LED FLASHLIGHT - Hand Crank Flashlight

Item #04-403 LED Flashlight - Cell Phone Charger
LED Flashlight - Cell Phone Charger No longer avaialble

LED FLASHLIGHT - If you are ever caught in an emergency situation or natural disaster, you will want this HAND CRANK FLASHLIGHT to be included in your Emergency Kit. Keep one at home, in the car, at work, and in your camping gear. No Batteries or bulbs to replace ever. Just crank the flashlight for 1 minute and have a bright LED light.

MORE THAN JUST A FLASHLIGHT - It is a Crank LED Flashlight, Radio, Alarm, and Cell Phone Charger. You have seen the SHAKE FLASHLIGHTS - this one has so many more features for the same price. Why settle for less? Get the LED batteryless  Flashlight - Alarm - Radio - Cell phone charger all in one unit.

BATTERYLESS FLASHLIGHT - A no battery flashlight is the perfect solution if you need to replace that old flashlight. Not leaving batteries inside means they'll never leak into the little-used flashlight and destroy it. Not using batteries means never having to find them in the junk drawer to replace them. No battery flashlight means never being stuck in the dark when they expire! No battery flashlights also make the perfect solution for leaving in the cupboard or the glove box.

LED FLASHLIGHT USE - The hand Crank Flashlight allows you to turn on 1 LED or all 3 LED's for extra brightness by adjusting the light position button. To charge the LED Flashlight, simply crank the ergonomic handle for 1 minute for over 30 minutes of bright light.

HAND CRANK FLASHLIGHT & RADIO - This Crank LED flashlight also has a built in radio with volume control to help you get the necessary news and an alarm to help with rescues. Stay in touch with the world even out camping.

FLASHLIGHT CHARGES CELL PHONE - Of course, we have also included cell phone adapters to charge your cell phone when your battery dies. With its ability to create and store energy and 3 Mega Bright LED's providing over 100,000 hours of light, the power will always be on.  Just crank and charge.

LED FLASHLIGHT Size & Care - Rechargeable flashlight - just crank it. Use it everyday! You will never need to buy or replace batteries and bulbs. This means you can ignore LED Flashlight for years and it will still function properly when used. The LED Crank Flashlight has been specifically designed as an everyday item. At last a no battery flashlight that works well with a BRIGHT light.

7” x 2” x 2”Water Resistant
No batteries needed
No bulbs to replace
Charges cell phone
100,000 hours of light
Comfortable Crank

OPERATING LED FLASHLIGHT - the Radio and Alarm - Turn the radio on by increasing the volume switch to a comfortable listening level. You can search for channels by pushing the scan button. A reset button is also included which resets the radio to the beginning of the radio band. To operate the Alarm, simply push the button to turn on and turn off.

CHARGING your Cell Phone - The LED Crank Flashlight is also engineered to charge your cell phone. To charge your phone, turn off all LED lights. Attach the correct cell phone adapter to the power cord and plug it into your phone. Then simply plug the other end of the power cord into the flashlight. Begin charging your phone by cranking the handle at a rate of approximately 2-3 cranks per second, which generates a steady 6.2 volts. Because the product is voltage-regulated, turning the handle faster cannot damage the phone and will not speed the charging process. Three minutes of cranking will provide 2-8 minutes of talk time. However, continuous cranking will provide you with an endless supply of talk time.

CELL PHONE ADAPTORS - Comes with cell phone adapters that are compatible with most Nokia, LG, Motorola, and Samsung phones.


Item #04-405 Dream Baby Home Safety Kit - No tools needed
Home Safety Kit - No tools needed 35 piece Home Safety Kit
1 Appliance latch
1 Angle Lock
1 Secure a lock
1 fish door stopper
4 corner protectors
1 adhesive double lock
24 outlet plug covers
1 mini-multi-purpose latch
No tools or screws needed!
  Add to Cart  Home Safety Kit - No tools needed $19.99

JAKE LUDINGTONS REVIEW - http://www.jakeludington.com  It's odd how something as mundane as a flashlight can seem exciting when it's coupled with an even more mundane source of energy. When it came time to purchase a new flashlight, instead of a rechargeable battery draining, incandescent beam I opted for something that combines ages old technology with the latest craze in lighting. The flashlight recharges itself via a hand crank, churning out 1 hour of lighting power for every minute of cranking. I haven't tested to see how many hours of juice the battery will store, but thirty seconds of turning the crank produced a light source with plenty of power. The 3 LEDs inside provide a ton of light, making it easy to see where you're going and creating an interesting tool for adding a fill in low-lit photographic opportunities. As long as you can turn the handle, this light will keep shining for hours and hours, even in those remote locations where a batteries and power outlets are a mysterious invention undiscovered. Instead of worrying whether that flashlight you stashed in the bureau drawer in case of power failure still has juice; a hand crank flashlight makes sure you'll have the light you need when you need it.


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