BUMMIS Fleece Liners - Cloth Diaper Liner

Item # 10-BM-401 BUMMIS Fleece Liners
Bummis Fleece Diaper Liners
  • Package of 5
  • Made from recycled unbleached materials
  • Keep your cloth diaper unstained
  • Perfect when using diaper ointment
  • Create that "stay dry" feel for your baby
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FLEECE LINERS - These great micro fleece liners wick moisture away from your baby’s skin and into the absorbent cloth diaper below, creating that “stay dry” sensation. They are super soft and breathable, and especially great for night time comfort. Fleece liners ensure easy clean-ups as well! Solids will slide off easily and our liners will protect your baby’s diaper from being damaged by creams and ointments. Layer on top of any cloth diaper and add a flushable liner if desired.

CLOTH DIAPER LINERS - Our Fleece Liners are made from Repreve – “more than recycled” polyester! It’s all about giving back … Repreve is a member of 1% For The Planet, an alliance of businesses that donate at least 1% of their annual revenues to environmental organizations worldwide. See Repreve .com for more information. Using Repreve polyester is part of our efforts to be a responsible manufacturer creating sustainable products at home in North America.

As with all our products, the Fleece Liners are guaranteed lead, phthalate and BPA free.
Our lovely minimalist packaging is environmentally friendly; made of chlorine free recycled fibers.
5 liners per package

CUSTOMER COMMENTS - Fleece Liners - Our son was constantly waking up at night because of his wet diaper so we decided to try the fleece liners after reading some reviews. The first night he slept all through the night, 11 hours!!! We rushed out and bought two more packages!! They stay just as soft after washing and they keep cream from touching the cloth diapers! Couldn't be happier with this product!!! Highly recommend them to everyone, and with the great price how can you resist?!?!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS - Fleece Liners - Our second daughter is a light sleeper and was always waking up at night. When we started using the Fleece Liners she started sleeping through the night much more often. What a helpful product!

CUSTOMER COMMENTS - Fleece Liners - I was given the Fleece Liners to do a review on. Let me just say that they have been a lifesaver for me numerous times. My daughter has started trying new foods and has had a reaction to a few of them. I love these liners because I am able to use diaper cream with my cloth diapers and not mess the diapers up. I just put diaper cream on her bottom and some on the fleece liner, stick it in the diaper and don't think about it again until her next change. They are SO soft and I wash them with her regular laundry (I don't want the cream residue to get on my diapers) and air dry them. I was worried they might shrink up or lose their shape after washing, but I was surprised to find they didn't. I recommend everyone try the Bummis Fleece Liners!


Item #10-KN-403 Knickernappies Fleece Liner
Knickernappies Fleece Liner  To use the fleece liner, simply lay it on top of any diaper. It may be used with a prefold, pocket diaper, AIO, or fitted. It won't bunch up or slide around like many disposable liners and your baby will enjoy the stay-dry softness of fleece. If you are using the liner with diaper cream, I suggest using two liners for maximum protection.
100% polyester.
Made in the USA
A single layer of micro-fleece
Protect your diapers from rash creams
  Add to Cart  Knickernappies Fleece Liner $1.99
Item #10-BM-402 Bummis Bio-soft Liners
Bummis Bio-Soft Liners
  • 100% viscose rayon
  • Make diaper changes easy
  • Roll of 100
  • Small 5" x 12"
  • Large 7.5" x 12"
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in England
Quantity: Color:
Bummis Bio-soft Liners  $6.00 / $8.00
Item #10-BM-800 SWIMMIS Swim Diaper by Bummis 
swim diaper
  • Mesh liner to hold in poop
  • Small 9 - 15 lbs / 4 - 7 kg
  • Medium 15 - 22 lbs / 7 - 10 kg
  • Large 22 - 30 lbs / 10 - 13.5 kg
  • XL 30 lbs+ / 13.5 kg
  • These are only estimates. A thin 22 lb child would wear a medium. A chunky 22 lb child would wear a large.
Quantity: Color:
Swimmis Swim Diaper $14.99 each


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