HOUDINI - Child Safety Seat Clip

Stroller Safety ClipCHILD SEAT CLIP - Does your child escape from their stroller straps. Do you wish you could find a safety clip that would keep your toddler in safely in the stroller? At last we have found car seat clip that could be the solution you are looking for. Stop Your Escape Artist In Their Tracks & Possibly Save Their Life - Do you have a young child that is constantly pulling their arms out of their child seat or high chair harnessing and putting their safety at risk? Does your wee Houdini love escaping from their car seat, highchair or stroller? Does it drive you insane!!!!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Thanks a million! The Houdini Stop is awesome! I have tried other products, and been so disappointed. Mr. 2 has not "broken out" since!!!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: this product is amazing. I had reached the point where my little Houdini was CONSTANTLY wriggling out of her car seat straps. Then I attached the Houdini Stop and all I heard from the backseat was Miss 2 saying "I can't get my arms out". One less worry in our world now. Excellent product!

Item # 06-212 Houdini Stop - Child Seat Safety Clip
Houdini Stop * Simple to use and effective.
* On & off with one hand
* Suits a wide range of ages
* Use on all 3 pt and 5 pt harnesses
* Multipurpose. Use it with your car seat, highchair or stroller
* Officially crash tested and proven safe
* Deterrent not a lock, so remove it once your child conquers it.
  Add to Cart   Houdini Stop - Child Seat Safety Clip $19.99

CHILD SAFETY CLIP - After many years of having nothing effective on the market. I have invented and developed the perfect solution for you. There is no fiddling around with the child seat or other harnessing. No threading or doming. One click, one hand and its installed. You will now again, drive legally, without the worry of what the Houdini is up to in the back seat. This New Zealand made, quality, car seat chest clip, ensures your child stays safely and correctly positioned within their harness. It simply clips on over the top of your existing strapping and prevents your child from pulling their arms out. This in turn prevents them from possibly flying out of their car seat in a car accident, standing up and possibly falling out of the highchair or tipping out of the stroller.

HOUDINI STOP - Once the Houdini Stop is in place, it will stay there, Your child can not easily move it up or down. This is the failing of most of the other car seat chest clips on the market...... It is universal and can be used on many types of harnesses, from car seats and H Harnesses, highchairs, even prams and strollers. The Houdini Stop is a very useful training product for the stage where your wee one just does not understand the importance of staying inside their harnessing. It suits many age ranges and is simple for a adult or older child to remove if necessary.

CRASH TESTED - The Houdini Stop has been officially crash tested to the AS/NZ 1754 Standard by Autoliv Australia and independently reviewed by ACRI in Australia. This revolutionary car seat chest clip has been proven not to interfere with the existing car seat harnessing in anyway and does not ride up and cause a choking hazard in a simulated accident situation.

CRASH TEST RESULTS - The Houdini Stop had no negative effect on any part of the child car seats, CRS, seat belt webbing, dummies or vehicle seats in any of the tests.


Item # 06-321 Diono See Me - Adjustable Rear View Mirror
Diono See Me - Adjustable Rear View Mirror
  • Flat panel safety mirror to see larger area with no distortion
  • High quality plastic withstands heat and cold in vehicle
  • Grip-lock suction cup
  • 2.25" H x 4.75" W
  Add to Cart  Diono See Me Mirror  $6.99
Item # 06-322 Diono Locking Clip
Diono Locking Clip
  • Made from nickel plated hardened steel
  • Premium locking clip
  • Features specially shaped slots to provide superior performance
  • Fits all vehicle seat belts
  • Crash tested
  • 1" H x 2.5" W
  Add to Cart  Diono Locking Clip  $2.99
Item #03-600 Rescue Facts ID Strap
Rescue Facts ID Straps
  • Adult - fits adult seat belts or adult back pack
  • Adult - 6" x 2" folded
  • Child - Fit car seat strap or child's backpack
  • 4.25" x 1.5" folded
  • Helmet - Fits bike/motorcycle chin strap
  • 3.5" x 1.25" folded
  • Contains Medical Symbol
  • Hook & Loop Closure
  • Each contains a medical information form inside
  • Room for family contact information
Quantity: Color:
Rescue Facts ID Straps $9.99 each

Item #06-323 Diono Soft Wraps Car Seat Harness Pads
Diono Soft Wraps Car Seat Harness Pads
  • Super-plush fabric prevents strap irritation
  • Reversible sides
  • Fits all car seat and buggy straps
  • Hook & Loop closures
  • 6" W x 4.75" H x .25" D
  • Crash Tested
Quantity: Color:
Diono Soft Wraps Car Seat Harness Pads $6.99

Item # 06-320 DIONO SIT RITE - Foam Car Seat Leveler
SIT RITE - Foam Car Seat Leveler
  • Positions rear facing infant car seat at the correct angle
  • Helps to level rear-facing child safety seats
  • Sit-Rite will not flatten during tightening and installation
  • Infant carrier bases and is LATCH compatible
  • Adds firm, lateral support
  • Crash Tested
  Add to Cart  DIONO SIT RITE - Foam Car Seat Leveler  $4.99


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