KIDCO - Gateway Walk Thru Pressure Baby Gate - G1000

KIDCO BABY GATE - The premiere Kidco Gateway® is a TOP RATED pressure mounted gate that installs quickly without tools or hardware, leaving no holes to damage walls or woodwork. The U-shaped frame remains firmly installed while the center walk-through door opens in either direction. The basic Center Gateway® fits openings 29" to 37" wide. Constructed of tubular steel and 29˝" tall, it's great for kids and pets, too.

KIDCO SAFE - KidCo surpasses all U.S. federal safety standards as well as any applicable voluntary safety standards set forth by the rigid American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) as administered by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer's Association (JPMA).

WALK THRU PRESSURE GATE - The Gateway from KidCo is a baby gate which is one of the top rated gates around. It is pressure mounted so it will not damage any walls around the home. It is a top of the line safety gate in terms of construction and design because it is made of tubular steel. It also stands a robust 29.5 inches tall, making it a child gate perfect for children as well as pets. The Kidco Gateway is for doorway use and is not recommended for the top of stairs. The child gate has many features which help set apart as a top rated gate. The U-shaped frame of the KidCo gate remains firmly installed while the center gate opens in either direction. This is a big feature for parents who are carrying a child while trying to open the gate. The baby gate can be used with two extensions, to form a gate width of 72 inches.  Installation is easy as it only requires placing the mounting pads to the wall and using the pressure mounting system to place the child safety gate on the wall. KidCo is one of the top rated manufacturer's of gates. This KidCo gate is certainly one of the best.

Item #04-520 KidCo Gateway with Walk Through Pressure Gate 
Kidco Center Gateway No longer available

Perfect for heavily traveled doorways and room openings. One-of-a-kind handle design integrates Pressure-Plus Technology which forces additional outward pressure on the door opening to maximize gate stability after each use. Easy, one hand operation. No damage to walls or doorways. Installs quickly; No tools needed. Heavy duty steel construction. Basic gate width: 29"-37" (includes two extensions) Height: 29.5" Color: White Optional Extensions: G4100 and G4110 for openings up to 6'

Pressure mount gates are the most widely used gates as they do not involve drilling. These types of gates are great for use in doorways, hallways, or as room dividers. KidCo’s pressure mount gates come in a wide variety of styles and offer unique features not found on other gates. Please remember, however, that KidCo DOES NOT recommend the use of pressure mount gates for use at the top of stairs.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: I purchased two and love them. The gate was easy to open and close. Installation was easy, but took some time to get the tension in place correctly. I felt it was very sturdy. My little one was constantly hanging and pulling on them. Another thing I found great was, you can install it on walls that are uneven since the top and bottom screws adjust individually. I also loved the fact that they did not need to be permanently installed which leaves holes in the walls. We were just renting at the time, and I didn't want the hassle of taking them off and repairing the holes when we moved. I would certainly recommend this gate, just take the time to install it correctly and you will not have any trouble. However, like the safety experts say, a permanently installed gate is better for the top of the stairs.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: My son is now 18 months old and we have gone through 4 different gates. This gate is my most recent purchase and i am very happy with it. The steel construction keeps my little wild child from breaking the gate. I like that you have to lift up after releasing the handle because this keeps my son from being able to figure out how to get out(so far anyway).Even though it is a pressure mount i found that it is very stable and secure.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: This was the first gate we bought when our niece was coming over to our house to play and we wanted to keep her off the steps. Little did I know that I made the perfect choice. At the time all I knew was that I wanted a pressure mounted gate. I went to the local store and after messing around with all of the gates there, I decided that although this was more expensive than the others, it was the only one I felt comfortable about buying because it didn't feel or look chintzy. Since then we've bought other gates by the same manufacturer, however, this remains our favorite because of the opening device. I certainly recommend it to others who want to be sure of their child's safety at all costs.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: I didn't realize this was the #1 Rated Baby Gate. I recently moved into a new home and purchased all new gates. I was looking for the KidCo G15 Center Gateway because it was rated #1 but couldn't find it anywhere. I contacted the company and did a lot of online research and found out that the G1000 is the replacement for the G15 (same gate with a new package and model number). I purchased it and couldn't be happier. It is very easy to install and use. I bought another brand and prefer this one because it works a lot better and feels better built. Great Value!


Item # 04-501 Dream Baby Doorway BABY GATE
Safety Baby Gate
  • Doorway BABY GATE: White
  • 29.4" tall or 39.4" tall
  • Fits openings 28-32" without extensions
  • Fits up to 39" with two optional 3.5" extensions
  • Fits up to 53" if you purchase you option 10.5" extensions
  • Black available by request
  • Includes optional screw-in installation pieces
  • Option Y Banister Spindle Adapter available
Quantity: Color:
Safety Doorway BABY GATE $ 49.99
Extensions Available $14.99-25.99
Item # 04-518 Kidco Y Spindle - Safety Gate Accessory
Kidco Y Spindle - Safety Gate Accessory

On all Gateway® Models, the Y Spindle can be used on either side of the gate.
Simply swap out the included padded spindles for a Y spindle on as many corners as is needed.

  Add to Cart  Kidco Y Spindle - Safety Gate Accessory  $5.99
Item # 04-503 Dream Baby Hallway BABY GATE
Safety Baby Gate
  • 29.4" tall or 39.4" tall
  • Fits openings 38-42.5" without extensions
  • Fits up to 53" with 2 optional 3.5 " extensions
  • Fits up to 63.5" if you purchase you option 10.5" extensions
  • Black Available by Request
  • Includes optional screw-in installation pieces
  • Option Y Banister Spindle Adapter available
Quantity: Color:
Safety Hallway BABY GATE $ 69.99
Extensions Available $14.99-$25.99


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