Child Safety Product - CHILD SAFETY PACK

Item # 01-0100 Child Safety Pack - ID Kit - Made in the USA!
Child Safety Pack 1 - Child ID Card
1 - Child Car Seat ID Card
1 - Medical Release Card
1 - Child Luggage Tag ID Card
3 - Disposable Child ID bracelet
1 - Child DNA Fingerprint Kit
Optional Waterproof pen is available
CPSC CPSIA Compliant

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Every child needs a Child Safety Product Pack to protect them. It includes 8 products to make your child safer. It has ID cards, Medical Release Cards, Shoe Stickers, Car Seat ID Card, Luggage Tag ID Cards, and more. Lets our Child Safety Product help keep your child safer.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: If you have children then you MUST have the My Precious Kid Child Safety Pack. The products are a must to help protect your child in the event they are ever lost. We love the inside shoes stickers. They are a perfect way to help your child be found if they are ever lost WITHOUT strangers knowing any information about them. If your child gets lost all they need to do is show a police officer or store employee their shoe which would have your contact information on it. Great for little kids who are not old enough yet to know their name and phone number. The child ID card is great not only for parents but also for grandparents and care givers. You NEED someone to be able to "speak" for you in the event you cannot speak for yourself or your child. This would make a great baby shower gift or new baby gift. Give the gift of safety! KV

"Child Safety Pack is a proud winner of the 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award"

Child ID Card


1 - Child ID Card with Self Seal Pouch
(for parent's wallet)
1 - Child Car Seat ID Card with Self Seal Pouch and Hook & loop closure
(for child's car seat or toddler booster seat)
1 - Medical Release Form with Self Seal Pouch
(for day care or grandma)
1 - Child Luggage Tag ID card with Self Seal Pouch
(for diaper bag/back pack or toddler booster seat)
3 - Disposable Child ID bracelet/anklet plus

FREE Child DNA Fingerprint Kit:
1 - Fingerprint Card
1 - FBI approved Ink strip
1 - DNA Sample Bag with Instructions
1 - Child profile card in protective sleeve

Each card in this child safety product holds child’s photo, thumbprint, name, address, weigh, height, birth date, emergency contact numbers, doctor name and number, dentist’s name and number, insurance info, plus a medical release signature allowing immediate medical treatment when parent is not present or can not speak for the child. Complete child safety protection for a child for ONE year! This is a parent "do-it-yourself" child protection kit prepared it in the privacy of your own residence!

"Our Family Testers found the Child Safety Pack and Child Safety Pack PLUS, to both be an amazing and easy tool to I.D. our precious kids. The directions were easy to follow and the concept is awesome! Actually, we cannot say enough about the various products found at  -- Kay Green is a gem and all of her hard work is incredible! Today's society is very fortunate to have such a caring individual looking out for our families!" ~ Jodie Lynn, syndicated parenting/health expert, CEO/founder of , and author of parenting book, Mom CEO (Chief Everything Officer) - Having, Doing and Surviving It All! (June 2006).

Is your child wearing ID at all times?
90% of missing pets have ID. Only 2% of missing kids have ID. Please ID your children today! CHILD SAFETY PRODUCT - Child ID Cards, Kids Shoe Tags, children's ID shoe stickers, ID bracelets -  all help protect your children.

Components of the Child Safety Product Pack:
ID Card The ID card goes in the parents wallet. If a child should wander away at the store, the child's photo and description are available immediately saving valuable time. Child ID Cards
Car Seat ID Card The Car Seat ID Card protects your child in a car accident. If you are unable to speak for your child the card allows immediate medical treatment if needed. If the child is unharmed, the cards gives several contact numbers for other family or friends. Car Seat ID Cards
Medical ID Card The Medical Release card protects your child when you are away. The card can be given to grandma, aunt, daycare, preschool, scouts, or anywhere your child may stay without you. It allows medical treatment in your absence. Medical Release Cards
Luggage Tag ID Card The Luggage Tag ID card is perfect for traveling. It can be placed on luggage, back packs, diaper bags, strollers, car seats, booster seats and more. Luggage Tag ID Cards
Shoe ID Stickers The shoe stickers protect children that might wander away. I have daughter my 3 year old that "If mommy gets lost" to find another mommy, take off your shoe, and ask her to call mommy's cell phone! Shoe Stickers
  The ID bracelet is yellow tyvek. At the zoo or amusement park it protects her if she wanders away. I write my name and cell phone inside the bracelet. ID Bracelet or Child ID Bracelet.
DNA Fingerprint Kit The DNA Fingerprinting Kit protects in the case of a missing child. It gives professionals the needed information on your child to save valuable time tracking where they have been. In a recent abduction the police spent a couple days trying to get fingerprints and DNA on the young victim to track where she had been. DNA Fingerprint Kit


Item # 01-001 Child Car Seat ID Card  - MADE IN THE USA!
Child Safety Pack I ID card, plus self seal laminating pouch and luggage tag loop. Use this ID card on your child's car seat or back pack. This card can protect your child by providing important information in an accident or when away from home. The card is completed in the privacy of your own home. We recommend an extra fine point sharpie marker.

The card includes places to include your child's:
Photo and birth date
Age, weight, and height
Doctor and medical info
Medical Release signature 

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Item # 01-002 Child ID Card  - MADE IN THE USA!
Child Safety Pack I ID card, plus self seal laminating pouch. This card can protect your child by providing important information when away from home. The card is completed in the privacy of your own home. We recommend an extra fine point sharpie marker.

The card includes places to include your child's:
Photo and birth date
Age, weight, and height
Doctor and medical info
Medical Release signature

    Add to Cart  Child ID Card  $2.00 each

Item # 01-1200 Child Safety Pack PLUS - Child ID Kit - MADE IN THE USA!
Child Safety Pack PLUS 1 - Child ID Card  1 - Car Seat ID Card
1 - Medical Release Card   1 - DNA Fingerprint Kit
1 - Luggage Tag ID Card  
3 - Disposable Child ID Bracelet
1 - Identitee Contact Card & Stick on Pocket
1 - Toothprint Dental Impression  1 - Shoe ID Tag
CPSC CPSIA Compliant
Child ID Kit Made by My Precious Kid
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Child Safety Pack PLUS - Child ID Kit $24.99
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Is Your Child Protected 
In An Emergency?

by Kay Green,  
Copyright 2002-2005

What happens if you are in a car accident and are temporarily unconscious and cannot speak for your child? Your child is unharmed. The paramedics put your child in his car seat in a separate ambulance from you. The medical professionals at the hospital know to call your husband or mom for your child (from the ID card on his car seat). The car seat card tells the doctor of your child’s allergy to certain medicines. A laminated safety photo ID should be on every child's car seat.

Your child is at the community center and you are supposed to pick him up on your way home from work.  You witness a terrible car accident and are in shock.  There are ambulances everywhere and the police need you to stay and give a statement.  By the time you realize how late it is, your child should have been picked up over an hour ago!  You race home to find a message from your sister that says the community center called her to pick up your son (from the information on his back pack ID Card), he's happily playing with his cousins and when will you be over? Does your child's backpack have a safety ID tag?

What happens if your child is missing at the zoo? Does his backpack have an ID tag with your cell number so the grandma who finds him can call you? Do you have a current ID for your child with photo, description, and thumbprint to give to authorities that are helping you look? Is your child protected?

If your child were to become missing do you have photo, description, fingerprints, and DNA sample. We collect these things as insurance, praying we never need them.

As parents it is important that we do everything we can to protect our children. Safety ID's on car seats, back packs, and in your wallet are one way we can help to keep our kids safe. Our pediatrician says, "I wish every child in every car seat had one of these.

My Precious Kid® products will keep your children safer.