BUCKLE GUARD PRO - Seat Belt Buckle Guard

Don’t let your “little Houdini's” escape from their seat belts while you’re busy driving the car!
The Next Generation of Child Auto Safety Devices - The Buckle Guard Pro! Have you protected your child?

CUSTOMER COMMENT - Seat Belt Buckle Guard great for children with special needs. It has been perfect, not having to worry about my son unhooking his seatbelt and climbing all over the van. My son is 6 years old and has Downs Syndrome and would not stay buckled. It is easy to use and does the job!

Item # 03-307 Buckle Guard
Buckle Guard Pro
  • Made in the USA!
  • Easily slips onto the seat belt buckle without any tools
  • Can be quickly removed by an adult or an older child
  • Works with most car seats, booster seats, and standard seat belts
  • Works for special needs kids and adults, and on school buses
  • Deterrent not a lock, so remove it once your child conquers it.
  • Buckle Guard Pro for current red button on top buckles
  • Original Buckle Guard for older metal push button center buckles.
Quantity: Color:
Buckle Guard Pro  2 pack  $17.99 (Inside dimension 1" x 2.5")
Original Buckle Guard $7.99 (inside dimension 1" x 2.25"
NOTE: Measure your buckle before ordering

The Buckle Guard Pro helps keep Children Safely buckled up while in a moving vehicle yet it is easy to undo by an older child or adult, simply, with one hand! It works on all seat belt buckles and also can help keep child and booster seats secure in a vehicle. The original Buckle Guard has been on the market for over a decade with a proven history for keeping children safely buckled up. The new Buckle Guard Pro is a redesign to fit the seat belts of today's vehicles as well as the past with a contemporary new look. These fit most all kinds of car/van/bus buckles.

Buckle Guard

Buckle Guard Pro

Buckle Guard PRO has arrived, and not a minute too soon! In 1994, the company introduced the original Seat Belt Buckle Guard™, the first, patented child safety device that deterred children from unbuckling their seat belts while riding in a motorized vehicle. The New Buckle Guard PRO is more universal than the original Buckle Guard and will fit the larger seat belt buckles in today’s cars, vans, SUVs, and buses. It has a sleek design and, of course, the famous FDA approved "Push and Turn" child safety cap that is used to secure the device. It easily slips onto the seat belt buckle without any tools and be removed quickly by an adult or older child. It works with car seats, booster seats and standard seat belts by adding an extra layer of protection and peace of mind that parents need.
The Original buckle guard was designed to fit this older style buckle with push button in the middle.
The new Buckle Guard Pro is designed to fit most of the newer buckles like this. The buckle must be accessible like this not down in a box in the seat.

SEAT BELT COVER - Babies and toddlers are curious by nature. it doesn't take long before your sweet little one is able to locate and press that tempting little red button on their seat belt buckle and unbuckle their own seat belt! You also need to watch out for double trouble. Twins and young siblings can reach over and open each other’s seat belt buckles. Buckle Guard Pro can stand guard in the back seat while you drive the car.

SPECIAL NEEDS - Buckle Guard Pro also works for special needs kids and adults and on school buses. And do not forget that grandparents and your child care providers also need a Buckle Guard Pro for their vehicles.

WARNING: This product is not a life-saving device and is used only as a deterrent. Once your child can open Buckle Guard PRO and access the release button, stop using it immediately.


Item # 03-302 Angel Guard - Seat Belt Cover - Made in the USA!
  • Set of 2
  • Clear in color
  • Simple, Safe, Effective
  • Deterrent not a lock, so remove it once your child conquers it.

    Fits most vehicle buckles 1996 and newer (with red button on top of buckle). These do not fit buses or vans with button in the middle of the buckle. Will not fit a Bentley or earlier Dodge Caravan. Please measure your buckle for fit before ordering.  Inside Measurement:1 1/4” x 2 3/8”
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Angel Guard - 2 Clear Seat Belt Covers $19.99

Item #06-213 Baby Buckle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover
Baby Buckle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover Baby Buckle Pad® has 5 Awesome Benefits
-No more tears from accidental pinching of delicate little thighs.
-No more pressure from buckle! (Stop the 'Digging In’ discomfort.)
-No more Hot/Cold metal buckle against delicate little thighs.
-No more unsightly pressure marks on skin from buckle.
-Discourages buckle release from curious little fingers. (Soft, Cute child friendly pad faces up at the child.)
Quantity: Style:
Baby Buckle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover $19.99


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