1. The Baby K'tan™ Baby Carrier (“Baby K'tan™” or “Carrier”) is NOT a car seat or a bicycle seat. Never wear your child in the Carrier while traveling in a motorized vehicle of any type or riding a bicycle, scooter, skateboard or engaging in any similar activity. In the event of an accident or fall, your child would have no restraint and could be seriously injured or killed.

2. The Baby K'tan™ is NOT to be used for a child weighing more than 42 pounds
(up to approximately 3-4 years old).

3. Until your child has sufficient head and neck control, ONLY the "cradle" or "twin" positions may be used; Do NOT carry child in any of the other carrying positions - "explore", "adventure", "hug", "hip", "two-hip" or "back" - until your child can hold his/her head upright unassisted.

4. The "hip" position of the Baby K'tan may NOT be used before your child is able to sit up unassisted. When you are wearing your child in the "hip" position, keep one arm encircling the child's back at all times for support and balance. When placing your child in, or taking you child out of, the "back" position, the assistance of a second adult is recommended.

5. The "Twin" position should only be used for babies weighing up to 10 lbs each.

6. Before every use, make sure that the fabric and seams of the Baby K'tan are in good condition. If there are worn areas of fabric, rips, loose seams or other visible signs of damage or deterioration to the Carrier, DISCONTINUE use of the Carrier.

7. While wearing your child in the Baby K'tan, ALWAYS make sure that there is enough room around your child's nose and mouth to provide a clear source of air. CHECK OFTEN to ensure that the fabric does not cover your child's face, that the position of your body does not restrict your child's airflow, and that your child's chin is not pressed down into his/her chest thereby restricting airflow.

8. While wearing your child in the Baby K'tan, CHECK OFTEN to make sure that your child is not too hot, the fabric fits snugly but not too tight, and that your child is secure in the Carrier. If the Carrier does not fit snugly over you and your child or feels too tight, DISCONTINUE use of the Carrier; you may need a different size.

9. The Baby K'tan is designed for use by adults when walking or sitting only. The Carrier is NOT to be used while participating in strenuous activity and sports. NEVER lie down with your child in the Carrier.

10. If you bend or stoop down while wearing your child in the Baby K'tan, do NOT bend at the waist; ALWAYS bend at the knees and make sure your child stays secure in the Carrier.

11. Do NOT leave your child in the Baby K'tan after you have removed the Carrier. Do NOT put your child in a crib, play area or otherwise leave him/her unattended while still in the Carrier. A child could strangle or suffocate in the fabric if left unattended.

12. When wearing your child in the Baby K'tan move carefully around doorways, sharp edges, hot objects and anything else that could potentially injure your child. Do NOT drink hot beverages or cook while wearing your child in the Carrier.

13. The Carrier should NOT be worn by persons experiencing back problems.

14. Neither Baby K'tan, LLC, nor its affiliates, distributors, wholesalers or retailers are responsible for accidents or injuries that occur from improper use of the Carrier or use that is not recommended by Baby K'tan, or as a result of any subsequent alteration or modification to the Carrier.

15. Read the instructions in this Owner's Manual carefully BEFORE placing your child in the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier and always wear the Carrier properly to minimize the possibility of injury to you or your child.