Tsunami in Asia leaves orphans

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ORPHANS - Today my heart is breaking for the many children left orphaned by the tsunami is Asia last week. As an adoptive mom my heart goes our to them. Many of these children were vacationing with parents from other countries. These children had no ID. Can you imagine how much it could help a child is this situation to have a ID bracelet? The ID bracelet or Shoe ID Tag could contain their parent name, hotel where staying, home phone, plus the name and number of a relative in their home town that could be contacted? Do you protect your child is this way when traveling?

CRUISE SAFETY - I got the privilege to be on a cruise ship this past month. I was again surprised to see so many children on board and on shore for the excursions with no physical ID. What if the child got separated from the parent on board a ship of 2500 people. An ID bracelet could contain the parents name and room number plus a name and number of a relative back home. And when onshore excursions the bracelet could contain the ships name and room number and parents name too. Our ID bracelets are even waterproof so can be used while your child is swimming.

PROTECTION - It really is a shame we have to be so proactive in our children's safety. But this world is changing. And we have to do everything we can to protect our children. It is like life insurance you buy hoping you never need to use it. We all hope and pray it never happens to us but it can happen in a moment in time. Do not be left say "I wish I had?" I teach my daughter that is "Mommy is lost" ( they never think they are lost) to find another mommy with kids and give her the bracelet to call mommy. Do your kids know what to do if separated from you?

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