CHILD LOCATOR - Child Personal Safety Alarm

CHILD LOCATOR - technology to the rescue for parents! Keep your child within earshot at all times with this revolutionary child locator device that uses a small key chain transmitter and a teddy bear-shaped child locator receiver (which mounts easily to child's shoe or belt). Our locator is the perfect solution if you are going to Disneyland or Disney World
Item # 02-401 Child Locator Teddy Bear in Brown or Pink
Dapper Snappers Toddler Belt
  • Personal Safety Locator Alarm
  • 86db intermittent chirp/beeping
  • Functions up to 150 feet away
  • Requires 2 "CR2032" batteries (included)
    Requires 1 "mini 12 V"  battery (included)
  • Dimension:  3" x 2.25" plus clip
  • Bear hooks on belt loop or shoe laces
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Product Name $29.99

Child LocatorCUSTOMER COMMENT: I looked at all child products to help with keeping track of an active 3 year old (grandson) for a recent Disney trip. My daughter wanted nothing to do with any of the products that she felt were "like a dog on a leash" so I looked for something else. This product was perfect! My grandson liked it on his shoe and even though he was never out of sight it was nice to know we had it. My daughter kept the locator on her belt loop and we actually used it a couple of times when our parties got separated to find one another (via my grandson's shoe)! We never tried to check the distance per the manufacturer's claim, but I would guesstimate it to be correct. A few people actually questioned us about it and thought it was an excellent idea. (Of course we only purchased this for the just in case...we kept him close by at all times - this unit does have a turn off switch on the bear) Worth the money and would definitely purchase again!
Item # 02-403 Child Locator Alert Blue
Child Locator Alert Blue The teddy bear child personal safety alarm receiver (water resistant)
Delivers a 88db intermittent chirp/beeping sound that
Functions up to 150 feet away from the keychain transmitter.
Lets you "hear" where your child is.
Requires 4 "CR2032" batteries (all included).
Perfect safety device for children ages 1-7. 
Product Dimension:  2 5/8" x 1 1/2" plus clip 2 1/4". 
causes the transmitter to chirp loudly every time your child wanders beyond 20-30 foot range.
NOTE: Includes bonus mounting wrist strap.
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Item # 02-406 Bear Coat for Child Locator 
Child Locator Bear Coats Introducing Mommy I'm Here Bear Coats! These soft silicone based rubberized covers will add style, color and will further protect your adorable Mommy I'm Here child locators from the elements and impacts. Bear coats were designed to easilly and snuggly fit on both the teddy bear and your keychain transmitter. The keychain transmitter cover protects the transmitter from your keys and other objects hitting into it and also deadens the sound of your keys hitting into it while driving your car. Whether you choose the pink locator, the brown locator, or the blue locator, add style, fun and function to your Mommy I'm Here child locator with a clear Bear Coat today!
  Add to Cart   Bear Coat for Child Locator  $9.99

MISSING CHILD? - Have you ever been on a shopping trip with your child, and you take a look at an item for just a second, then look back to see that your wandering toddler child has vanished? One second he's under your feet, the next, he is gone. It has happened to every parent! We have the answer! Our Teddy Bear Child Locator! Our child locator - child personal safety alarm - will beep where your child is located.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: Use is it REVERSE for the ELDERLY. I was looking for something for my wheelchair bound mother to use when I am outside. I take the bear and she keeps the button. If she needs me, she presses the button. Much cheaper than items designed for this purpose for the elderly/disabled. Works great.

NOTE: This has a range of up to 150 feet that the units will work together and sound the bear. If you are inside a buildings or have other items between you the distance will be less. Your ability to hear the product at that distance will also vary based on the noise at the location. For comparison an alarm clock is approximately 80 db.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: I am writing to express my thanks to you and your company for providing my 2 young nieces with your child locator devices. I ordered them on May 3rd and they were shipped UPS directly to the hotel at Disney World and were received in a timely manner. My sister and her husband, who were vacationing there from Canada, said the devices were the best! My nieces loved them and above all, the devices were instrumental in helping to keep them safe! My sister said that many parents inquired as to where she bought them. She said she could have sold a hundred of them! Disney World could be a potential market for you! Thank you to Kay Green who so promptly responded to my email request and to Haley who so courteously answered my questions, and filled my telephone order. Thank you for you tremendous service on such short notice. I would surely recommend your company and its products, and in fact, have already done so within my circle of friends. Your child locator product certainly made me feel secure, knowing my two precious nieces were safe! Kindest regards, Laura O'Brien
CHILD Personal Safety ALARM - Can't see your child? PRESS the button on the parent transmitter to activate a high-decibel chirping child alarm on the teddy bear child locator, drawing instant attention to your wandering child up to 150 feet away. A great gift for all your friends with children.

CUSTOMER COMMENT:  I bought this for my almost 2 year old son for a recent trip to Disney. It was a great purchase! Luckily we never needed to use it due to him being lost, but I used it as a way to alert my son. I always kept him in my sight, but I'd set this little bear off to let him know to stop it worked great! He'd wear it on his shoe (anything with laces or hook & loop), and anytime the bear made it's high pitch whine, he'd stop, look at his shoe, look for me, then come running back to the rest of the group instead of continuing to wonder was perfect! 

SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN - Do you have a child with special needs? Down syndrome? Autism? Non-verbal? This child personal safety alarm is the perfect solution to bring you peace of mind. Non-verbal children (such as Autistic or Down syndrome) greatly benefit from wearing a child locator every day.

Child Personal Safety Alarm is a breakthrough in technology offering parents peace of mind.

WANDERING TODDLER - If your child decides to wander away or play hide and seek with you, simply press the button on your keychain child locator transmitter and the little teddy bear child safety alarm on your child will omit a series of loud decibel beeps, allowing you to track down your child, but also draw attention to the situation your child may be in.

SPECS - The teddy bear child personal safety alarm receiver (water resistant) delivers a 86db intermittent chirp/beeping sound that functions over 150 feet away from the keychain transmitter. Lets you "hear" where your child is. Bear Size 3" x 2.25" plus clip

Made of Plastic. Requires 2 "CR2032" batteries and 1 "mini 12V" extended life battery (all included). Check battery life as required. Perfect safety device for children ages 1-7.


Item # 02-BT-100 My Buddy Tag: Silicone Child Locator Device
My Buddy Tag: Silicone Child Locator Device
  • Child Locator
  • Silicone Bracelet plus buddy tag
  • Alerts you when your child is out of your proximity
  • Email with last seen location
  • Alerts you when submerged in water to help prevent accidental drowning
  • Panic Button feature allows your child to signal you
  • Free app compatible with iPhone 4s and newer; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note2, Note3 with Android 4.3 or newer


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My Buddy Tag: Silicone Child Locator Device $39.99
Item # 02-BT-101 My Buddy Tag: Velcro Child Locator Device
My Buddy Tag: Velcro Child Locator Device
  • Child Locator
  • Velcro Bracelet plus Buddy Tag
  • Alerts you when your child is out of your proximity
  • Email with last seen location
  • Alerts you when submerged in water to help prevent accidental drowning
  • Panic Button feature allows your child to signal you
  • Free app compatible with iPhone 4s and newer; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note2, Note3 with Android 4.3 or newer



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My Buddy Tag: Velcro Child Locator Device $39.99
Item #02-101 Child ID Bracelet - Made in the USA!
Child Safety Pack
  • Durable yet comfortable blue Nylon material
  • Comes with 3 waterproof ID tabs
  • Fits a wrist of 3.5" - 7" inches
  • Does NOT have a medical symbol on it
  • Use ultra-fine "sharpie" waterproof pen to write on tab
  • Product Dimension: 9" x 1"
  • 100% Nylon
  • Latex Free
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Child ID Bracelet  $7.99  SALE $4.00
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Item #03-600 Rescue Facts ID Strap
Rescue Facts ID Straps
  • Adult - fits adult seat belts or adult back pack
  • Adult - 6" x 2" folded
  • Child - Fit car seat strap or child's backpack
  • 4.25" x 1.5" folded
  • Helmet - Fits bike/motorcycle chin strap
  • 3.5" x 1.25" folded
  • Contains Medical Symbol
  • Hook & Loop Closure
  • Each contains a medical information form inside
  • Room for family contact information
Quantity: Color:
Rescue Facts ID Straps $9.99 each

Item # 04-105 Wireless Door/Window Alarms by GE - 2 pack
Door Alarm GE Indoor Magnetic Door/Window Alarm
120 db Alarm Sounds When Magnetic Contact Is Broken
On/Off/Chime Switch On the Side For Easy Control
Low Battery Test Button And Light
Requires 4 Lr44 Batteries (Included)
Alarm stops when door is shut
The distance between the sensor and alarm must be no more than 1/2" apart
1 year warranty / Size: 2.5" x 2" / SET OF TWO
TWO: One alarm for the front door.  One alarm for the back door.
  Add to Cart  Wireless Door/Window Alarm - Set of 2 - $19.99

Item # 04-102 Wireless Key Pad Alarm by GE / Jasco
Key Pad Alarm 
  • Loud 120 dB alarm sounds when magnetic contact is broken
  • 4-digit keypad code activates and deactivates alarm
  • Set your own personal 4-digit code
  • "Away" setting has 45-second exit delay and 30-second entry delay 
  • "Home" setting has no delay in alarm mode
  • When alarm sounds, you must enter code to turn it off
  • Use chime mode to know when door is opened by visitors
  • Low battery indicator light - Requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Easy to install - SIZE: 4.5" x 2.5"
  • The alarm and small sensor must be placed within 1/2" of each other
  • Attaches to door with foam tape or screws.
  Add to Cart  GE Key Pad Alarm $21.99

Item #03-101 Lost and Found Child Tattoos - MADE IN THE USA!
Temporary Tattoo - Dog Kit contains six Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos (one dinosaur, one rocket, one dog, one butterfly, one heart, one pony), one waterproof Marker, six Moisture Towelettes (for applying) and six On-The-Go Alcohol Wipes (for removing). We have versions for kids with AUTISM and NUT ALLERGIES too!
  Add to Cart  Lost and Found Child Tattoos $9.99

Item # 03-302 Angel Guard - Seat Belt Cover - Made in the USA!
  • Set of 2
  • Clear in color
  • Simple, Safe, Effective
  • Deterrent not a lock, so remove it once your child conquers it.

    Fits most vehicle buckles 1996 and newer (with red button on top of buckle). These do not fit buses or vans with button in the middle of the buckle. Will not fit a Bentley or earlier Dodge Caravan. Please measure your buckle for fit before ordering.  Inside Measurement:1 1/4” x 2 3/8”
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Angel Guard - 2 Clear Seat Belt Covers $19.99

This child personal safety alarm locator device is not a substitute for good parental supervision.

WHY TWO? Many parents come back to order a second one after using them. Having two makes it easier to find it when you need it? Or leave one in the car. Or leave one at grandma's or daycare. Save shipping cost by ordering TWO now.

RECOMMENDATION :  make sure you child is ALSO wearing a physical ID with contact phone numbers along with the child locator. Our ID Bracelet or Shoe Tags are a great choice. See all of our Wearable ID Products.

USE MORE THAN ONE - Actually, the Mommy I'm Here technology establishes a new, proprietary frequency every time the teddy bear is turned on near it's transmitter. They communicate with one another. If you turn on two or three or four teddy bears within very close proximity of one transmitter, they will all beep when that one transmitter button is pressed, making it easier for parents with more than one child.

Over seven hundred thousand small children are reported lost in public and retail environments each year in the United States. That number leads to over fifty thousand real child abductions. That is why you need our child locator. Our Child Alarm is easy to use.

Simply install the adorable teddy bear child locator receiver to your child's shoe using the hook & loop straps or shoe laces. The child locator personal safety alarm receiver can also be mounted on the belt.

If you notice your child has wandered, simply press the button on your keychain transmitter and the teddy bear child locator will emit a loud beeping sound, allowing you to quickly home in on your child's location and alerting others to the situation your child may be in.

The child personal safety alarm is perfect for traveling as well! The product comes shipped to your door with long life batteries already installed.  

The Child Locator is an advanced, stylish, cost effective and easy to use child locating aid. It will give you added peace of mind and confidence in knowing that you have taken an extra step toward protecting your child in today's public environment.


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