KIDCO Anti-tip TV Strap for Flat Screens

Item # 04-645 KidCo - Anti-tip TV Strap for Flat Screens - 2pk Black
Anti-tip TV Strap for Flat Screens
  • Prevents a flat screen TV from tipping over
  • Nylon straps help to secure TV to wall or furniture
  • Screw mount
  • Pack of 2
  • Color: Black


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ANTI TIP SAFETY STRAP - The KidCo Anti-Tip TV Safety Strap prevents a flat screen TV form tipping over on your child. Sturdy adjustable nylon strap attaches to the back of your TV and anchors securely to your wall or furniture. Comes in a 2 pack. Black color.

CHILD SAFETY - Having 4 grandchildren through my home often I wanted to make sure they were safe here. So every TV in my home has anti-tip straps added. It is a quick and inexpensive fix for my peace of mind.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: My son loves to point at and tap on my flat screen, as well as push the buttons on the side of the TV. Having the straps brings loads of comfort, although I haven't tested them to see what their breaking point would be and I probably won't. My TV is a couple of years old but there was a supplied set of screws which matched my TV perfectly; the product comes with 4 different screw sizes. I quickly and easily anchored the straps to the wall with a stud finder and power drill. One small concern is in regards to the the non-TV side anchors. The loops which the strap attaches to are open on one side, with a ridged part so the strap just doesn't slip off. More of a looping arm then a completely connected piece. With the way I have my straps set up, the right side is pulled towards the opening with the ridge helping to keep the strap in place. The left side strap pulls away from the opening so it is not a concern. I'm not concerned that he will pull my TV down.


Item #04-624 Kidco Anti-tip Furniture Straps
Anti-tip Furniture Strap
  • Screw one end of the strap to the furniture
  • Screw the other to a stud in the wall
  • Place about 6" below the furniture's top edge
  • Use at least two screws to secure each bracket; screws are provided
  • Use at least two straps for each piece of furniture.
  • For heavier pieces, install additional straps
  • Each strap measures 20"L x 2"W x ½"H
  • Package contains 2 straps
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Item #04-201 Parent Units TV Strap - Made in the USA!
TV Strap Secure your TV safety to the wall or secure stand.
Use 1 package (2 straps) for items up to 50 lbs.
Use 2 packages (4 straps) for items up to 100 lbs
Bonding Time: Four hours for adhesive to set before adding strap.
Recommended for TV, VCR, Computers and stereo equipment. Anti-Slip Safety Straps keeps these items from falling on your child! Safety Straps secure appliances from moving, slipping or sliding. Must be used on secure stand or wall unit.
Dimension: 2 black buckles (2" x 2") 5" black locking strap (5/8")
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Item # 04-202 Mommy's Helper  Furniture Brackets
Furniture Brackets * Strap furniture securely to the wall
* Industry award winning product
* Detachable strap for easy moving of furniture for cleaning
* Accommodates up to 4 pieces of furniture. (8 Safety Brackets total)
* Easy-release system for moving and re-attaching furniture
* Excellent in areas where earth tremors occur
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