Baby Buckle Pad by Momma Edison - Car seat Buckle Cover

Baby Buckle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover by Momma Edison - At last I found a product that covers the car seat buckle, which helps distract your child from figuring out how to unbuckle themselves. And it protects your child from hot buckles and pinched legs. It can be used on car seats, strollers, high chairs or any other baby product with a 3 pt or 5 pt harness buckle. This car seat buckle cover will help protect your children. Another great perk about this product is unlike most baby products you can use for a long time. They're in car seats forever! The Baby Buckle Pad is an awesome buckle pad protector that fits car seats, infant seats, strollers, high chairs. Almost anything with a 3 to 5 point harness. It's very easy to use and remove.

Item #06-213 Baby Buckle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover
Baby Buckle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover Baby Buckle PadŽ has 5 Awesome Benefits
-No more tears from accidental pinching of delicate little thighs.
-No more pressure from buckle! (Stop the 'Digging In’ discomfort.)
-No more Hot/Cold metal buckle against delicate little thighs.
-No more unsightly pressure marks on skin from buckle.
-Discourages buckle release from curious little fingers. (Soft, Cute child friendly pad faces up at the child.)
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Baby Buckle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover $19.99

CUSTOMER COMMENT: My sister called recently and told me that whenever she was driving with her son (Matthew) in the car, her little man would press the button to release his car seat safety belt. The fact that he could release the safety belt terrified my sister. She did not know what to do to stop him from pressing the button. So, I told her about the Baby Buckle Pad. She thought the Baby Buckle Pad was a great idea and said she'd love to try it. As soon as she received the Baby Buckle Pad, she put in on Mattie's car seat. It has worked like a charm. Matthew no longer presses the button to release his car seat belt. My sister, Christine, no longer worries about Matthew's safety when he's in her car. This product is a wonderful invention. Every Mom should have a Baby Buckle Pad!

Easy to use with new and existing car seats, strollers, high chairs, baby swings, etc. Fits baby & child’s 3 to 5 point harness items. Easy to remove and clean. Buy one for each car, for travel & for each of your child's harness items.

Directions: Baby Buckle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover by Momma Edison

Step 1: Push buckle through elastic opening on the bottom back pad of the Baby Buckle PadŽ. (The first time this may be a snug fit to pop on but it will fit buckles with a 'triangle' width as shown in car seat photo below.) The animal face will be looking up at the child. Please note that the animal face will be upside down for the parent as seen in the final step (4) below.

Baby Bucle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover

Step 2: Buckle should rest on grip material on inner bottom pad. See photo below.

Baby Bucle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover

Step 3: Buckle your child securely into the harness seat as shown in photo below. Pull top Baby Buckle PadŽ between harness straps if necessary.

Baby Bucle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover

Step 4: Fold over the top pad between harnesses' straps to meet the Hook/loop tabs on the bottom of pad. The animal face will be looking up at the child. Please note that the animal face will be upside down for the parent.

Baby Bucle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover

To Remove:

* Lift top pad of Baby Buckle PadŽ from bottom of Baby Buckle PadŽ Hook/loop & release buckle to remove child. Reverse steps 1 -4.

* Okay to leave Baby Buckle PadŽ attached for next use. Always re-adjust Baby Buckle PadŽ if leaving it on the seat buckle. It's the same idea as you would normally adjust harness straps every time you position your child in seat.

* Hand Wash Recommended Only.

WARNING: This is NOT a toy. Use adult supervision at all times. Baby Buckle Pad - Car Seat Buckle Cover by Momma Edison

CUSTOMER COMMENT: I love the Baby Buckle Pad, and so does my 2-year old!!! It is brilliant to have an adorable little lion on the buckle of her carseat to help me from accidently pinching my toddler's skin (and yes- I've done that!), and to protect her from the hot plastic of the buckle after sitting in the sun (which is all the time in Los Angeles!) My toddler gets so excited when I put her in her carseat, that she "roars" and says "lion - lion!!!" Mommy and baby could not be happier with such an adorable, beneficial, and easy-to-use item like Momma Edison's Baby Buckle Pad!!!

CUSTOMER COMMENT: We love the Baby Buckle Pad! I wish I got one sooner. I had a stretch where my daughter was always trying to get out of her car seat but now the cute lion helps in keeping the car sear buckled plus it eliminates her legs getting pinched. Thanks so much, Momma Edison, for such a great idea.

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    Fits most vehicle buckles 1996 and newer (with red button on top of buckle). These do not fit buses or vans with button in the middle of the buckle. Will not fit a Bentley or earlier Dodge Caravan. Please measure your buckle for fit before ordering.  Inside Measurement:1 1/4” x 2 3/8”
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  • Deterrent not a lock, so remove it once your child conquers it.
  • Buckle Guard Pro for current red button on top buckles
  • Original Buckle Guard for older metal push button center buckles.
Quantity: Color:
Buckle Guard Pro  2 pack  $17.99 (Inside dimension 1" x 2.5")
Original Buckle Guard $7.99 (inside dimension 1" x 2.25"
NOTE: Measure your buckle before ordering


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