KIDCO Peapod Travel Bed

KidCo's PeaPod™ travel bed that does it all for the on-the-go parent! The inflatable air mattress helps protect baby from cold, damp floors while providing a comforting place to sleep. The mattress slides into a mattress pocket so their is no gaps for your baby to get into. Great for outdoors because of its UV protection and wind screens. Zippered panels allow parents quick and easy access to baby from virtually any angle. The slick, easy to fold design makes it ideal for storage and use anytime. The is the safe breathable travel bed you are looking for.

Item # 07-106 KIDCO Peapod Baby Travel Bed
KIDCO Peapod Travel Bed No Longer available
Item # 07-107 KIDCO Peapod PLUS Child Travel Bed
KIDCO Peapod PLUS Travel Bed No longer available

KIDCO Peapod Travel BedTRAVEL BED - Whether for an infant Travel Bed is perfect for around the house or for travel. It is its very own portable bedroom with many features to enhance its use. With 50% UV protection the PeaPod becomes the ideal solution for outdoor naps. The inflatable air mattress helps from the cold, hard surfaces both inside and out. The sleeping bag unzips complete to form a one piece sleeping bag. It also features 4 adjustable wind screens to go along with its UV protection. A large front zipper panel allows quick and easy access in or out of the PeaPod Travel Bed from KidCo. The slick, easy design makes it ideal for storage and use at the drop of a hat. This travel folds up quickly and easily. And it is small enough to carry in your suitcase.

Open Dimensions:
47"L x 30"W x 19"H
121.92cm x 76.2cm x 45.72cm

Storage Bag Dimensions:
14"L x 5"W x 14"H
35.56cm x 12.7cm x 35.56cm

CUSTOMER COMMENT: We bought two Kidco Peapod Travel Beds. We LOVE them. We were so tired of carting around two packnplays for our 12-month old twins. I put these in the twins' cribs for one week prior to using them for travel in order to acclimate them to sleeping in a different environment. They slept great in them. They quickly adjusted to using them. I found these very easy to fold ( I had to look at the directions the first few times). Great product!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: I bought the Kidco Peapod Travel Beds because we travel a lot and many hotels don't have cribs. Also, I'm a bit phobic about germs especially when it comes to my kids. Pack and Plays are so heavy. This bed is very portable and easy to use, it just pops open. My 2 yr. old loves it. I don't always use the air mattress if its on a carpet but I do on hard surfaces. I also use it for my baby, he naps in it when we are outdoors. It keeps the bugs out and has loops to stake it in the ground. We go to resorts with the kids in the winter and the beds are all so high and the floors are tile. I don't want my little ones to fall out of bed so I put them in one of these on the floor. They are safe, comfortable and it keeps the bugs away from them. This is great for travel but also great just to take to Grandma's house or an outdoor picnic.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: We bought the Kidco Peapod Travel Beds because we are going to be travelling cross country and figured we wanted something smaller, more compact, and easier to set up than a play pen. The pea pods are awesome! Our 2 year old knows how to scale the play pen, but he can't escape from the peapod! Our 9 month old loves sleeping and playing inside. They come with the air mattress and a sleeping bag. We just use the sleeping bag for more padding, because the kids have their own "blankys". It comes with a air pump, but it's easier just to blow up by mouth we found. The pea pod is simple to take down too. Just read the directions, and it's down in 10 seconds. This is way more convienient than a playpen, and takes up much less space. We highly recommend this product!

CUSTOMER COMMENT: We are preparing for a trip to disney land in 3 weeks with my 17 month old son so we decided to try out the Kidco Peapod Travel Beds to help with hotel sleeping issues. Anyway, we received the peapod on Saturday morning and let him play in it. We decided to only do naps in the peapod and night time in his bed. So, we put him in it for nap that day and he slept an hour and half in it then woke up and wanted out then slept in his bed for another hour and a half (his typical nap is 3 hours). The next day for nap he slept in it for an hour and a half and woke up in it but went back to sleep for another hour or so. Then tonight I was putting him to bed we read our books got down from the rocking chair and I said "its time to go night night" and he crawled into to the peapod rather than his bed (they are both in his room right now). This is coming from a mother of an EXTREMELY picky child when it comes to sleeping - NEVER sleeps in a carseat, NEVER slept in a crib, NEVER falls asleep out and about. Plus the product is great quality, nice looking, etc. I cant wait for our trip and all my sleep anxiety is gone! Woo hoo!



Item #07-209 Aden & Anais Bamboo Muslin Swaddle - SINGLES
Dapper Snappers Toddler Belt
  • Bamboo muslin swaddles made from rayon fiber
  • Breathable: helps reduce the risk of overheating
  • Generous size: 47" x 47" makes swaddling easy
  • Luxuriously Soft: gets softer with every wash
  • Versatile: works as a stroller or nursing cover, changing pad cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and more
Quantity: Color:
Aden & Anais Bamboo Muslin Swaddle $18.99 each
Item # 04-503 Dream Baby Hallway BABY GATE
Safety Baby Gate
  • 29.4" tall or 39.4" tall
  • Fits openings 38-42.5" without extensions
  • Fits up to 53" with 2 optional 3.5 " extensions
  • Fits up to 63.5" if you purchase you option 10.5" extensions
  • Black Available by Request
  • Includes optional screw-in installation pieces
  • Option Y Banister Spindle Adapter available
Quantity: Color:
Safety Hallway BABY GATE $ 69.99
Extensions Available $14.99-$25.99


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