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GREAT EMPLOYEE: I wanted to commend Tracey for her excellent customer service and helpfulness over the phone. As a former customer service supervisor, I noticed that many times the only feedback given to a company is negative. I just wanted to take the time to give your company positive feedback about its staff. Please continue to deliver the superb customer service that I received from Tracy today. Please also make sure that she is recognized for the excellent service that she is demonstrating on behalf of your company. April in OH

SIPPY CUP HOLDER: I just wanted to say that I received my bottle keeper the other day and just used it for the first time this morning. It was great! For the first time I could stroll the mall without stopping every few feet to retrieve my daughter's dropped cup. Not only do I love it, 5 different people stopped to ask me where I had gotten it! I told them about your website and they were all eager to check it out. Thanks for offering such a great, useful product and for the fast processing of my order! Erin in OH

DOG TAGS: The dog tags for my children arrived just as described! They are perfect for clipping on their belt loops and I know that they will always have ID on them. Thank you for your great company and products!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I just wanted to thank you very, very much! I received my order on July 1st!!!! I have never, ever had such excellent customer service ever!!!! Mahalo and Aloha! Amy

BLUE ID BRACELETS - They came in already!!  They're perfect, just what I was looking for.  Thanks again! Kerry

ID BRACELET - My husband took our 6-year-old son to his first pro baseball game yesterday and we were all so thankful to be able to use the ID bracelet. It was so nice to know that there was that little bit of extra protection in case they were separated. Also, my son looked around at the game and said, "Those other kids' parents must not care for them because they don't have ID bracelets!" Thanks again! Linda

It wasn't even 30 minutes after they put on the ID that the little girl got lost in the massive crowd. She was simply going from her dad to her mom on the escalator and took hold of another mom's hand without looking up because the woman had on the same color of blouse. The startled woman saw a security guard on the level below and started back down. She took the little girl by the hand, talked to her in a kind voice before starting down and found the ID products. Upon greeting the security guard, she told him the story, and he immediately called the little girl's mom. This story has a happy ending, but for many it does not. One other thing I'd like to point out: If you go somewhere with your children and there is a large crowd, think about doing the activity another day or time. Jodie Lynn Parent to Parent

"As a retired law enforcement officer, I must say that I am very impressed with your line of products and your dedication to the safety children everywhere. I just wanted to let you know that I submitted my rep agreement and purchased the starter assortment with all of the products yesterday. I am excited to soon be able to get going with my new business adventure." David W. Henson Jr.

FIRST AID KIT- I have a great big THANK YOU to Kay. A week ago I ordered a few First Aid Kits from Kay. Well, even though I made a typing error in my credit card number, and she had to email me for a correction, I had my order within 36 hours! That is GREAT customer service!

Oh, and by the way, if you haven't ordered this mini First Aid Kit, do so. It will fit in any size purse and has everything you'll need to fix up a "boo boo". I ordered one for myself, one for my daughter- in-law, and one to give as a gift. Thanks again Kay, Suzanne

I am a happy customer of Precious Kid ID cards! I ordered a complete set for my son (who is 3) and ID cards for two of my daughters (8 and almost 11). My almost 11 year old was thrilled to get her own ID card with the info on it! She carries one in her wallet at all times, and it has come in handy. She was at a birthday party, and the host parent had questions about foods! My kids all have food allergies. The mom was able to reach me because my cell phone number is on the card and asked me the questions. Everything was fine, but could have been a problem, if the mom hadn't been able to access my number! I highly encourage all the moms, dads, and grandparents to get the ID cards for their kids!!!! Jill

It is so amazing how much My Precious KidŽ has grown in just the short amount of time I have been involved! What a blessing God has given to Kay, the ability to give another, whether they be a mom or dad, the opportunity to work at home, providing such fantastic, much needed products to our society. You have done so much good, Kay, and I can't thank you enough for being who you are. Missy

"I think every parent on some level worries about the possibility of an auto accident when he or she straps their baby in the car seat. We all do our best to make sure that our precious cargo is safe and secure, having a car seat ID tag is just one more step for security. These can offer parents some peace of mind knowing that the card can speak for them if something should happen. Every baby in every seat should have one!"  Kris

"Our family is very happy with our choice to homeschool. We like exploring the world at our own pace. Most of the attractions we visit (museums, science center, art galleries) want student ID for discount admission rates. The admission clerk often has no idea what rate to charge for children who don't attend school. A homeschool ID Card solves the problem nicely. Thanks." Christine

"The Precious ID cards is an excellent way to enhance the protection for your child. As a new mom, safety is a number one priority and I know it is for other mothers also. Thank You My Precious KidŽ for providing a new way for information to be available about my son." Angela Parker in Oregon

"As a military family, we tend to move around every few years and end up in all sorts of places. Accidents, unfortunately, can happen anywhere! Now, I don't have to worry about the medical staff not being able to find pertinent information on my children prior to emergency treatment no matter what part of the world we are in. If I am not able to provide the information, their ID cards can and that is worth all the peace of mind I can buy!" Jen

I think that the ID cards are a wonderful idea. The everything pack is perfect. I have enough cards to leave one with my mom (babysitter), so she will always have my son's information at her fingertips. If I'm ever in an accident, I will know that my son's important information will be readily available. Thank you so much for your wonderful and beautiful product! : ) What a great idea! Julie

Thank you.. I really appreciate your professionalism and how quickly you take care of orders.. It is so different from "corporate" America.. yet we get "corporate America" superb service!! Can't ask for more! Sandra

My family was recently at the Alameda County Fair when it struck me that my 25 month old son would be unidentifiable should he have played “ditch the parents”. I searched retail stores, the Child Care Alias and the Internet, as well as asking my friends that are parents, how they would respond to this natural fear. Through the Internet, I discovered, My Precious KidŽ; a company offering a wonderful selection of child identification items. I bought one immediately. The day it arrived I decided to become a distributor. Now I have a work at home business too!” Kay in CA

Very thankful for your products. Jena in Texas

Kay, I really appreciate you and your company and the Godly way you are running your business! We are very pleased. Jill in CA

Fantastic product! I definitely plan to order again when I need to update. Keep me informed of changes/ new products. Keep me informed of changes/new products. You offer a terrific line of products, which gave me peace of mind. Every parent should take a look. I'm quite glad I stumbled across your ad in the newspaper. Marnie in Oregon

I was very pleased with this kit and recommended it others as well and my kit was received in a timely manner. I will order more products in the future, for my nieces and nephews. Sheila in MI

I was incredibly pleased.  I am so happy that I found out about y'all. I have also gave a lot of people your address and a copy of your pamphlet. I gave you guys about ten new customers or more oh yeah or the pet one. I will order again because he is in daycare, the best one that I have ever found. Misty in FL

THANK YOU. I have received your Potty Training, Chore List and Child Safety Pack PLUS ID Kit. I have used the medical cards, car seat tags and still do! I carry some in my purse, in the van and ALWAYS have one attached to my son's car seat (booster) at all times. You have awesome products and would recommend them to anyone with children! Mandy Joyce - Family Fixin's - Belleville, WV

I have been using several of my Precious Kid’s ID products now and love them. I have the ID scopes on winter jackets so it’s always with them and the ID bracelets for the summer time. It was so reassuring to send them out on their school field trips this year knowing that if they got separated, someone could help them. (I added an extra slip in their IDs telling what school and class they were in, too) I had teachers comment about what a great idea it was to have them, too. The best part is my kids remind me that they need to wear them whenever they are going somewhere!

Prior to learning about the MPK’s products, I never thought of so many of the simple steps we can take to ensure our children’s wellbeing. For instance, I had never thought that I wouldn’t be able to talk or give good medical information if our family was in a car accident. When I heard that, I purchased a car seat ID for each of my kids. Not only does it help rescue workers, it marks each child’s spot so there’s no more fighting about it. Cassi Beamer

Wow! The Taggie book I bought for my little guy has quickly become one of his favorites. He simply loves his "softie book". Thank you for such a fun and wonderful gift. Spring Blessings, Julie 

Hi Kay, I just wanted to say I received the beautiful pink Taggie blanket.  I have bought it as a present for my 3 year old niece who is obsessed with tags and the color pink!  And I just wanted to say it is as delightful in reality as it is in the photo.  And that it arrived in record time. I only seemed to have placed the order and the next thing it was in my letter box! I seem to spend most of my time in this country complaining to service providers so I just thought then when I actually have a positive experience I should comment on that too.  So thank you for a wonderful idea, great service and a beautiful product. Yours sincerely, Michelle

Customer is Thrilled: "Noah loves his too, he takes it everywhere which is perfect since before Taggies we carried and full size mink blanket everywhere, and I had to have 3 of them so one was always clean he just loves his Taggie, he calls it "aggie Mumma" which is so funny,  Nicki"

Really going to bat for our families, My Precious Kid and the owner, Kay Green, really care about our children. She offers a large range of products all designed to keep our children safe. Her child safety pack contains all the items you need to keep your child safe for a year! All the products are superb and she is always adding new things to the line. As a parent, you cannot go wrong visiting My Precious Kid.

My Precious Kids is a valuable asset if you value children, The My Precious Kids site overflows with information for those that have or work with children. The id and safety products provide much needed security for our children. Kay Green has done an admirable job of putting together a company that benefits those connected to it as customers or representatives then presenting it well in our virtual society. Please visit the site to protect your children with emergency safety and medical information or start a new career with alot of company support and guidance.

Kay's site, This is a wonderful site, full of wonderful information, and products. I highly recommend it to anyone!

One of the most intelligent business women I have met, This site is required reading for all parents. Kay does a remarkable job at simplifying the ID Kit process, branding her kits and managing her team of resellers to get the word out. Not only is it profitable, its truly a necessity and out of this business comes such a wonderful product for ALL of our children.