BUMMIS Organic Cotton Prefold Cloth Diapers

Item #10-BM-400 Bummis Organic Cotton Prefold Cloth Diapers 
Bummis Cotton Prefold Diapers
  • Organic Cotton
  • Certified Organic
  • Package of 6
  • Preemie 4 - 9 lbs (2 - 4 kg) 24 x 33 cm (9.5 x 13") 2 x 6 x 2 ply
  • Infant 7 - 15 lbs (3 - 7 kg) 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16") 4 x 8 x 4 ply
  • Baby 15 - 30 lbs (7 - 14 kg) 35 x 53 cm (14 x 21") 4 x 8 x 4 ply
  • Wash and dry 3-5 times before using to remove natural oils
  • They will shrink approximately 10-20% after the pre-washes.
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Bummis Organic Cotton Prefold Cloth Diapers $9.50-28.00 (6 pk)

BUMMIS PREFOLD DIAPERS - Organic Cotton Prefold Diaper Inserts - Made of 100% certified organic cotton twill! These inserts are a totally affordable luxury. Made of 100% certified organic cotton twill, they are wonderfully thick and thirsty. They come in a gorgeous unbleached color and are incredibly soft. The more you wash them, the softer they become! Place our prefold cloth diaper inside a Super Lite, Super Whisper Wrap, Super Brite or Bummis Original to create an effective and affordable diaper. Superb absorption and a snug and waterproof fit – you just can’t go wrong with prefolds and wraps! They are versatile and extremely durable.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Best Diaper on the Market - I am constantly amazed by how fantastic Bummis prefolds are, and since getting my first 6-pack these have quickly become my favorite diaper. There are many things I love about these diapers - how easy they are to use, how well they wash, their price, the fact that Bummis is a Canadian company - but by far the best thing about these prefolds is how absorbent they are. My daughter is a very heavy wetter and I've tried every kind of diaper under the sun in an effort to keep leaks at bay and the only diapers that I've had consistent success with are Bummis prefolds. They are so absorbent that they work better than any hemp or bamboo prefolds/fitteds I've tried - the Bummis have NEVER leaked, even when they've been saturated completely from back to front. I recently tried the prefolds for overnight (stuffed into a pocket-fitted diaper or doubled up) and they contain my 18-month-old daughter's overnight torrent as well as or better than the bamboo fitted diapers I'd previously been using.

PrefoldsCUSTOMER COMMENTS: Awesome Product! I purchased three packages of 6 (infant size) to diaper my newborn. They worked great, were soft, and super absorbent!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Bummis Prefolds - I first started using the so called "fancy" cloth diaper but they are not very absorbent unless you use a bulk of inserts or doublers...I then tried some Bummis prefolds and they are the cats meow...They are super soft and absorbent...I use them along with Bummis Super Brite Covers and the yare awesome...

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: LOVE 'em! I love these prefolds. In my stash I have a plethora of other prefolds both and the Bummis by far take the cake. After washing they become more and more absorbent and shrink a bit, but from beginning to end they are so soft!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Excellent prefolds - I have been using the Bummis organic cotton prefolds since my daughter was born. She is now 10 months. The Bummis prefolds are far superior to anything I have tried. I use the Bummis Super Whisper wraps with the prefolds. The combination contains urine and feces so much better than disposables. The Bummis prefolds wash up very nicely. They are easy to take care of. In fact, I am surprised how low maintenance they are. I am loaning my infant prefolds to a friend who is expecting in January. I am sure she will love them too. Because of the great quality, I will probably never have to buy cloth diapers again. I am planning on these lasting long enough to use with all my children and then pass down to my grandkids. You can't beat the price or the quality.


Item #10-BM-701 Bummis Pull-on Diaper Cover
Bummis Pull-on Diaper Cover
  • Very lightweight
  • For use with fitted diapers only
  • Use with a prefold insert secured with a Snappi or Pin
  • Roomy - this pant will cover even the bulkiest fitted diaper
  • No elastic in the bindings for an extra gentle fit.
  • Stretchy lycra bindings prevent leaks
  • Perfect over potty training pants
  • Small 8 - 18 lbs / 4 - 8 kg
  • Medium 16 - 26 lbs / 7 - 12 kg
  • Large 22 - 32 lbs / 10 - 15 kg
  • X-Large 30 - 40 lbs / 14 - 18 kg
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Bummis Pull-on Diaper Cover  $7.99
Item #10-BM-402 Bummis Bio-soft Liners
Bummis Bio-Soft Liners
  • 100% viscose rayon
  • Make diaper changes easy
  • Roll of 100
  • Small 5" x 12"
  • Large 7.5" x 12"
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in England
Quantity: Color:
Bummis Bio-soft Liners  $6.00 / $8.00
Item #10-BB-406 Blueberry Bamboo Prefold Diapers - 6 Pack
Blueberry Bamboo Prefold Diapers
  • These prefolds are as basic as you can get with cloth diapering
  • Made with 4x8x4 layers
  • 55% bamboo viscose/45% organic cotton twill
  • Gets softer and more absorbent the longer it is used.
  • NEWBORN measures 12x13" and is good for babies 5-10 lbs.
  • SMALL measures 12x16" and is good for babies 7-15 lbs.
  • MEDIUM fits 12-25 lbs
  • LARGE fits 16-30 lbs.
Quantity: Color:
Blueberry Bamboo Prefold Diapers - 6 Pack $25.99-$35.99
SALE $23.00-$32.00
Limited to stock on hand. No other discounts apply.

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Item # 10-BM-401 BUMMIS Fleece Liners
Bummis Fleece Diaper Liners
  • Package of 5
  • Made from recycled unbleached materials
  • Keep your cloth diaper unstained
  • Perfect when using diaper ointment
  • Create that "stay dry" feel for your baby
  Add to Cart  BUMMIS Fleece Liners  $5.00

Item #10-BM-800 SWIMMIS Swim Diaper by Bummis 
swim diaper
  • Mesh liner to hold in poop
  • Small 9 - 15 lbs / 4 - 7 kg
  • Medium 15 - 22 lbs / 7 - 10 kg
  • Large 22 - 30 lbs / 10 - 13.5 kg
  • XL 30 lbs+ / 13.5 kg
  • These are only estimates. A thin 22 lb child would wear a medium. A chunky 22 lb child would wear a large.
Quantity: Color:
Swimmis Swim Diaper $14.99 each


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