Dream Baby Microwave & Oven Lock

MICROWAVE LOCK - The oven is, of course, a dangerous and worrisome part of the kitchen, one which can lead to numerous injuries to your children. Our heat-resistant oven locks help to prevent these from occurring. They are adjustable, easily mounted with adhesive tape, also suitable for use on microwaves and other appliances, and can be used to avoid countless injuries such as burns and items falling onto your child.

Item # 04-628 Dream Baby Microwave & Oven Lock
Dream Baby Microwave Oven Lock
  • Helps prevent children from accessing appliances
  • Heat resistance, can be used for many type of appliances
  • Latch is 5" long, and 1" wide
  • Strong heat resistance adhesive
  Add to Cart Dream Baby Microwave & Oven Lock $4.99

Microwave Oven LockThe kitchen can be the most dangerous room in the house. Protect curious children and toddlers from opening your appliances by installing this Oven Lock by Dream Baby. Perfect for ovens, microwaves and other household appliances, these innovative safety items will lessen the chance of burns and other kitchen tragedies. Installation is quick and easy! These locks adhere to your appliances using the included heat-resistant adhesive tape. Once installed, these locks easily open with a simple snapping action. Easy for adults to operate, challenging for little hands! Children learn by watching and mimicking. Using a variety of different catches and latches throughout the home will help prolong the deterrent effect of child safety products.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: This product could not have come sooner! My 1 yr old just started getting curious about the oven door. I have tried the other magnet lock but it did not fit our stove. I found this one and love it! Recommend to all!

NOTE: These are a deterrent. Remove if your child masters them. Safety devices are not a substitution for parent supervision. See our other child safety products. We help keep your children safe in your home.


Item # 04-308 Parent Units Fridge Guard - Made in the USA
Fridge Guard
  • Easy to Use
  • 1 Hook, 1 Latch
  • Use on Standard Refrigerators
  • Double Doors require additional set.
  • Use on side or top
  • Place high up on refrigerator, out of reach of child
  • Strong durable plastic with high-bond adhesive
  • Not made to be pad locked
Quantity: Color:
Fridge Guard  $10.99
Item # 04-612 Mommy's Helper Appliance Lok Strap
Appliance Lok Strap
  • Locking strap for refrigerator or stove
  • Helps keep appliance doors safe from little hands!
  • Easy to install
  • Set of 2
  • White
  Add to Cart  Appliance Lok Strap $ 5.99
Item #04-622 LockItDown Refrigerator Lock Kit 
LockItDown Refrigerator Lock Kit
  • Very Secure
  • Easy to Install
  • No drilling required
  • 2 Door Achors
  • Stainless Steel Cables
  • 30 MM Brass Padlock
  • 3M VHB Adhesive
  Add to Cart   LockItDown Refrigerator Lock Kit $29.99


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