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Vial of Life

Lifesaving Information For Emergencies
by Kay Green, My Precious Kid®

What is a VIAL of LIFE?

It is a program nationally recognized by paramedics and ambulances. By participating in this program you can give your family added protection in the event of an emergency in your home. And it is FREE at My Precious Kid® Child Safety Products 

How does it work?

For each family member, prepare a medical form that tells about your medical history, medications, and allergies. It also has emergency contact numbers. Then the form is folded and placed into an empty pill bottle. The a VIAL of LIFE symbol is placed on the outside of the bottle, on the outside of the refrigerator and on your front window pane. The vial is place inside your refrigerator under the top shelf. 

How does it help?

In the case of an emergency in your home the paramedics are trained to look for the Vial of LIFE symbol on refrigerators. They then have access to your medical history, medications and allergies. They also have a list of emergency numbers to call. You can also place the same form in your glove box and place the sticker on the outside to protect your family in the car too.

How else can I protect my family?

By having DNA/Fingerprint Cards for your children, Medical Release cards for your kids in day care or preschool, First Aid kits in your car and your kids back packs, and on your children. All these safety products are available at My Precious Kid®.  Or have your own  home business and get them wholesale.

Where do I get my FREE VIAL of LIFE forms?

FREE Vial of Life Instructions
FREE Vial of Life form
FREE Vail of Life logos for stickers and magnets

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