Working An Event!

By Kay Green, 
Copyright 2003-2013

Working a business event (fair, expo, fest, booth, etc.) is mostly about attitude. I find that every event I have done has been successful in my eyes. While other may sit at their booth waiting for people to approach them or complaining about the lack of traffic, I Don't! 

Instead I stand up, smile, talk to everyone who walks by: comment on their cute kids, ask if they would like to have free coupons or ask if they would like to sign up for the drawing, or ask if they have gotten my products for their child. I interact and network with other vendors promoting each other. 

Most events are more about leads then selling. After the event mail every lead slip a flyer and a coupon. Call all leads that asked for information. The follow up is key. DO not let those leads become dead by sitting in your desk drawing. Call them the very next week

What to take to an event:

I make a tri-folded foam board display.

I make a sign that says My COMPANY name and

a large Company logo

I make a sign listing some uses of my products and photos.

Add border or colors stickers or foam shapes


Make a drawing box and have lots of drawing slips asking:

Do you want more info about:

~buying products

~profit with home business

~hosting a class

~fundraiser info

~join my newsletter (get email address)


Have lots of flyers and business cards to give away

Have some products for sale. Show prices clearly!

Never leave your table with products on it. People will steal them.

I swap my flyers with other business owners. I get them to send me coupons for their products. I make up FREE COUPON PACKS for parents and hand them out with my info. I have never had someone say no to free coupon packs. This way I know my info is in their hands when they go home. I also give these away on my web site and when I am at the mall and meet a mom with kids in tow.

I take candy to give away. nothing with peanuts and nothing a child can choke on.

Maybe individually wrapped gummy bears. You can also have magnets, pens, bookmarks to giveaway.

If I take my 15 yr daughter with me I take either a hand print rubber stamp and stamp kids hands. Or a stamp pad and little pieces of paper that says individually of My Precious Kid®, then we do one thumb print for them to take home. Diaper wipes cut in 3rds will take off the ink.

I load everything in a large suitcase with wheels so I can roll it in and put it under my table to hold inventory and supplies. Set up your display at home the first time to find your look. I do a solid red color table cloth on the table too.

If people stop I ask them if they have seen My company products before. I offer some special if they buy today. I give them the free coupon packs and maybe another for them to share with a friend.

The key is to network. Use every opportunity to share you passion about your company with those that are present. I never figure on income from selling (although I always sell some). I go expecting leads and questions. Everything else is icing on the cake!

What can you do to make your next networking event a SUCCESS in your eyes?

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Kay & Haley Green

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