Scripts - Home Business Sales Scripts

Person to person sales:

1. Have you gotten your safety car seat ID card for your child yet?

2. I am so excited about the new products I found to protect our kids. Can I show them to you?

3. Have you gotten your child's fingerprints and DNA samples done yet? I found a way to do it in the privacy of your own home!

4. Is your child protected when staying at grandma's or preschool. I found the easiest medical release cards. You can re-use them.

In line and you ask the lady next to you:

"Have you just started or just finished your Christmas shopping?

She answers

You say" Well I have no reason not to be finished early this year since I have my own business with My Precious KidŽ. It gives me freedom and income."

She responds

If positive chat with her about it. Ask if she has ever thought of trying a home business like yours?

If she is not interested then established a shared enthusiasm about another topic (other than your business) like.......

Wow the lines are pretty short for this time of year. Do you think my 8 yr old niece would like this xxxx?


May I speak to the director please? ..................................

Mrs. Smith, With all the disappearances of children recently, as a parent I am concerned. I found a company that provides safety products for children. They will even let us present them to your parents as a fundraiser. Your school will earn 25% commission! Would you like to see them? When would be a good time to present them to the parents?

Home Demo:

Judy, With all the disappearances of children recently, as a parent I am concerned. I found a company that provides safety products for children. Do you have friends who are concerned about the safety of their kids? When we do a demonstration in your home your can earn free products and your friends and family can see the products first hand. It feels so good to know you are helping to keep kids safer!


1. Are you looking for your own home business?

2. Would you like to help provide products that keep kids safer?

3. Could you use an additional $100 a week?

4. Sometimes people enjoy trying out a home business like this> Have you thought of giving it a try too?

To meeting an old friend:
WOW Mary how are you. What have you been up to? Oh I am having so much fun running my own business with My Precious Kid. Share your joy, enthusiasm, and passion about your business. Hey have you ever thought about having your own business like mine?

Share your joy, enthusiasm, and passion about your business. Your enthusiasm is contagious. If you do not give her the opportunity to say yes or no then you are deciding no for her. Is that really fair?

Do not prejudge that someone would not be interested. How do you know if you do not ask. Give them the option. Ask 100% of your customers if they would like to try a business like yours? It is not pushy to ask a person if they want/like egg nog. It is pushy to try to talk them into trying egg nog if they say no. Ask and then respect their choice.

To day care centers:

Hi my name is _________ and own XYZ Company.
Our products are Child safety kits and much more. These products are great for fundraisers and it is something parents really need. I would love to meet with you and show you our products, and I can tell you wont be wasting your time. Visit my website to get some idea of our products and let me know when I can meet with you. You can call
me at........

Thanks so much!

Safety Class Dating

1) Would you be interested in having a safety class?

2) Does your child's school offer any class for parents on abduction prevention? I am a child safety consultant and offer these classes for free. I'd be glad to send them some information on these classes. Could you give me their name and #?

3) Are you familiar with the Velcro hold?

4) Did you know that what your child is doing right now can be used as a life saving skill if your child is ever grabbed by a stranger? (I usually use this one if the child is being a cling-on)

5) If I could teach you 5 ways your child could get away from a stranger, would you be interested in hearing more about our safety class?

6) Do you have 3 or 4 friends who have children that would like to learn ways that they can protect their children from child abductors?

7) I'm looking for a few people to hold a safety class for free. I am trying out a few new life saving skills and need some feed back. Would you be interested?

Answers to Objections:

1. Several people said that the police are doing this for FREE. Besides being able to do OUR kits in their own home what else could we have said? The police department kits are not as nice and as thorough, believe it or not. Plus if you did offer the SD class, the police department definitely won't do that. Some people also like the idea that it can be done in the comfort of their own home. This makes it easier if they have #1 more than one child and #2 lack of time. Also the privacy of their information. We also have the Medical Release Signature on the back of each card.

2. One women frowned upon the car seat kit and said "That just leaves all the child's information available if someone breaks into the car " . Anyone who breaks into a car more than likely isn't going after information on a child, they are going after the car. If they feel that strongly about the id on the car seat, tell them to detach is after all on VelcroŽ!

3. Are fingerprints AND DNA taken only ONE time ? If they buy the DNA kit do they just update yearly with the wallet kit cards

The fingerprints should be taken at least every year until the child is no longer growing. This is because the fingerprints get easier to read as the child gets older. The grooves deepen and widen. Also an older child cooperates more when taking them giving a clearer print. DNA can actually deteriorate after some time, if it is not kept in a proper storage container (if air gets in the baggie). I recommend new kits yearly.

4. Putting tags IN backpacks is giving abductors all info on the kids !

This was my big argument, but I would rather have the info inside than on the outside. Look at your pocketbook, you have all of your info inside! So why not have your child's info inside their book bag or diaper bag?

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