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Item # 03-305 Precious Lives Child Safety Sign
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CUSTOMER COMMENTS:  “Ashley is truly adorable and has helped keep the drivers that drive through our neighborhood stay within the posted speed limit. My neighbors have thanked me so many times for having her on my front lawn.”  Gary from NJ

PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY - Did you know, 25% of all bike accidents happen to our children on intersections in 25 mph zoned streets because of speeding and negligent drivers? That's thousands of preventative injuries or deaths each and every year that occur in our own front yards! Not to mention how many more accidents occur while children are playing or even simply walking in the street. With Precious Lives Signs posted in your yard, you're now armed with the tools you need to make speeding drivers SLOW DOWN, DRIVE SAFELY AND PAY ATTENTION!

KIDS SAFETY SIGN - Are you tired of people speeding through your neighborhood? These kid safety signs have proven to be extremely successful in aiding motorists to obey the speed limit and pay more attention to the road. Adorable Little Ashley child safety sign stands 45" tall. She's sure to get everyone's attention as she diligently tells drivers to slow down and PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: WORKS LIKE A CHARM: I had a problem with people speeding down my street and it was solved by this sign. It makes people tap their brakes because they think it is an actual child and it makes them think what may have happened if that had been an actual child. It is made well and, 6 months later, it looks like the day I purchased it. If you have speeders on your road, this is the perfect solution.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: A CHILD SAFETY SIGN THAT WORKS: I've gone through the gamut of safety signs: the cartoon ones, the ones that look like a speed limit sign, and of course the yellow stick figures with the flags. Let me tell you, drivers do not pay attention to these. So now I have my Precious Lives safety sign and finally something that works! This looks so much like a real girl that drivers notice it from down the street and slow down by the time they reach my house where my actual girls are playing in the yard. Thank you so much for keeping my neighborhood safe from speeding drivers. Priceless!

CHILD SAFETY SIGN measures sign is 45 in tall by about 23 in at it's widest part

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CUSTOMER COMMENTS: “This child safety sign is so realistic that my neighbor called me up laughing and told me that she slowed down and then tried to wave to Ashley. She said that she wondered why one of her neighbor’s kids wouldn’t wave back. She said that the sign still makes her slow down everyday.” Rosemary, from Central PA.


Item # 03-308 Precious Lives Child Safety Sign  - Inflatable
Precious Lives Child Safety Sign
  • 60" Tall
  • Inflatable
  • Waterproof
  • Life Sized
  • 2 sided - Boy/Girl
  • Realistic
  • East to Install
  • Free Hand Pump Included
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Precious Lives Child Safety Sign $25.00
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Item # 02-401 Child Locator Teddy Bear in Brown or Pink
Dapper Snappers Toddler Belt
  • Personal Safety Locator Alarm
  • 86db intermittent chirp/beeping
  • Functions up to 150 feet away
  • Requires 2 "CR2032" batteries (included)
    Requires 1 "mini 12 V"  battery (included)
  • Dimension:  3" x 2.25" plus clip
  • Bear hooks on belt loop or shoe laces
Quantity: Color:
Product Name $29.99
Item # 02-406 Bear Coat for Child Locator 
Child Locator Bear Coats Introducing Mommy I'm Here Bear Coats! These soft silicone based rubberized covers will add style, color and will further protect your adorable Mommy I'm Here child locators from the elements and impacts. Bear coats were designed to easilly and snuggly fit on both the teddy bear and your keychain transmitter. The keychain transmitter cover protects the transmitter from your keys and other objects hitting into it and also deadens the sound of your keys hitting into it while driving your car. Whether you choose the pink locator, the brown locator, or the blue locator, add style, fun and function to your Mommy I'm Here child locator with a clear Bear Coat today!
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