyTag does not need charging.

What phones does BuddyTag App work with?

BuddyTag and its App works with new version of iPhones and some Android phones, i.e. iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, fourth generation iPAD, iPAD mini, 5th generation iPod Touch, and Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 & Note 3 using Android version 4.3 only. (Additional Android App release dates are scheduled for late November.)

What is the range of BuddyTag?

The range varies depending on your environment. In an open field or a big open indoor space such as a shopping mall, BuddyTag should work around 80 to 120 feet depending what phone you are using. But if you are inside a house with many walls, the distance is reduced to about 40 feet.

Is BuddyTag waterproof?

BuddyTag is now waterproof! Better yet, now you can also use BuddyTag to provide you water safety alert. If BudyTag is submerged in water for 5 seconds or more while it is connected to our app on the phone, the app will sound the alarm to alert you. This will be helpful in help preventing accidental drowning.

Can you connect to more than one BuddyTag?

Yes, you can connect to as many Buddy Tags as you want, if you have a Brady Bunch! You can also customize the name of each BuddyTag in our App, so you know which BuddyTag is who.

Can other BuddyTag app users search for my BuddyTag device?

Once a BuddyTag is connected to your phone, other Buddy Tag users cannot see your BuddyTag. If you want to let your spouse track your child with the same BuddyTag, you simply disconnect that BuddyTag from your App, and let your spouse connect to it.

Will the panic button continue to alert me on each time it is activated?

Yes, every time your kid press the Panic Button. Our App will sound the alarm on your phone and vibrate. (If your phone is muted, then it will just vibrate.) At the same time, it will pop up a message on your phone specifying your child needs you.

How do I initially set up my BuddyTag?

It’s very simple! Press the button on Buddy Tag to turn it on. Launch the App on your phone. Your BuddyTag should show up on the App, and you simply touch it to connect it! There are many other features to make it even more useful for your daily life. Click here to learn how

How can I share BuddyTag with others?

You can definitely share BuddyTag with other. First, you need to disconnect that specific BuddyTag from your App. Now your friend or spouse will be able to connect to it with the BuddyTag App on their phones.

Can BuddyTag App be used with tablets?

Yes, BuddyTag will work with the latest generation of iPad and iPad Mini, and also any tablet with An­droid Version 4.3 and has bluetooth capability proximity radius, auto-mute, preset destination for auto-mute, auto-mutes when phone’s mute button is activated. This simple product alerts caregivers when BuddyTag wristband moves beyond alerting proximity.



Item # 02-403 Child Locator Alert Blue
Child Locator Alert Blue The teddy bear child personal safety alarm receiver (water resistant)
Delivers a 88db intermittent chirp/beeping sound that
Functions up to 150 feet away from the keychain transmitter.
Lets you "hear" where your child is.
Requires 4 "CR2032" batteries (all included).
Perfect safety device for children ages 1-7. 
Product Dimension:  2 5/8" x 1 1/2" plus clip 2 1/4". 
causes the transmitter to chirp loudly every time your child wanders beyond 20-30 foot range.
NOTE: Includes bonus mounting wrist strap.
  Add to Cart  Child Locator Blue  $39.99 SALE $30.
Limited to stock on hand. No other discounts apply.

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Item # 02-401 Child Locator Teddy Bear in Brown or Pink
Dapper Snappers Toddler Belt
  • Personal Safety Locator Alarm
  • 86db intermittent chirp/beeping
  • Functions up to 150 feet away
  • Requires 2 "CR2032" batteries (included)
    Requires 1 "mini 12 V"  battery (included)
  • Dimension:  3" x 2.25" plus clip
  • Bear hooks on belt loop or shoe laces
Quantity: Color:
Product Name $29.99
Item # 02-406 Bear Coat for Child Locator 
Child Locator Bear Coats Introducing Mommy I'm Here Bear Coats! These soft silicone based rubberized covers will add style, color and will further protect your adorable Mommy I'm Here child locators from the elements and impacts. Bear coats were designed to easilly and snuggly fit on both the teddy bear and your keychain transmitter. The keychain transmitter cover protects the transmitter from your keys and other objects hitting into it and also deadens the sound of your keys hitting into it while driving your car. Whether you choose the pink locator, the brown locator, or the blue locator, add style, fun and function to your Mommy I'm Here child locator with a clear Bear Coat today!
  Add to Cart   Bear Coat for Child Locator  $9.99


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