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Item #05-201 Reward Chore Chart
Chore Chart No longer available
CHORE CHART - Are you tired of nagging your kids to do their chores? At last a fun way that teaches kids to do their chores. The colorful kids ChoreChore Chart Set Chart was created by an elementary teacher for her children, both readers, and non-readers alike. It has 5 pegs, 50 bright colored chore cards and 150 reward tokens. The Chore chart has a convenient easel back so it will stand on a shelf. I attached mine to the wall with double stick tape. It’s fun for the whole family and kids earn rewards in a new entertaining form. Your kids will be say "I DID MY CHORES!" Ages 4-12!

SUPER NANNY OR MARY POPPINS - Which was it who suggested turning chores into a game. Either way this Super Nanny style chore chart system will do the trick. As the mother of 4 kids, this is my favorite CHORE CHART ever, And I have used many kinds thru the years.!

KIDS CHORE CHART - Are you tired of chasing after your kids and nagging them to do their daily chores? Now there is an effective chore chart for kids that works for both children who can and children who can not read. This chore chart system is created for children ages 4-12. This unique kids CHORE CHART places color-coded tasks onto the peg according to time of day. The chart has different colors for morning, midday, afternoon, and evening chores. Just like on Super Nanny this chore chart will make your job as mother easier everyday!

CHILD CHORE CHART - Is Chore time getting you down? Do you wish you kids would willingly do their chores? The "I Did My Chores!" Chore Chart system makes chore time painless. Kids joyfully do their chores. With this chore chart for kids they can also earn rewards for doing their chores. Parents no longer have to nag to get the chores done! Fun for Kids! Easy for mom!

REWARDS FOR CHORES - Hang the chores you want your kids to complete on the hook for that time of day. Children simply check the colored hook on the Chore Chart, pull the chore card down, and complete the task. The card goes in the "I Did It" box after the task is completed. Kids are then rewarded for the number of cards in the box, encouraging them to complete more chores in a day. It's a great way to teach kids responsibility and independence.

ALLOWANCE - After chores are done each day tokens can be given. Each token can be worth one point toward a reward or worth a penny (or nickel or a dime) for chore allowance. You decide based on your child's age. The chore chart system comes with a great list of possible reward activities or prizes to be earned. I especially liked the ones that include time spent with a parent ( like a movie date or out for an ice cream cone).

SENSORY INTEGRATION - I was looking for a chore chart for my daughter who has Sensory Integration Disorder. This system is a perfect sensory tool for her. This new visual/pictorial system motivates children to accomplish activities of daily living independently, while at the same time improving organizational skills, self-help skills, self-monitoring, and self-esteem.


* select from 48 pre-printed chore stickers
* chore stickers have both a picture of the chore and the words
* create your own on the blank stickers provided
* assign each chore to a set time of day
* hang assigned chore chart cards on correct colored hook
* chores assigned by color reflecting time of day to be completed
* when chore is completed, move card to "I Did It" box
* "I Did It" box located in lower right-hand corner of board
* start with morning chores
* work through each chore period for rest of day
* cards are then re-used for the next day

Brush My Hair
Brush My Teeth
Clean My Bathroom
Clean My Closet
Clean the Garage
Clean the Basement
Clean my Plate from the Table
Dental Floss
Feed the Pet
Get Ready For Bed
Hang Up My Coat
Make My Bed
Pick Up My Toys
Practice My Music
Put Book in Back Pack
Put Clothes Away
Load Dishwasher
Put Shoes in Closet
Put Up My Back
Read for 15 minutes
Rinse My Dishes
Scoop Poop
Set Out My Clothes
Set The Table The Floor
Take a Bath
Take Out the Trash
Unload the Dishwasher
Wipe The Counters


Item # 05-208 My Big Star Chart
Star Chart

No longer available

Item # 05-210 Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart
SAMPLE single
  • A reward chart to create the perfect bedtime routine for your child.
  • It provides a step by step routine with tips and guidelines to help you give your child a healthy nights sleep.
  • Gold star stickers reward the pre-bedtime routine such as putting on pajamas, brushing teeth, reading bedtime book and getting into bed.
  • In the morning smiley face stickers reward the successfully accomplished night sleep
  • Supportive tips and guidelines are included to help you get the best result from your chart.
  • Developed in partnership with Sleep Coach, Rebecca Michi.
  • 48 reusable gold star stickers
  • 130 reusable smiley face stickers
  • Dry erase marker
  • Sticky mounting pads for the wall
  • Designed for ages 2+

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Item #05-202 Time Out Mat
Time Out Mat TIME OUT mat is a circular 20" portable rubber mat, with a fabric top. It can fold and fit into almost any purse, pocket or bag. It’s washable, durable, and relevant to all locations; provides a clean spot when used on floors or outside. 1 mm thick. 3 colors. Created by a mom! Product Dimension: 20"
  Add to Cart  Time Out Mat  $9.99

Item # 05-209 My Growing Up Behavior Chart
Behavior Chart
  • A large reward chart and to help encourage positive behavior, achievement and development in children from 4 years.
  • Ideal for the development stage of children of elementary school age.
  • Parents can customize the charts to the individual need of the child.
  • Re-usable stickers: 10 activities, 6 blank to customize to your need, 324 reward stickers.
  • Includes detailed instructions on how to get the best results from your chart, sticky mounting pads for the wall and a dry erase marker.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
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A: Immediately! As soon as you assemble the CHORE CHART and explain it to your child. However, you must read and follow the instructions for it to work properly. I cannot emphasize this enough!


A: You will need one CHORE CHART per child. Otherwise, only one child will brush his teeth and only one will make his bed, etc.


A: We recommend ages 4 and up because the tokens are small and the little ones might CHOKE on them if they put one in their mouth. If you do decide to try it with your 3 year old, please go buy some larger poker chips and use those for tokens instead.


A: "I Did My Chores!" will work great for kids all the way up to ages 12. Some of the pre-printed chores we recommend for the red "After School" cards are: Hang Up My Coat, Do My Homework, Put Up My Backpack and Practice My Music. Some of the blue "Nighttime" chores we recommend are: Pick Up My Outside Toys, Read My Book for 15 Minutes, Put My Clothes Away, Set Out My Clothes for Tomorrow, etc. The object is to eliminate as much verbalization and as many direct commands from the parent as possible, delegating that "chore" to the monkey on the chore cards!


A: No it is not dry erasable -- one of our main objectives was to offer a product that the parent did not have to erase and do over! Therefore, once it is assembled and on the wall, the parent is to go sit in their recliner.


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