DOOR ALARMS - Keypad Door Alarm

Item # 04-102 Wireless Key Pad Alarm by GE / Jasco
Key Pad Alarm 
  • Loud 120 dB alarm sounds when magnetic contact is broken
  • 4-digit keypad code activates and deactivates alarm
  • Set your own personal 4-digit code
  • "Away" setting has 45-second exit delay and 30-second entry delay 
  • "Home" setting has no delay in alarm mode
  • When alarm sounds, you must enter code to turn it off
  • Use chime mode to know when door is opened by visitors
  • Low battery indicator light - Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Easy to install - SIZE: 4.5" x 2.5"
  • The alarm and small sensor must be placed within 1/2" of each other
  • Attaches to door with foam tape or screws.
  Add to Cart  GE Key Pad Alarm $21.99

DOOR ALARM - This system provides detection of unwanted intruders in your home by detecting an entry. These keypad door alarm units can be mounted on most doorsKeypad-Door-alarm or windows. Arming and disarming of the unit is done by entering a security code on the keypad.

LOUD SOUND NOTE - The alarm sounds at a loud piercing 120 db, comparable to a rock concert in volume. If I am standing next to it I want to cover my ears. The piecing 120dB sound also has the potential to deter an attacker just because of the painful sound alone. WARNING: Your ability to hear this in other parts of your home will vary on distance and number of doors/walls in between you and the alarm.

EASY TO INSTALL - Mount the door alarm unit to a door using hardware provided and key hole opening on back. Remove double sided tape from the back of the magnet unit. Mount it to the right or left side of door. Make sure arrows are lined up. 

GE SmartHome™ Door Alarm with Keypad Control
As seen on NBC's Weekend Today. Enjoy the convenience of a keypad-controlled door alarm without the hassle and high price of expensive security systems. The GE Door Alarm with Keypad Control uses magnetic sensors that sound an alarm when the door is opened and contact is broken. The easy-to-install alarm features a convenient keypad that lets you choose your own personal 4 digit code.

Use the added chime mode to sound a tone when someone opens the door, or the delay features that ensure you can safely leave and enter the home without tripping the loud 120dB alarm. The delay feature on the alarm can not be deactivated. There is always a delay before the alarm sounds giving you time to punch in your code. Great for doors, sheds, sliding doors and garages
• A perfect alarm for around swimming pool using the provided hardware and double-sided adhesive tape
• 3 settings—instant, delay, or chime
• Special feature allows you to activate the 120dB alarm with the panic button

Warranty - GE offers a 1 year warranty on these door alarms. 

DOOR ALARM - Are you looking for a simpler wireless door alarm without a keypad. Look below for our line of door alarms. We have a simple $10 door/window wireless alarm as well. This one sounds when the door is open and stops when the door is closed. It does not have the delay. It instantly rings when the door is open. It is our best selling door alarm. It comes in a single pack and a 2 pack!

DOOR STOP ALARM - We also have a door stop alarm below that is perfect for apartments, dorm rooms and hotel rooms. It is pressed under the door. It is easy to remove and move where needed. It lets you sleep peacefully without worrying about who might enter your room.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions about the best alarm for you give us a call at 503-693-2832 9-4 Monday-Friday or email us your questions.


Item # 04-633 Patio Door Guardian Lock
Pation Door Guardian Lock
  • Deters prying and lifting of your Patio Slider
  • Childproofs your Patio sliding door
  • Installs easily in minutes with keeper plate
  • 3" ventilation opening without minimizing security
  • Child Proof Lock
  Add to Cart  Patio Sliding Door Guardian Lock $24.99

Item #04-635 Door Guardian - Child Proof Lock 
Door Guardian - Child Proof Lock
  • Available in brass finish
  • Easy to install
  • Child proof - requires double motion pull then swivel action
  • Prevent unwanted exits from the home
  • Easy to install
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Resists forced entry
  • 12x stronger than a deadbolt
  • Available white or brass or black
Quantity: Color:
Door Guardian - Child Proof Lock $29.99
Item # 04-105 Wireless Door/Window Alarms by GE - 2 pack
Door Alarm GE Indoor Magnetic Door/Window Alarm
120 db Alarm Sounds When Magnetic Contact Is Broken
On/Off/Chime Switch On the Side For Easy Control
Low Battery Test Button And Light
Requires 4 Lr44 Batteries (Included)
Alarm stops when door is shut
The distance between the sensor and alarm must be no more than 1/2" apart
1 year warranty / Size: 2.5" x 2" / SET OF TWO
TWO: One alarm for the front door.  One alarm for the back door.
  Add to Cart  Wireless Door/Window Alarm - Set of 2 - $19.99

Item # 04-605 Kidco Door Knob Cover - Set of 2
Door Knob Cover
  • Easy snap-together installation
  • Unique side pinch-grip design
  • Deter children from leaving rooms
  • Latch the door to deter entry
  • Set of 2
Quantity: Color:
Door Knob Cover $5.99


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