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By Kay Green, www.MyPreciousKids.com  
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We all spend our lives thinking “what if…..?” Many of these what ifs never happen and we are thankful. It does us no good to think on many of these, since we can do nothing to change our chance of them actually happening. As a parent I can think of lots of what ifs. I try to do everything I can to prevent these what ifs from happening to my kids.

I make sure my child wears a helmet and is with a friend when she rides bikes. I make sure she has her ID card with her just in case something should happen. I make sure she eats well, takes her vitamins, sleeps well, and sees her doctor regularly to help prevent illness. I put on child locks and move the poisonous stuff out of reach to prevent my child from getting hurt from poisons under the sink. I put a gate across all stairs to prevent her from falling. I do these things to avoid some what ifs.

What if you are in a car accident and temporarily unconscious and can not speak for your child? Your child is unharmed because you had him in a safety car seat. The medical professionals know to call your husband or mom for your child (from the ID card on his car seat). A laminated safety photo ID should be on every child's car seat.

What happens if your child is missing at the zoo? Does his back pack have an ID tag with your cell number so you can be called by the grandma who finds him? Do you have a current ID for your child with photo, description, and thumbprint to give to authorities if your child were to become lost? Is your child protected? I have fingerprints, DNA samples and photos just in case. I pray this never happens but I want to be safe. I update them yearly. Are you ready for these what ifs?

What if something happens to both my husband and myself? I hate to think of this yet know I need to have a will in place to care for my child’s well being. Is your will up-to-date?

These are not fun things to think of, yet I think of those children of parents killed in 9-11. How many did not have parents pick them up from school or daycare? Did they have ID cards and contact information so the authorities knew who to call? How many did not have wills to care for their children?

As a parent it is my job to think of the what ifs in my child’s future and to prepare for them just in case. Is your child protected? Are you ready for the what ifs that you can do something about?  

Kay & Haley Green

Articles written by Kay Green, Child Safety Expert, and Christian mom to Melissa 30 (married to Matthew), Jordan 27 (married to Katie), Allison 25, Haley 12. Kay and Russell, her husband of 33 years live in rural Oregon.

Kay's first granddaughter Madison Kay was born December 2006. Twin grandsons Micah & Mason were born May 2009. Granddaughter Emma Kate was born in September 2010.

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