Child Proofing Check List

by Kay Green, My Precious Kid, Copyright 2011

Below we have provided a checklist to start your child proofing process. The first step gives you room by room suggestions and links to products for that need. Below that is a list of the most needed areas of child proofing. See all our child proofing products at


1. Door latch to keep children out
2. Cabinet Latches
3. Bath Tub Alarm
4. Toilet Lid Lock
5. Bathroom Safety Kit
6. Outlet Covers

1. Gate
2. Cabinet Locks
3. Stove Guard
4. Outlet Covers
5. Fridge Lock
6. Stove Knob Locks

1. Furniture Straps
2. Outlet Covers
3. Window Guard
4. Door Knob Covers

1. Gate
2. TV Straps
3. Furniture Straps
4. Outlet Covers
5. Window Latches
6. Patio Door Latch
7. Fireplace Guard


1. Top of stairs (screwed into wall)
2. Bottom of stairs (pressure mount is fine)
3. Living room or family room
4. Doorway of child's bedroom

Gates limit your child's access to unsafe places. They also give your child a safe zone to play in when you need to step away for a moment. Use the gate to separate the area. Then thoroughly child proof the enclosed area.

1. Child's Bedroom
2. Play room / Living Room
3. Any other area where child is regularly

I recommend the ones the slide over rather the round ones that pull out. The round ones get lost, get stepped on and children put them in their mouths.

1. All kitchen cabinets
2. All bathroom cabinets
3. Any other cabinets your child has access too

These come is several styles and kinds. The magnetic locks are the most secure.

1. Foam w/ adhesive
2. Gate off area

If your fireplace can not be gated off then use adhesive foam to protect the edges which can cause bumps/bruises/gashes.

1. Door Alarms
2. Door Latches
3. Door Knob Covers

The level of protection will change as your child gets older. Choose the method that fits your child's current needs

1, Secure all TV's
2. Secure all book shelves, entertainment centers, dressers

Falling furniture and TV's are one of the leading causes of injury for children. Secure each of them in your home. Children's bedroom furniture needs to be secured from the time the nursery is set up.

1. Lock/Latch all windows where children spend time
2. Open windows should not be more than 4" and have a latch to prevent further opening.
3. 2nd story windows should have bars to prevent access
4. Window blind strings should be wrapped and placed high above the window


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