BUGGY BAGG® - Baby Shopping Cart Cover

Item #09-202/210 Buggy Bagg Shopping Cart Cover
Buggy Bagg Shopping cart seat cover, high chair cover and diaper bag in one! It is the Cadillac of shopping cart covers.  4 elastic bottle cup holders. 2 toy loops. Diaper Bag Section. NOTE: Toys not included! Buggy Bagg Elites are made in the USA from designer fabrics only found in the USA.
Quantity: Color: Buggy Bagg Elite $89.99
BUGGY BAGG - The Buggy Bagg Original & Elite are a combination shopping cart seat cover, high chair cover and diaper bag in one! It is the Cadillac of shopping cart covers. With this amazing shopping cart cover you do not even need to take a diaper bag. It is a shopping cart cover, diaper changing pad, high chair cover and diaper bag all in one.

MOTHER APPROVED - I have heard from several moms who bought less expensive inferior shopping cart covers that did not do all they wanted, then they bought the Buggy Bagg shopping cart cover and were happier with this shopping cart cover than any others they tried.

BABY SHOPPING CART COVER - The Buggy Bagg shopping cart cover will protect your child from germs on shopping cart. You never know what germs were left behind on the cart from the previous child. The Buggy Bagg shopping cart cover also keeps your child dry and warm instead of damp and cold when the cart was outside. The Buggy Bagg has lots of features not seen in our shopping cart covers. It is the easiest to use, the most padded, has the most and largest pockets (all zippered), and even has a pillow to help the younger ones to sit up. NOTE: The Junior version does not have the extra padding and diaper bag option.

NOTE: Some of the colors/patterns listed below have been discontinued by the manufacturer. The drop down box above is current.

Buggy Bagg Elite (below)



Round About

Baby Blooms





- A amazing Buggy Bagg shopping cart seat cover cover is simple to operate. It only requires one hand to operate while the child can be managed with the other. When done, it zips up into a handy /diaper bag which is machine washable. A shopping cart cover from Buggy Bag is efficient. It is multi-purpose, serving as a diaper bag, shopping cart seat liner and can be used in most restaurant high chairs. The Buggy Bag shopping Cart Cover is comfortable for the child, with a padded seat and detachable pillow. It is a very versatile product as it can be used from infant to toddlers up to 4 years.

- The deluxe Buggy Bagg Baby Shopping Cart Cover allows the child to lay sideways with pillow supporting the head or sit up and use pillow in front, behind or detach and remove. It has a belt to help infants not quite able to sit on their own yet. Our baby Shopping Cart Cover is also very orderly as features multiple pockets and compartments to carry diaper items. Parents need not worry about safety as it is equipped with inside and outside safety belts. A cover from Buggy Bagg covers 100% of the shopping cart. It is the only one on the market that you can use from birth!


* Excellent/Durable Quality.* Covers 100% of the seating area.
* 2 safety straps (one strap for the child and one that secures the BuggyBagg to the cart)
* Plush quilted fabric for the utmost comfort.
* Matching detachable pillow included.
* Easy to install, inserts within 30 seconds.
* 100% machine washable.
* Folds to compact size.
* 4 elastic bottle cup holders.
* 2 toy loops.
* 1 large diaper bag section for wipes, diapers, toys, snacks ect.
* 2 smaller personal items compartments for keys, cell phone wallet.


* Protects your child from viruses, bacteria, & bodily fluids left on cart/high chair.
* Protects from environmental elements i.e cold seat bars.
* If it saves your child one trip to the Dr. It had paid for itself.
* Lets you shop with ease, while your baby shops in comfort and style.

FITS BIGGER SHOPPING CARTS - All of our BUGGY BAGG shopping cart covers fit the oversized carts at places like Sam's Club & Costco. They also fit smaller carts at places like Old Navy & the Dollar Store. This Authentic Original Buggy Bagg is the only shopping cart seat cover, highchair cover, changing pad & diaper bag all in one! It has more padding and features than any other. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations or those who claim that their cover is the best. The Original Buggy Bagg is the top of the line & simply the absolute best you will find.

1. While holding you child, place BuggyBagg® in shopping cart seat and unzip.
2. Drape Diaper bag section over the back grid of seat.
3. Skirt elastic section over the cart handle covering all surfaces.
4. Clip safety buckle and adjust to fit snuggly around your child's waist.
5. Close the safety pads around the cart leg bar.
6. Clip outside safety belt to back grid of the shopping cart seat securing the BuggyBagg® to the shopping cart.

The BUGGY BAGG is the ONLY product I've purchased (or tried out in the store) that truly requires only ONE hand! With my baby on my shoulder, I drop this bag into the cart seat, I unzip it flip the 'diaper pocket' over the back, pull the generous, elastic edged cover up and over the cart handle and that's just about it.

The ORIGINAL BuggyBagg was made by a grandmother in Lake City, Florida from a request from her daughter for her little girl. People all over the town fell in love with the BuggyBagg and wanted one for their own children or grandchildren.


Item #08-302 Safe Sippy 2  
Dapper Snappers Toddler Belt
  • Free of Bisphenol A, DEHA and phtahlates
  • For use with cold liquids only
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Holds 11 ounces
  • Ages 6 months and up
  • Convertible sippy-to-straw drink cup
  • Leak proof sippy value
  • Straw value option (not leak proof)
  • Clean non-leaching stainless steel
  • Travel cap and plug
  • Colorful protective sleeve that insulates little hands from cold liquid
Quantity: Color:     Safe Sippy 2 - $15.99 each


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