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KIDS PLACEMAT SET - DISPOSABLE placemat and disposable bib - TABLE TOPPER set for your little one. Disposable, easy, affordable. At last a easy way to keep your child safe and clean while dining in public. Have you ever wanted to feed your little one at the restaurant but were afraid to put his food on the table top?

MEALS ON THE GO - Meals with your little one just got easier. An ingenious new “all-in-one” disposable feeding kit with table topper kid placemat solves this problem for on-the-go meals. Table Toppers To-Go™ is the latest diaper bag essential. This product will save moms time and make their job easier!

DIAPER BAG TOOLS -  Is your diaper bag fully stocked with all the essentials needed for a meal out with junior? Do you fumble through countless boxes and packages to find what you need? Let us help you have everything in one little Table Topper To Go package. Placemat - Bib - sippy cup - baby spoon. Everything your little one needs for a clean meal on the go. Each pack contains 4 sets. Only $6 for 4 sets.

GERMS - It doesn't make sense! We as parents sterilize our baby's bottles for the first six months of their life, and then we take them to restaurants only to eat finger foods right off of a dirty table. Why, because most high chairs have no trays, and babies love to throw their plates onto the floor. Now there is a solution. Table Toppers Set to Go!

BABY FEEDING SYSTEM - Sesame Street Table Toppers To-Go™ cleverly combines all the essentials for feeding baby away from home into one convenient, easy to carry kit. Each kit includes a Table Topper® disposable stick-in-place placemat, a Tummy Topper® disposable bib, and a disposable fork and spoon… all enclosed neatly within a disposable sippy cup. Set of 4 kits per box.

SIPPY CUP - The cute red cup, with its lid on top, is wrapped in a protective plastic film which keeps all the contents inside clean and ready for use. Just toss a cup into your diaper bag and go! When its mealtime, everything you need is neatly contained and ready for use. Never forget a bib again.

TABLE TOPPER KID PLACEMAT - The Table Topper® placemat protects children from germs on restaurant table tops. Babies toss normal placemats and plates to the floor and end up eating “finger foods” directly off of germy tabletops. Table Topper® sticks-in-place with adhesive strips, providing a secure and sanitary eating surface. Sesame Street characters on the placemat teach lessons about feelings or healthy habits. At Last... A Sanitary Eating Surface for Children When Eating Out!!! The new disposable adhesive "eat-on" mats that are giving parents "peace of mind" when eating out with their young children.

DISPOSABLE BIB - The Tummy Topper® disposable bib also features an adorable Sesame Street design. Its dimensions are larger than most other disposable bibs, and it secures over one shoulder rather than the back of a child’s neck. It’s highly absorbent material and attached crumb catcher protect baby from messes at mealtime. Your child can still be clean AFTER the meal.

DISPOSABLE SPOON & FORK - The adorable disposable utensils are baby friendly. The red fork features Elmo’s 3-dimensional face on the handle and the yellow spoon features Big Bird. Your child’s favorite characters will help encourage them to eat.

ONE LITTLE PACKAGE - All these parts come wrapped and sealed in the sippy cup. Toss it in your diaper bag or purse and have everything in one place. Throw it away when you are done. Or wash the cup and spoon to use again. 4 Sets per box

CUSTOMER COMMENT: I have no idea how our parents had us with out these! They are the best invention! My son likes to play with plates, so I can feed him anything he wants on the table directly with out worrying about what else he may be eating. I have a toddler and a 9 mo old. NEITHER of them have been able to remove these things. And believe me, they've tried. 'They're inexpensive, easy to use, and clean.

You can have peace of mind knowing about this product:
- There is NO lead, or any other heavy metal, in our printing inks
- The plastics used are 100% FDA approved polyethylene. We do not use PVC in the products.
- Table Topper® placemats are printed on the bottom of the mat, on the side which touches the table, so your child’s food never touches the printing!


Item #08-114 Baby Cubes - 2 size choices
Baby Cubes
  • 2 OZ: One Set of 8 individual 2 oz Cubes plus tray
  • Tray in interchangeable for both size cubes
  • Each cube has snap on lid. Keep baby food fresh
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Non toxic
  • Stackable. Airtight
  • Perfect for breast milk storage
  • BABY FOOD CUBES are: PVC Free, BPA Free, Phthalate Free!
Quantity: Color:
Baby Cubes $9.99 SALE $8.00
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