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Item #10-BBD-100 Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Shell 
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Item #10-BBD-400 Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Inserts
Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Shell
  • 3 Kinds of Insert: Stay Dry, Hemp/Cotton, Overnight, Hemp/Organic Cotton Overnight
  • 3 Sizes of Inserts; Small: birth-14lbs, Medium: 11-22lbs, Large: 16-35lbs
  • Inserts Snap-in and out
  • Stay Dry is 4 layers of super thirsty microfiber topped with a super soft no-pill fleece
  • Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert is 5 layers of hemp/Certified Organic cotton topped with a soft layer of hemp/Certified Organic cotton fleece
  • Overnight Insert is 6 layers of super thirsty microfiber with snaps on both sides.
  • Snap stay dry or hemp on top of the over night
  • Made in the USA
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Best Bottom Cloth Diapers - My Precious Kid is thrilled to have a full supply of Best Bottom Cloth Diapers. Snap in inserts. USA Made. Great cloth diapers at a great price! 8 shells plus 24 Inserts will cover 2 days of diapering you baby for only less than $250. And for a 2 year package get 8 Inserts plus 24 Small insert, 24 Medium Inserts, and 24 Large Inserts for $450 for your babies needs from birth to potty training.

NEW - Now we have snap in waist extenders for $4.99 each to extend the size of your covers for your toddlers. Check the drop down under the diaper covers above.

How Does The Best Bottom System Work:

Simplify, simplify, simplify! Many may start researching cloth diapers, get overwhelmed and quit. Best Bottoms are YOUR solution! So easy to use yet comes with lots of options so you can get a customized system for your baby.

1. Adjust front snaps to achieve the size needed.
2. Snap insert into diaper.
3. Put diaper on baby and go!
4. When baby needs a diaper change snap out soiled insert and snap clean one in.
5. Put diaper on baby and go AGAIN. The Best Bottom shell is wipe-able and can be used multiple times before washing but you may want to air dry between uses but it is not necessary.

So to make it SIMPLE you will need approx 8-10 shells and 18-24 inserts per size. How easy is that?!

Best Bottom Cloth DiapersCUSTOMER COMMENT: I have been cloth diapering since my oldest was a baby. That was nine years ago and Best Bottoms were not around -- I wish they had been! My 2 year old and my 5 week old are (obviously) still in diapers and these are our go-to diapers. I can't say enough good things about these shells...they fit without leaving red marks, are easily cleaned and the fit is just about perfect. I also love that the shells are reusable, just wipe and go. I also use the stay-dry inserts, which means my diaper bag is a lot less bulky, since I just throw in a few inserts and go. I am a big fan of the hook and loop closure, which a lot of people don't like, but it works excellent for fit and it is so strong my toddler can't undo it, no matter how much he fiddles with it. I have almost all the well known brands in my stash, and Best Bottoms are my favorite, hands down. Also, my toddler would get a nasty rash if left in his CDs overnight, but we have not had that problem with the Best Bottoms and the stay-dry insert. My newborn has had several "explosions" that would have leaked all over the place in disposables, or even other CDs, but were safely contained in the BB. My husband likes these, too. He likes that they just snap in and out, no stuffing required. All in all, great diaper!

Best Bottom Diaper Fit:

Fits from birth to 35+ lbs. We added special leg gussets to help keep everything in, adjustable rise with four settings, and overlapping closure in both snap and hook & loop. This is a very trim fitting diaper so please be extra careful that none of the insert is sticking out of the shell. Also, after the diaper is on, pull the leg gussets out around baby's legs. This will guard against leaks and help avoid any red marks.

Best Bottom Diaper Quality:

The highest quality of materials available have been selected with as much of the raw materials made in the USA as we could find. The entire Shell is made with USA-made materials! ALL of our products are proudly handcrafted in the USA at local factories helping to support the local economy and reduce our environmental impact. We use durable snaps and hook & loop, double layer of waterproof PUL creating a perfect no-leak sturdy shell with a wipe-able inside lasting for many washes.


Bestbottom diaper stay dry inserts

We wanted to keep it simple but know that our customers want choices! We have created two different types of Regular inserts to snap into the shell for everyday use. You can mix and match meeting all preferences and needs. Both insert types are super trim making the Best Bottom one size diapering system one of the trimmest cloth diapers around. We offer each of our Stay Dry and Hemp/Organic Cotton inserts in three different sizes. Sizing is approximate and will depend on size and shape of baby as well as how heavy of a wetter.

Small: birth-14lbs, Medium: 11-22lbs, Large: 16-35lbs.

1. Our Stay Dry Insert consists of 4 layers of super thirsty microfiber topped with a super soft no-pill fleece pulling wetness away from baby's bottom keeping them feeling dry.
2. Our Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert consists of 5 layers of hemp/Certified Organic cotton topped with a soft layer of hemp/Certified Organic cotton fleece. This insert is so trim you will be able to have your baby wear jeans again! Please note that hemp inserts will shrink slightly during first washings making them consistent with the other insert sizing.

Our Overnight option makes cloth diapering at night with no leaks a breeze! Each Overnight insert consists of 6 layers of super thirsty microfiber made to fit with any Regular insert option of the same size. Snap in the Overnight option and snap a Regular insert on top - you choose if you want to use the Stay Dry option or Hemp/Organic Cotton option touching your baby!

Oh so easy!!

Best Bottom Diaper Use - Before first use the shells, stay dry inserts, and overnight inserts only need to be washed one time. Hemp/Organic Cotton inserts need to be washed 4-6 times to reach full absorbency. Please note that hemp inserts will shrink slightly during first washings making them consistent with the other insert sizing.

1. Remove solids
2. Either reuse the shell until soiled or wash day. Separate shell from insert before washing. Fasten laundry tabs (if applicable).
3. Rinse cold, wash warm/hot with 1/4-1/2 additive-free detergent, rinse (warm or cold).
4. Tumble dry or line dry. No fabric softeners or rash creams (if you need to use rash creams put a barrier between baby and diaper for example a flushable liner or reusable wipe work great).

We recommend washing every 2-3 days. We have found that the Best Bottom system washes beautifully as it takes up less space in your washing machine allowing more room for agitation getting your diapers super clean.

Blue Moon

Chunky Monkey

Cookies N Cream



Blue Giraffe

Green Giraffe

Cookie Monster

Pink Giraffe

Key Lime Pie

Mint Chocolate Chip

Hedge Hog



Wild Berry

Huckleberry Cobbler

Strawberry Shortcake

Very Cherry


Plum Pie



Fox Trot

Foxy Frolic

G.I. Jane

Open Season Camo

Dragonfly Ripple

Tie Dye


Item # 10-KN-500 Knickernappies Cloth Diaper Sprayer
Diaper Sprayer
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to use
  • Brass fittings instead of plastic like other brands
  • Sturdy supply hose will not burst or leak
  • Complete shut-off valve (some other brands do not have this feature)
  • Assembled in the USA
  • The hose is 48" long
  Add to Cart  Knickernappies Cloth Diaper Sprayer $43.99


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