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Item #06-102 Radian 80 SL Car Seat
Radian 80 Car Seat Radian 80SL car seat by Sunshine Kids is no
longer available. See the new improved
Diono Radian 120
Item #06-107 Radian XT SL Car Seat - Super Latch Version
Radian XT Ventura NEW - Radian XT SL car seat by Sunshine Kids is no
longer available. See the new improved
Diono RadianRXT
NEWS: Sunshine Kids has raised the rear facing weight limit to 45 pounds on all Radian 80 SL. This keeps your child 5 times safer than forward facing. American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends children stay rear facing until their 2nd birthday!

CAR DESTROYED - RADIAN holds up - A commercial parking deck collapsed in Atlanta recently. Although 38 vehicles were either damaged or destroyed, a Radian carseat came out without a scratch! For Sarah M, whose vehicle was parked on the structure's second level and among those destroyed, said "I had three floors of a parking garage collapse on top of my car," Sarah said. "It is flattened beyond belief." What astounded her further: the fact that her child's car seat, a Radian positioned on the passenger side of the back seat in her SUV, completely withstood the force of the collapse and upheld its section of the car, as well. "Amazing," Sarah said. "That thing did not bend an inch," referring to her Radian car seat. "They are built using steel alloy frames, and I always heard they were the strongest. Now I know it."

The Radian 80 convertible car seat is the first and only convertible car seat that can holds children to 80 pounds in a 5 point harness. It also folds to a width of 6 ˝ inches. It exceeds all US safety standards for infant car seats. This Sunshine Kids Radian 80 car seat will probably be the only car seat you will ever need. It may be used for newborn infants all the way to children 80 pounds. Since many state require car seats until your child is 8 years or 80 pounds this Radian car seat may be all you need. FREE CAR SEAT ID CARD with each car seat purchase.

AWARD WINNER: The Radian 65 & 80 were picked by 2008 as the BEST PICK Safe Car Seat! The Britax Roundabout Onyx and Marathon were in their worst car seat list.

SAFE CAR SEAT - Sunshine Kids Radian 80 is the convertible car seat for rear-facing children 5 -45 lbs and forward-facing children up to 80 lbs with the integral 5-point harness. It features a high strength alloy frame and 5 harness slot positions that are all reinforced for forward facing use. A unique detachable base simplifies rear-facing installations. Seat bottom pops-down to provide a forward-facing recline option. 4-layer padding provides extra comfort and support. Includes full body support for infants that converts into height-adjustable head cushions for older kids. The Radian car seat includes padded shoulder strap that attaches directly to the seat for easy carrying. Features SafeStop, to reduce harness load on a child in an accident. It's also the only car seat in the world that folds to just 7" thick.

MOM TESTED - MOTHER APPROVED - As a safety expert and mother of 4, the Sunshine Kids Radian 80 is the car seat I use. I have used and tested many car seats over the years. This is the one I have in my car. It keeps my children in a 5 point harness until 80 pounds. No other car seat on the market does that. And it folds up to store easily in my trunk when needed. I love that it top tethers both rear and forward facing!

CAR SEAT COMPARISON - Sunshine Kids Radian 80 Car Seat VS Britax car seats

A lot of people compare the Radian Convertible Folding Car seat 80 with the Britax Marathon. We believe the Radian Car Seat has the following advantages:

(1) It is foldable, comes with a shoulder strap, easy for travel;
(2) The outside width of the car seat is narrower, yet the inside seating area is wider, thus the overall chair is less bulky with your child sitting more comfortably;
(3) the sides of the Radian car seat are lower, so it is easier for you to get your child in and out of the car seat;
(4) you can fit 3 car seats in the back roll, and there is no way that you can fit 3 Britax car seats in the back;
(5) weight limit of Radian (80 lbs) exceeds that of the Marathon (65 lbs), but price wise, the Radian Folding Car seat is lower than Britax's.
(6) You will only need 1 car seat - the Radian Folding Car Seat - for your child from birth to 80 lbs, but you will still need a booster seat for your child after Britax' Marathon.
(7) Safely standard matches/exceeds that of the Britax.

WATCH THIS VIDEO: The importance of a 5 point harness!

RADIAN MANUAL strap placement information
Rear facing - use nearest slot at or below child's shoulders.
Forward facing - use nearest slot at above child's shoulders.
When using upper slot the level of the child's shoulders can be above the harness slot as long as child is proper height.
Child is too tall for the seat if the tops of the ears are above the back of the seat OR if the child is more than 53" tall.


Item #06-111 Diono Radian 120 Car Seat 
Diono Radian 120 Car Seat
  • Rear facing 5-45 lbs
  • Forward facing to 80 lbs ( in a 5 pt harness)
  • Up to 57" in a 5 point harness
  • Booster up to 120 lbs
  • Steel Alloy Frame
  • SafeStop® energy absorbing harness
  • Side Impact Foam
  • Super Latch System
  • NCAP crash tested
  • Folds flat for storage
  • 10 year life span
  • The only car seat rated for LATCH use with a child up to 80 lbs
  • Infant Support Pillows
Quantity: Color:
Diono Radian 120 Car Seat $309.99
No international shipments available on Radian Car seats.
USA delivery only.
Item #06-110 Diono Radian 100 Car Seat 
Radian 100
  • Rear facing 5-40 lbs
  • Forward facing to 65 lbs ( in a 5 pt harness)
  • Up to 57" in a 5 point harness
  • Booster up to 100 lbs
  • Steel Alloy Frame
  • SafeStop® energy absorbing harness
  • Side Impact Foam
  • Super Latch System
  • NCAP crash tested
  • Folds flat for storage
  • 10 year life span
Quantity: Color:
Diono Radian 100 Car Seat $259.99 SALE $200
Limited to stock on hand. Call for availability.

No international shipments available on Radian Car seats.
USA delivery only.
Item # 03-302 Angel Guard - Seat Belt Cover - Made in the USA!
  • Set of 2
  • Clear in color
  • Simple, Safe, Effective
  • Deterrent not a lock, so remove it once your child conquers it.

    Fits most vehicle buckles 1996 and newer (with red button on top of buckle). These do not fit buses or vans with button in the middle of the buckle. Will not fit a Bentley or earlier Dodge Caravan. Please measure your buckle for fit before ordering.  Inside Measurement:1 1/4” x 2 3/8”
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Angel Guard - 2 Clear Seat Belt Covers $19.99

Item #03-301 Seat Belt Adjuster - Made in the USA!
Seat Belt Adjuster No longer available.


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