Shopping Cart Safety

By Kay Green,
Copyright 2005-2013

1. Always cover the shopping cart with a shopping cart cover.

2. Make sure your child is securely buckled into the shopping cart.

3. Wipe down the cart with anti-bacterial wipes.

4. Do not allow your child to stand up in the shopping cart.

5. Do not allow older children to stand on the side/back and ride as it may tip the chart.

6. Never leave your child alone in the shopping cart.

Protect others from your child's germs and diaper leaks too.

HAVE YOU EVER had a sick child. You take them to the doctor, then run to the store to pick up the prescription. Of course your child sits in the shopping cart while you are there. Putting them in the shopping cart cover protects both your child from other peoples germs during their low resistance ill time, PLUS protects other children from your child's germs.

HAVE YOU EVER had your child's diaper leak while out shopping? Of course you can not take the time to sterilize the shopping cart they were sitting in? If you child is sitting in your own shopping cart cover then all the mess is confined. Simply roll up the shopping cart cover, Velcro® it closed and throw it in your diaper bag. All the mess is inside. At home simply put the shopping cart cover in the washer.

HAVE YOU EVER had a teething baby with you while shopping. Of course they lean over and put their mouth on the nice smooth shopping car bar UGH! How many germs are on that bar. With a clean shopping cart cover your child is chewing on the toys and fabric you brought with you. You know they are clean. You know your child is safe from germs.

HAVE YOU EVER bought chicken at the grocery store only to find the package leak germs on your hands. Then your hands touch the shopping cart bar. How many times a day does that happen. How many really sick germs are on the shopping cart bar. Protect your child with a shopping cart cover or shopping cart bar cover.

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