How to Start a Successful Home Business

I often get asked how I started my successful home business and how others can create a successful home business too, so I thought I would write down the steps to starting a home business. One thing to realize is that it takes time and daily work to build a successful business. It wasn't until 7 years into My Precious Kid that I was able to open a retail store in town and have 7 employees.  That being said, my first step is always prayer for God's direction. THEN.......

1. Decide what your niche will be. I find having a narrow niche for your home business is key. You cannot be all things to all people. My home business niche started out as child safety products.  Over the years I have expanded to several additional niches such as cloth diapers, potty training, and baby gift items.

2. Start by choosing about 12-24 products that fit within your niche market. Purchase them at wholesale cost and sell at retail prices. Order samples of each product so you can try them out and get to know them before selling so that you will have the ability to answer questions about the products you sell. Here are some other ideas to help you get started:

3. Choose a name for your business that matches your niche. It's best if you are able to choose a name that will tell people what you do or sell just by looking at your business name.  (11 years ago when I started My Precious Kid, I didn't know that I should have put the words "child safety" in my business name). Register your business name with your state on your state's website (Example:  Get state and federal trademarks of your business name.

4. Get a Tax Resale Number from your state so that you can collect sales tax.

5. Get a city/county/state business license. Make sure to follow your area's law concerning home businesses.  This is important and not to be overlooked.

6. Order your domain name at a site like  Make sure the domain name matches your business name. Get the email account for your domain as well. It is wise to use this domain email for all business communication as it puts your URL in front of everyone.

7. Find a host for your site. I use Hands-On Web Hosting. HostGator also has a great price and a search engine optimization (SEO) site builder template for beginners.

8. Choose a shopping cart for your site. I use Ultracart. has a free one for beginners.

9. Choose a merchant account provider so you can take credit cards. Sign up for Paypal in your business name too.

10. Get my friend Cricket's SEO ebook before you begin your site.

11. Begin building your site or hire someone else to handle this for you. Make one page on your site for each product you sell.  Link from the front page to each product page. Write your own website content so that it is unique. The following are ideas of common pages your site should have: Products, About Us, FAQ, Contact Us, News/Events, etc.

12. Open a checking account, savings account, debit card and credit card all in your business name. Make sure ALL income goes through your business checking account. Make sure all business expenses go on your business cards cards.  Be sure to keep your personal money separate from your business money.

13. Order business cards for yourself and your company. Vistaprint has great, nearly-free options.

14. Work to get 5 new incoming links to your site each day. Accomplish this by trading links with other businesses, writing articles, donating products for prizes online, sending products to bloggers for review, etc.

15. Read business building articles written by successful business owners.

16. Social media is the place to be these days.  Get accounts in your business name at all the following sites: Facebook, Twitter (find me at LinkedIn, DIGG, Pinterest, and any others you can think of.  Get email accounts in your business name at sites like Gmail and Yahoo, so that others cannot take them.

17. Share the news about your site and products!  Help others to see how your products will help solve their issues. Educate people on your niche subject and become an expert in your field.

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