What Kind of Marketing

By Kay Green, www.MyPreciousKid.com
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I see 2 kinds of marketing we do. We need a a balance of both.

1. Offensive marketing: placing ads, mailing out flyers, putting flyers in stores, putting drawing lead boxes in locations, handing out coupons, flyer swaps etc. We find that the easiest because it is no person to person contact for us. And it requires the customers to contact us if they want help.

2. Defensive Marketing: when we call a customer and ask how we can help them, when we ask a school to hold a fundraiser, when we talk to a person face to face (or on the phone) and ASK them for a dating or a sale.

To be successful you must do BOTH kinds in balance, What kind of marketing are you doing? one or both? If both what percentage of each. I encourage you to make 5 defensive contacts every day.

Ilene Meckley talked about it when her kids where little. She planned one 3 -5 minute phone contact an hour through out the day every week day. She would call saying she was doing customer service and see how should could help them. 

1st - she asked if they had considered running a home business along side their family. Then she listen to them. If they said no and had an objection she listen to see if the object was valid or need some more information. If they said yes she made an appointment to go over and help them signup and get started.

2nd - Then she said the other thing she loved to offer her customers was an opportunity to hold a class/party and help her hostesses get free products. She asked if they would like to receive some free products. Then she listened. If they said no then she listen to see if the objection was only a need for more information. If they said yes she set a date right then and promised to help hostess coach them for a positive party

3rd - She said she offered a buying service for her customers. Would she like to be on her list for future updates for sales and specials. And also would she like to order today and take advantage of a special she was offering

See how in 3-5 minutes she ASKED for 3 things and she LISTENED to her customers. She said This is called SHARING and CARING is being ok with whatever choices they made for themselves and their family. The only mistake is to not ask and assume the person would say no. If you do not ask it is an automatic NO!


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