KIDS DOG TAGS - Personalized Dog Tags

Item # 02-302 Personalized Dog Tags - 2" x 1.25" - Made in the USA!
Safe "lead-free" dog tags with black silencer
Dog Tag ImagesPersonalized Dog Tags

Choose Tag Color:

Choose Graphic:

Name:   Limit 9 Bold Letters
Line 2: Limit 15 letters/spaces
Line 3: Limit 15 letters/spaces
Line 4: Limit 15 letters/spaces
Line 5: Limit 15 letters/spaces
Line 6: Limit 15 letters/spaces
Line 7: Limit 15 letters/spaces
Line 8: Limit 15 letters/spaces
Quantity: $10 each tag

Shipping: USA $6 flat rate  / International $20 flat rate per order
Flat rates mean one shipping fee whether you order 1 tag or multiple tagsAllow 2-3 weeks for delivery of this personalized item. This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Order these separate from all other products please. Personalized product can NOT be ordered by phone. These now have a new safer clip. This new clip is much harder for children to remove, yet easy for parents.
NOTE: The order for these can not be cancelled or changed once placed. Please look over your order carefully before completing the order.

KIDS DOG TAGS - PERSONALIZED  DOG TAGS Only $10 each - This personalized dog tag is a unique safety tool that is designed to help lost children be reunited with parents in a very timely manner. The front of these laser etched personalized dog tags have a cute logo that kids will love to wear and on the back we engrave the child’s name & their parent’s cell/ home phone numbers. These personalized kids dog tags are perfect for that summer vacation to the amusement park or just going to the local mall for a few minutes. Choose Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, or Black.

SHIPPING - Dog tags have a $6 flat rate shipping. So whether you are ordering 1 tag or 12 tags the shipping is just $6New Clip for the whole order shipped to one address. The dog tags do need to be ordered separately from other items on our site. So order all your dog tags together for one $6 shipping fee. Complete and pay for the order. Then return to order your other non-personalized child safety products.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: The dog tags for my children arrived just as described! They are perfect for clipping on their belt loops and I know that they will always have ID on them. Thank you for your great company and products!

NOTE: These now have a new safer clip. This new clip is much harder for children to remove, yet easy for parents. The new clip is similar to the clip on the right.

Personalized Kids Dog TagsSAFE DOG TAGS - Our personalized dog tags are LEAD FREE. They also come with a safe clip on hook rather than a dangerous chain. Children should not wear dog tags on a chain around their neck. it poses a strangulation danger.

SAFE CHILD ID TAGS - Our personalized dog tag for kids comes with a hook to attach the tags to your child's coat zipper, belt loop, shoe laces, and your child's back pack. Traditional dog tags come with a chain that can pose a strangulation hazard to children. Please do not put a chain around your child's neck. Choose our personalized KIDS DOG TAGS with a hook instead of a dangerous chain. We help keep your children safer. I found three KIDS personalized DOG TAGS are the perfect number for my daughter.

PERSONALIZED DOG TAGS - These cute kids dog tags come personalized with three family contact phone numbers.Personalized Kids Dog Tags I put Dad's Cell, Mom's Cell and Home phone number of the dog tag for my daughter. She loved the cute GIRL colors and etched design. A friend's son loved the BOY set we made for him.

 DOG TAG ID - we also have a personalized dog tag set for your older child. Older children, young teens, Alzheimer patients and non-verbal persons can benefit from these personalized ID tags that tell emergency personnel who to contact in an emergency. They may be a better solution than an ID bracelet for your child.

FUNDRAISER IDEA - KIDS DOG TAGS - Contact us for information on collecting orders on these great personalized DOG TAGS to earn money for your school or organization. No cost up front. No deliveries to handle. We ship them directly to your customers.

SCHOOL FIELDTRIP SET - Order a set of 30 numbered ID tags for your school field trips. Each teacher could check out a set when they leave for a field trip. Each child would wear a tag for the trip. The school would have the master list of each student and number. Select your schools color. Logo or school name on the front is also available.

KIDS DOG TAG Sample SCHOOL wording:
Student #1

ALLERGY or MEDICAL ALERT - Do you have a child or family member with a food allergy, Diabetes, Down syndrome, Autism, heart condition or other medical issue. Use these custom dog tags to draw attention to you family members ALLERGY or MEDICAL condition. I suggest the RED dog tag and the MEDICAL symbol graphic for these important tag.

DOG TAG Sample MEDICAL wording:
Autistic Child
Milk & Eggs
Call Mom

CRUISE SHIP SAFETY - KIDS DOG TAGS are the perfect solution for child safety on a cruise ship. Your child should wear some sort of physical ID at all times on a cruise ship. We recently had parents order these just for that purpose. The kids dog tag attaches to the child's belt loop, shoe or zipper.

KIDS DOG TAG Sample cruise wording:
Cruise Name
Cruise Phone
Parents Name
Cruise Date

- We can also create a custom ID dog tag for you.
FIRST, pick one of our color options: blue dog tag, red dog tag, green dog tag, purple dog tag, pink dog tag, and black dog tag.
SECOND, select the graphic you want on the one side: Girl, Boy, Dog, Cat, Truck, Flower, or Medical Symbol.
THIRD, select the wording you would like added.

These could be used to alert others to your family members special needs such as:

ALLERGY - no milk products
ALZHEIMER PATIENT - non-verbal adult
AUTISTIC PATIENT - non-verbal child
Down syndrome CHILD - please call 555-555-5555
SEIZURES - please call 555-555-5555
HEART CONDITION - blood type

Dog Tag ImagesFAMILY DOG TAGS - Order a set of three dog tags. Use just the family last name and 3 family contact phone numbers. Then every member can carry the same tags. Order one for every family member this Easter, Christmas or family reunion gathering.


Dad Cell
Mom Cell




VACATION - luggage ID tag
SPORTS - jogger, skaters and, hikers ID tag
CHILDREN - ID to carry every day
MEDICAL - for allergies and medical condition ID tag
BUSINESS - Business contact phone numbers
LUGGAGE - camera case, laptops, golf bags ID tag
SCHOOL - Fieldtrip ID tags for each child
ATHLETES - Camp, field trips, away games
PETS - ID tags for your family pet
EQUIPMENT - bikes, scooters, wheel chairs and stroller ID tag
FAVORS - wedding or birthday favors, family reunion
BABY - diaper bag, back pack, car seat, stroller ID Tag
DISNEYLAND - Let each child carry their own ID tag with phone numbers


Allow 2 weeks for delivery of these personalized dog tags.
No returns on personalized Dog Tags.
Please check your typing. Dog Tags will be printed exactly as you type it in.
Use lower case and caps as you want them printed.
Each personalized Dog Tag comes with a black plastic dog tag silencer.
Dog tags are shipped each Friday.

NOTE: Please order DOG TAGS separate from our other safety items
as they are shipped from a different location. Allow 2 weeks.

DOG TAGS ARE all shipped PRIORITY MAIL only.
Please select the DOG TAGS ONLY shipping zone option

OPTION  - Custom Tags with name of BUSINESS or ORGANIZATION
Call us for this option. 503-693-2832

To add company name, web site name or logo on FRONT side
and personal info on BACK side the minimum is 24 pieces.

All 24 must have the same FRONT side name or logo.
All 24 can have different personal info on the BACK side.

These are perfect employee gifts.
They are also wonderful gifts for organization or team member gifts.

The FRONT says

The BACK side has
Kay Jones

You my select up to 8 lines of text on the BACK side.

Sample: Personalized Dog Tags - Kids Dog Tags - Business Tags


Mom Cell
Dad's Cell


Allergic to


If found call


If found call


DOB: 12-13-06


123 Main St
City OR 9999



If found call
Main Street Vet


August 2008
Phoenix AZ

Item # 02-304 Dog Tag Silencer
Dog Tag Silencer This is a replacement silencer for our kids personalized dog tags.
  Add to Cart  Dog Tag Silencer $ 1.00 each
Item # 02-130 Personalized CallMeCuffs Bracelets - Made in the USA!
Dog Tag Images

Choose Your Quantity: 

Choose Bracelet Size: 

Choose Bracelet Color: 

Cell Phone Number:
  Limit 12 Numbers
Allergies/Medical Info: Limit 24 letters/spaces

Quantity of SETS:     Personalized CallMeCuffs ID Bracelets $14.99 / $24.99

Shipping: USA $1.50 1st Class Postage INTERNATIONAL $3.00 First Class International
Allow 2-3 weeks for USA delivery of this personalized item. Allow another week or two for International orders. This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Order these separate from all other products please. Personalized product can NOT be ordered by phone.
NOTE: The order for these can not be cancelled or changed once placed. Please look over your order carefully before completing the order.

Item #02-511 Allermates - Allergy Alert Dog Tag 
Allergy Alert Dog Tag

No longer available


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